What about his crate in your car? They are high-maintenance children that should not be left alone for long periods of time. Weight: 140–175 pounds (males); 110–140 pounds (females) 4. As a result, there are no definitive cures or methods for prevention. You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say. Irish Wolfhounds hold claim to the tallest dog breed. What do you do with a Dane that is aggressive to children that are their size. Temperament: Friendly, Patient, Dependable. GREAT DANE 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Owning A Great Dane Puppy. Plan ahead and order what you need before adopting your puppy. Our Great Dane is very energetic – however, we are a very active family and Axel always wants to be doing what we are doing, so there isn’t a lot of laying around at our house. The average Great Dane life span falls between 7 and 10 years, and the breed can experience some predisposed genetic conditions. Read more about Great Dane Training. We also participate in other affiliate programs and are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Surprisingly, the ultimate cause of GDV is still not fully understood. Will an adult Dane fit in your car? They are not as high energy as other breeds, but despite their couch potato ways, daily exercise is … We have dedicated an entire article to covering it, learn more about bloat (GDV) by reading here. You need to think logistically about whether you have room in your life for a Dane. Great Danes aren’t just big, they are GIANT! In addition, dogs who are on antibiotics are more susceptible to salmonella. Due to their extremely fast growth rate, Great Dane puppies should avoid hard exercise as it can lead to joint and bone damage that would impair them later in life. Despite weighing anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds, a fully-grown Great Dane may want to sit on your lap like a teacup Yorkie. You should also get a comfortable dog bed and, preferably, a … Learn how to train your Great Dane puppy from the very first day! Other possible colors for a Great Dane include blue and white, blue brindle, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate brindle, mantle merle, merlequin, and silver. Although a Great Dane currently holds the record for world’s tallest dog, they’re actually the second tallest breed overall. It’s something people don’t think about, but it can really impact your life… It’s rare that we take our Great Dane (Gus) out in public and don’t overhear a young child emphatically telling their parents “Hey, it’s Marmaduke!!!”. The standard colors for a Great Dane include black, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, mantle, merle, and white. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. While many Great Danes are done “growing” at the age of two, it usually takes until the age of three for them to fill out their large frames. It’s more than just living with a big dog, it’s getting to know a soulmate who speaks to you with a series of woofs, grunts and pitiful stares. The breed originated from Germany, leading us to the second fun fact. Jan 4, 2020 - Everything you need to know about Great Dane puppies and more! Food, vet bills, grooming, boarding, all of it. I'd just like to know any other helpful tidbits to give me more knowledge when the time comes for me to choose my puppy. And you're in luck, we have the top three things you positively must know about the Great Dane right here on hand at PetMD. When you fall in love with a Great Dane, your life changes in ways that you could never anticipate. For those seeking both a protector and a cuddler with a low-key attitude, look no further than the majestic Great Dane. Serious health problems. Height: 28–32 inches 3. The Blue Great Dane puppy’s temperament highlights obedience and extreme love for its owner. As a puppy, they can fit most places, but do you have room for a full sized Dane crate in your house? The University of Iowa once had a Great Dane as their mascot If you’re curios to learn more about this topic, here’s a link to an entire article on ear cropping. dedicated article on Great Dane life expectancy. Dog Halloween Costumes Weimaraner I Love Dogs Cute Dogs Awesome Dogs Merle Great Danes Blue Merle Great Dane Great Dane … Anyway, what better dog breed to talk about on this fine Woof Wednesday (apologies if it’s raining where you are …) than the Great Dane. The antibiotics reduce the number of healthy bacteria to line their digestive tract, making them more vulnerable to the bacteria. Their large frames make them well suited to physically assisting those with disabilities. As adults they can clear a coffee table with a swipe of a tail. AKC Group: Working 2. Although he may sometimes seem like a bull in a china shop, the biggest thing about the Great Dane isn’t his formidable size (up to 175 pounds), but his heart. Your new puppy will need certain items from the very start. While most Great Dane’s these days are companion pets, some have stuck to their working roots acting as service animals. The world’s largest Great Dane “Zeus” measured 44 inches (1.118 m) from paw to shoulder. Great Danes are the tallest dogs in the world. Although their names may indicate otherwise, Great Danes are not from Denmark. Pennsylvania established Great Danes as their official state breed in 1965. That is a small adult! This mastery of sleeping has earned them the designation as one of the laziest dog breeds. If you want to take it a step further and actually find Great Dane puppies for sale that are for sale right now, then I would recommend that you get a dog training book and follow the instructions that are in there. The puppies are also smart and intelligent, beside being a couch potato. They just don’t know how big they are! HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. While this may not seem like a lot at first glance, take into consideration the birth weight for other dogs. Small and medium size breeds at birth typically weight between 0.15 pounds – 0.6 pounds. The breed is known for its “happy tail,” when the tail is wagged very hard, smacking whatever is in its way, which can lead to tail trauma. The average adult female weighs between 110 – 145 pounds while the average adult male weighs between 135 – 170 pounds. The Blue Great Dane puppy is found getting cosy on a couch. Can a Dane walk around your house without constantly breaking things? While many are familiar with their large size and penchant for drooling, there are many more interesting things to know about Great Danes. Read more here for reference on how much to feed a Great Dane puppy. The greatest tragedy of owning a Great Dane is their comparatively short lifespan. In today’s world, ear cropping is purely a cosmetic surgery and has no functional use. Young Great Dane puppies are most at risk of contracting salmonella due to their underdeveloped immune system. Although most show dogs continue to have their ears cropped due to the traditional look, many countries have actually banned ear cropping. Maryland holds the record as the first to declare a state dog in 1964. Before the selection of the Hawkeye as the official mascot, two Great Danes served as the school’s mascot from 1927 – 1935. Keeping Great Dane Dogs Healthy: 4 Issues to Watch Out For. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Great Danes were known as German Boarhounds and slowly became dogs only owned by royalty due to their elegance and regal stance. To teach your Great Dane to listen to you, "Respect Training" is mandatory. He was a Great Dane who between 1939 and 1944 served at HMS Afrikander, a Royal Navy shore establishment in Simon’s Town, South Africa. By comparison, most small breeds are fully done growing around the one year mark. Everything about them is more expensive than any other dog. He will know more than you think. Advertisement Gentle Giants: Everything You Need to Know About Great Danes He also has a long, lean body, a large head, a long tail, and a short, shiny coat that comes in six standard colors: You need to know what you are getting into. While they may appear to be long and lean, they pack quite a bit of muscle onto their frames. Females … Blue Great Dane puppies are gentle, friendly, and loyal. 1. When Great Danes are puppies, they are so cute and adorable, but they don’t stay small for very long. Zeus mentioned in #7, weighed in at a whopping 228 pounds! Germany went as far as to ban all other names, and dictated that the sole name was “Deutsche dogge”! Exercise, exercise – Great Danes need a lot of exercise since they are a … Lucky for us, their daily food intake goes down once they are done growing. Welcome to today’s episode of The Canine Show, If this is your first time here don’t forget to subscribe! What they lack in lifespan, they do make up for in love  Although not formally documented, the oldest Great Dane I was able to locate lived to the age of 15! They are kind and gentle with children but should be monitored around small kids due to their size. Not surprisingly, their choice was the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The Great Dane breed was created by combining multiple existing breeds to create the perfect boar-hunting dog. They do not realize how big they are and rough play can lead to injuries, the bigger they get. Due to their extremely fast growth rate, Great Dane puppies should avoid hard exercise as it can lead to joint and bone damage that would impair them later in life. It is also common for Great Danes to have markings. Great Danes are supposed to be lazy dogs, but the laziness will likely only come after they’ve grown into adults (which may not happen until a few years old). In keeping with their nickname “Gentle Giant”, Great Danes crave attention and often think that they are lapdogs. More details on the popularity of Great Danes in the United States by state can be found here. Because of their sheer size and intense desire to be loved, it’s important to be careful with them when they’re around young children or the elderly. The seven officially recognized breed colors are Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black, Harlequin, Merle, and Mantle. Learn how a puppy crate will help you immensely with puppy house breaking and why socialization and with house rules will get your Dane off on the right paw. Adults often eat less than the fast-growing puppy versions. ... you’ll need to make sure that he knows which types of physical contact are appropriate and which ones aren’t. A male Great Dane can reach up to 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh a massive 175 pounds. Keep reading to learn 21 more things about Great Danes. (2019) Here is some more information on the Great Dane by AKC.COM. Height: 30-32 inches (male), 28-30 inches (female) Weight: 140-175 pounds (male), 110-140 pounds (female) Life Expectancy: 7-10 years. Despite their size, according to the AKC, life in an apartment can suit a Great Dane quite well. Great Danes are one of the world’s most recognizable dog breeds. As puppies, Great Danes can knock over small tables and large children. Most important items include a leash and collar with identification, food and water bowls, and chew toys. GREAT DANE PUPPY! Wikipedia. While that may not seem like a lot compared to smaller breeds, consider that it’s twice as long as the low end of their average life expectancy. Here are 10 Things You Might Not Know about the Great Dane: 10. An occasional bath or brushing is all that is needed to maintain a Great Dane’s coat. 12. GREAT DANE 101! Title: Flying With A Great Dane Everything You Need To Know Great D; Type: jpg; Dimension: 1102 x 735; Source: www.pinterest.com Absolutely everything!" For more information, make sure to take a look at our dedicated article on Great Dane life expectancy. You will likely need to order products off the internet, as general pet stores probably won’t have the size that you need. Everything you need to know about Great Dane Puppy diarrhea Unfortunately, Great Dane puppy diarrhea can be common. It can be difficult to find beds and toys for these dogs because they are so large! You should still expect them to behave like puppies…100+ lb puppies. This is a excellent blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about just how you designed it? Everything you need to know about Great Dane puppies and more! These of course are just averages, as you can also come across male Great Danes pushing the 200 pound mark. Are you thinking of getting a new Great Dane Puppy or just interested in learning more about the Great Dane Puppies? comes to mind. He died in 1944 at the age of seven years and was buried with full military honours. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. The Great Dane is born with long ears that may be clipped. Most hotels, restaurants, malls.. won’t have them, so they need a temporary home while you are away. Not only is the Great Dane tail long, it is also powerful. This included the Irish Wolfhounds for their height, Mastiffs for their muscle mass and Greyhounds for their speed. I was the inspiration for Great Dane Care and I hope that you and your Great Dane enjoy this site! A common breed behavior is to lean against your leg and sit on your feet. If so e-mail me! Great Danes were named the national dog of Germany in 1876. This is a sad, yet a very serious topic for Great Danes. I think the breed is amazing, their personalities charming, and have even been in contact with a few danes. This book will teach you everything that you need to know to have a successful and happy relationship with your dog. Teach your Great Dane puppy how to play using his toys in a calm manner so that he learns his boundaries and limitations with playtime. When fully splayed, a Great Dane paw can be the size of an average man’s hand. Would it surprise you to know that Great Danes are actually born with floppy ears and a super long tail? 16. Yes, your Great Dane is a canine, but he is still smart. Great Dane Appearance At a towering 28-32 inches tall and a whopping 110-175 pounds, the Great Dane is one of the largest dogs in the canine kingdom. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, the Service Dog Project is dedicated to training and donating Great Danes to assist those with mobility limitations. Although very lazy, their historical use as boar hunters and sturdy build lead them to be classified as part of the working group. While most dogs sleep an average of 14 hours per day, Great Danes beat them by a couple of hours. Cute Dog Costumes. Great Dane puppies should avoid hard exercise. The Great Dane is an massive dog. Although Pennsylvania has declared them the official state dog, the most popular state for Great Danes is actually West Virginia! By recognizing these Great Dane health issues early, you can seek treatment sooner and potentially avoid expensive veterinary bills or unnecessary suffering. It’s a good thing, too, because Great Dane puppies are subject to all sorts of fawning over when exposed to the general public. Then this video is for you! While this breed can be quite heavy – topping out at over 150 pounds in some cases – it’s their height that they’re known for. Free access to exclusive tips, tricks, puppy info, training, and more. Great Danes have sensitive stomachs and digestive tract, making them more susceptible to diarrhea. Life Expectancy: 8–10 yearsGreat Danes are among the world’s tallest breeds.Their short, thick coats can be brindle, fawn, blue, black, harlequin (irregular black or merle patches) or mantle. Great Danes aren’t just dogs. One look at their giant size and comparatively slender legs and you can guess that Great Danes are not a healthy breed. The average height of a Great Dane is around 90cm, 180cm if they stand, and the average weight is 120lb. 15. Great Dane Rottweiler Mix Products and Accessories. This giraffe of the dog world averages around 3 feet tall from paw to shoulder, with the largest Great Dane, Zeus, measuring almost 4 tall from paw to shoulder. I've decided I want to bring a female Great Dane into the family. ... Find Out everything you need to know (from temperament, health questions) in this guide. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. They are docile dogs but do best with lots of exercise. As you’ll find out in #14, Great Dane’s birth weight is a far cry from what they will weight as fully grown adults! Boar tusks were prone to cutting their ears when left uncropped, leading to loss of blood and sometimes death. Everything You Need To Know About Owning A Great Dane Puppy. Are you thinking of buying a Great Dane? YOUR NEW GREAT DANE PUPPY - You don't want a 150 pound dog doing what a Great Dane puppy does or you're in serious trouble! Great Dane’s ears were cropped to limit physical harm during boar hunts. Some are essential for your pup's well-being, while others are quite helpful. They were the second state to make an official designation for the state breed. Once their boar hunting days were behind them they transitioned to companion pets. Proper training is key because a dog this big can injur… Get access to exclusive content, private Q&As, giveaways, and more. Everything you need to know about Great Dane puppies! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This site has a LOT of information, so make sure to use the search feature at the top to help find the answers to your questions . Massive paws are one of the most distinguishable features of Great Danes. Apartment life is just fine for Great Danes. Their kind nature makes them fantastic family pets. AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 16 of 193. DescriptionJust Nuisance was the only dog ever to be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy.
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