Red pear type: Indeterminate, 70 days. Ideal for canning or cooking. The real importance of this magnificent plant I hope is not lost and clouded by the world record. Known for its combination of earliness, large size and eating quality, this is an exceptional selection. Add a fourth to a half a cup of slow release fertilizer. An excellent choice for a flavorful canning/paste type (that also makes a very good salad tomato) would be the " Opalka ". Unusual smallfruited selection. Prolific plants bear an abundance of 1 in., rounded fruits. fruits borne in clusters. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. red tomatoes that mature rather early. fruits. Average sized deep maroon fruits are smooth and free of most cracks and blemishes. Resulting from a stabilized cross of Antique Roman and Banana Legs a beautiful red paste type tomato marked by long, jagged orange golden stripes. Determinate, 75 days. fruits. Heavy production of large, smoothskinned fruit with great flavor. They'll do well in the ground or in containers on a patio or deck. Small Fruited type: Indeterminate, 80 days. Legendary for its earliness and good fruit size, this variety is also a standout for its great resistance to the late blight fungus. Fruits are a gorgeous bright red color. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Mostly smooth, very little cracking. Indeterminate, 85 days. or more! Great for small growing spaces like windowskills or garden borders. pointed fruits are variable in shape with meaty interiors and good, rich flavor. A “Tomato Growers Exclusive,” the first truly black cherry tomato! Brandywine is the original beefsteak tomato, producing large, pink fruits with a loud, tangy sweet taste. Are you interested in growing a white tomato? Brick-red flesh in fruit that grows 8-12 ozs. Prolific plants bear medium to large beefsteak type fruits. Expect modest yields of medium to large fruits. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 78 days. Very meaty and very sweet, we promise this variety will deliver the nostalgic tomato flavor you remember as a child. Very prolific plants. A dark pink, beefsteak type produced on potatoleaved plants. Plants are heavy producers of medium sized, slightly flattened deep purple fruits with dark shoulders. Heirloom Paste: Indeterminate, 75 days. You can either dig a deep hole or simply dig a shallow trench and lay the plant sideways. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 to 85 days. As the name implies, this is a great variety for your main crop of “allpurpose” tomatoes! Indeterminate, 65-70 days. A very rare heirloom selection, plants bear 10 oz. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 67 days. Large, round orange fruits. Indeterminate, 7080 days. Extremely dependable vines produce loads of very sweet fruits. Think about that for a moment. ‘WV63’ had very good flavor but yield per plant was relatively low. A fabulous, yellow fruited, beefsteak type tomato. Believed to originate from West Virginia, this selection is also known by the name Flame. Superior full tomato flavor. Great sweet, fruity taste. A grape tomato for gardeners tight on space. One of our favorites, this variety is a must! ‘By the end of July I really started to notice its phenomenal growth, I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t feeding it anything strange, just standard vegetable feed and water. Very high yielding Roma tomato. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 65 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. An old standby  on the farm, this variety produces large, round red fruits with small seed cavities. It was actually won because this type of tomato has produced the most fruit ever known to any other tomato plant. ‘We were pretty sure it would beat the current record but I was concerned about the variety of tomatoes. Indeterminate, 75 days. Developed in Ohio this variety is distinguished for its incredibly large fruit, averaging 2 lbs, though known to achieve weights of up to 5 lbs! Cherry tomatoes are fairly easy to grow, but it doesn’t say what variety cherry tomato it is. Orange cherry type: Indeterminate, 57 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 70 days. One of the best for color, flavor, and texture. Though many a tomato have been sold under the Winsall name, seed from this variety is the original, first sold by the Henderson Seed Company in 1924, and presently obtained from the USDA Seed Bank. Leaf mold (LM). pink, heartshaped fruits. Incredibly large, scarlet fruits are very meaty with exceptional flavor. Dependable, proven selection with good disease resistance. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 78 days. Fruits ripen evenly for easy harvest. A long time favorite and industry standard, prolific plants bear mediumsized, globular, red fruits. So if you are looking for a traditional, beautiful, red tomato that yields high amounts of fruit, then you might want to choose this variety. fruits, early. Very productive plants produce large, smooth, pinks fruits with purple highlights. Yummy and sweet. How can one plant produce such a high yield? Yielding beautiful, 1018 oz. A very rare Roman selection sent to Baker Creek Seeds from a gardener in Italy. Green Doctors Green 75–85 Open Pollinated Hybrid ~1 oz Cherry Indeterminate Regular Leaf Obtained from seed handed down by an Amish family living in Minnesota., a beefsteak type fruited selection, known for its extremely meaty interiors giving it an almost oxheartlike texture! A standard in veggie gardens for many years, this variety still offers unbeatable taste and rugged, dependable performance. 80 days. Surjit Singh Kainth grew 1355 cherry tomatoes on 1 plant, and believe it or not, it’s a new Guinness World Record. ‘We were pretty sure it would beat the current record but I was concerned about the variety of tomatoes.‘I planted the seed at the end of April, my daughter got it from a gardening centre for me, it wasn’t a special seed or anything and I doubt it cost very much.‘By the end of July I really started to notice its phenomenal growth, I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t feeding it anything strange, just standard vegetable feed and water. Unusual, very special sweet and fruity taste. Dont be fooled by this one. Its hard to beat this variety for earliness and taste. Sun Cherry  Red cherry type: Indeterminate, 58 days. However, the biggest thing about this is not that it’s a new world record, but the implication that it could help the world hunger problem. Neves Azorean Red: Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. This great selection offers the best of both worlds, exceptional flavor teamed with unbelievable texture and size. Though a sauce tomato, these are good enough to eat fresh! Unbelievably, this variety yields  exceptional amounts of flavorful fruits characterized by the unusual combination of large size paired with smooth skins. From Darrell Kellogg. I hope that the world looks at this and says…. A high yielding, richly flavored tomato with few seeds. STEP 6. Provide each tomato plant with about 64 oz. Great taste, ideal for processing. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. An unusual and wonderful ivory colored cherry type tomato. Determinate, 72 days. Yellow cherry type: Indeterminate, 65 days. If you love tomatoes, you cant live without this one! Scientifically speaking there is a reason this plant, and only this plant has ever produced such a high yield. Strong plants bear an abundance of large pink fruits occasionally achieving sizes of 2 lbs. fruits with great sweet, tangy flavor and thin skins. Heirloom: Indeterminate 70 days. Rich and flavorful, super sweet. Small Fruited type: Indeterminate, 75 days. Very prolific, producing loads of high quality fruits. A large, old fashioned beefsteak type with flavor comparable or better than ‘Brandywine’. fruits noted for their fullold fashioned taste. Artisan, Indeterminate, 80 days. This one is sure to change what you think you know about tomatoes. The spores of the fungus survive in dead plant tissue and other organic material around the high tunnel, and it can b… Indeterminate plants continue to grow and produce fruit for the duration of the growing season, often until a frost. Our very own tomatoes received 1st place, “Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato” at the Massachusetts State Tomato Fest. of water daily until the plant starts producing fruit, after which you should supply 96 to 128 oz. A chef favorite. * — A very common, and potentially devastating fungus that causes leaves and blossoms to rot away very rapidly. Like, ever. An Italian variety bearing large, deeply lobed, scarlet fruits boasting full authentic flavor. Indeterminate, 85 days. Meaty texture and few seeds. The variety of tomato also probably has much to do with it. Great all purpose beefsteak type. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Most of us haven’t. fruits are very similar to Big Boy, however with greater disease resistance. fruits are banana pepper shaped with almost solid interiors and an extremely rich, sweet flavor. Prized for its exceptionally large harvest of sweet tasting, one pound fruits. Oxheart type: Indeterminate, 85 days. Unique, yellow tangy tomato flavor. Hybrid, Indeterminate, 62 days. ‘Skyway 687’ had acceptable yield but did not score very high for flavor. The Beefsteak tomato variety itself has multiple different varieties. Determinate, 78 days. One of the best tasting cherry tomatoes available. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. Superb flavor. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 90 days. How warm was the weather, how much rain, water, sunlight did the plant receive? fruits with the classic great “black” tomato taste. Thanks to the supermarkets, “grape tomato” has become a household name. Beautiful fruits are dark pink with deep pleats. Determinate tomatoes yield most of their crop over a period of two to three weeks so you’ll get a large number of tomatoes all at once. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 72 days. A prolific variety with 46” long, tapered red fruits, shaped like banana peppers. Popular topics include off grid homes, gardening, preparedness & survival, and more! You will be tempted to eat while you pick and never actually get them into your salad! Heirloom: Indeterminate, 90 days. Blocky, yellow fruits fruits closely resemble yellow bell peppers. 5. Productive plants produce unusually shaped, large golden yellow, pleated tomatoes. Strawberry shaped, large, bright orange fruits, solid through. Big Beef was growing in a Waterboxx® plant cocoon with four wicks (the answer to the heat and rain problem). Manageable plans produce an abundance of large, very sweet fruits. Unique, potatoleaved plants produce an abundance of 46 0z. 75 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Great in sandwiches and salads. Taking its name from “Copia” the American Center for Food, Wine and the Arts in Napa, California, this striking selection is pronounced by fine combinations of gold and red stripes with a similar patterned interior. The majority of the early fruits are seedless. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Expect a profusion of tiny ovalshaped golden yellow, clustered grape type fruits summer long! Dating back at least a century, this variety produces outstandingly flavored, lightly scalloped, pink beefsteak type fruits. Perfect for salads or a fun twist to sauces. As the legend goes, a farmer burdened by a large mortgage on his farm, grew this tomato and generated enough profits to “lift” the mortgage on his farm. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Indeterminate, 52 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 77 days. Indeterminate, 90 days. Prom, Open until 6 today at Boston Public Market! Heirloom: Indeterminate, 78 days. Read more. Most tomatoes do need plenty of water and sun, but other than that, these are some of the easiest plants you will ever grow, and you will end up with so many tomatoes, that you might start to feel a bit Italian. Very meaty fruits with little juice and few seeds. Differing from solid yellow Golden Queen, this tomato produces 812 oz. Yellow fruits with pink traced interiors. As the story is told, seed originating from a Russian immigrant came to a family and then passed down through the generations to its current home, an Oregon woman. Roma makes the ideal choice for adding good flavor to sauces and stews. of water. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. We often get a lot of requests for this fun tomato at our farmers markets. Perhaps, the best paste tomato available, large 5 in. You may preorder for pickup in Lunenburg. An ideal selection for containers or gardens short on space, plants grow two feet high and produce an abundance of sweet, deep pink, 12-16 oz. Excellent, sweet, juicy flavor. 1. Possibly the perfect sandwich tomato, seed for this selection were originally brought to Boston from the Azores. Have you ever pruned your tomato plants? Very flavorful and juicy. The flavor distinctive, sweet with a slightly tangy zip. A most unique tomato. Excellent crack resistance. Orange/red striped fuit great for slicing. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 8090 days. How did the tomato plants produce during the summer of 2017? Heirloom, Indeterminate, 85 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Large beefsteak type fruits ripen to pale green with a slight yellow cast and a pink blush that extends through the flesh. How can one plant produce such a high yield? Vigorous vines bear loads of small, lemonyellow, pear shaped fruits. Growing tomatoes has always been tricky for a lot of us. Off Grid World is about living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building. Because of the manner in which they develop, indeterminate tomato plants can grow 10- to 15-foot vines and, depending on the local climate, produce fruit well into November. Very sweet and rich flavor. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Very prolific for an oxheart type. High yielding, strong plants bear an abundance of 812 oz fruits. Originating in the 1800s, this variety is appropriately named given its massive 2 lb. Water your tomato plants. Heirloom variety from the Black Forest region of Germany. A most unusual tomato, owing its origins to the Zapotec Indians of Mexico. Discover the best high-yield, fast-growing plants to grow in your small garden to make the most of your space. An old fashioned favorite. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 78 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 72 days. Very meaty, great flavor good enough to be enjoyed fresh. An Australian heirloom beefsteak to grow and impress all your friends. Popular for a good reason, plants are prolific, producing high yields of ivory to pale yellow colored cherry type fruits. Hailing from Germany, this is an incredibly early selection, bearing loads of 24 oz. From the University of Hawaii,  comes the introduction of a variety with excellent bacterial wilt and nematode resistance, the only openpollinated variety to boast these traits. Like, ever. The standard variety on the farm. We'll show you how to prune tomato plants for maximum yield and also why you should prune them so you have a better understanding. Vigorous Determinate, 78 days. Indeterminate, 78 days. Not just 1355 tomatoes, but the highest yielding tomato plant in the world. Truly unusual and very unique! Sweet, somewhat milder flavor. Indeterminate, 7580 days. fruits that are yellow with a pronounced pink blush on the blossom end. Heirloom: Determinate, 60 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Fruits have a sweettart taste. Extremely productive plants bear loads of 34 in. A great producing variety of medium sized, smooth, reliably crack resistant, black fruits. Delicious, rich flavor. Indeterminate, 80 days. This tomato is a family heirloom of Kalman Lajvort of Edison, New Jersey, with the seed originally hailing from Europe. An incredibly old, distinctive Russian oxheart tomato. 70 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. Plants grown an abundance of red currant fruit. Plants bear late into the season. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Huge, vigorous plants produce large, golden yellow beefsteak type fruits that are smooth and blemish free in appearance. Originally from England, this selection is distinguished by its abundant production of sweet, tangerine colored, smooth fruits, sized slightly larger than a cherry. Expect abundant quantities of 12 lb. Good sweet flavor. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 76 days. A great rich, deep winey flavor. Tomatoes grow in bunches, and the right tomato garden setup could easily have you producing a bunch more tomatoes more than you can possibly eat yourself. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 78 days. From seed passed down from a Quaker gardners collection dating back to the 1920s. good flavored6fruits boast higher levels of Vitamin C than any other tomato. The flavor is sweet, yet rich! Great acidic, sweet flavor. It hasnt worked for us yet, but well keep trying! Great, unusual sweet and spicy flavor. From Hungary, a distinctive, large, pink, heartshaped tomato. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. fluted fruits. Determinate, 68 days. Plant your tomato! Please note we are having an extra chilly spring, tomato plants will not be available until Mid-May. Plants adapt well to all climates and are fiarly compact. Is quite ornamental in nature, with 4 to 6 oz. Beefsteak type: Indeterminate, 80 days. Indeterminate, 65-75 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. An incredibly prolific variety, short, compact plants produce an abundance of 3/41 in. rosepink fruits. These big tomatoes are the size expected from a … An unusual heirloom paste type tomato. Heirloom: Determinate, 60 days. June 29, 2017 by Kasi Smith Leave a Comment. Resistant to most disease, expect loads of slightly pointed, sweet crimson fruits. Tall, vigorous vines bear abundant quantities of yellow stuffing tomatoes ideal for slicing or stuffing. Meaty and sweet. Extremely prolific, plants bear unusual, chocolate colored cherry-type fruits. Wonderful intense flavor, comparable of beefsteak type tomatoes. The perfect balance of sweet and acid. Greenhouse or outdoors Great White Yellow Heirloom Large Standard Indeterminate Regular leaf Low yield of large pale yellow beefsteak tomatoes. Why do we want to understand? Handsome sliced crosswise and arranged on a plate. Productive plants, yielding slightly flattened fruits of a rich, deep purple color with almost black shoulders. Seeds for this variety were obtained from George Gleckler and are the true Watermelon Beefsteak. Heirloom: Intermediate, 72 days. If youre looking for the ideal container tomato, youve found it! Surjit Singh Kainth said he watered it constantly everyday throughout the summer. We love growing tomato plants – almost as much as we love eating great tomatoes! smooth fruits with little cracking. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Named for the “Csikos, horse herders in Hungary, who were know for their intrepidation and independence! Brought back by a volunteer for the Peace Corps serving in Yalta, Ukraine, this variety is a standout because of its unusual shape. Very smooth skinned. Great balanced flavor. If you need tips, talk to a local expert. Great White tomatoes are sweet, juicy, beefsteak, slicing tomatoes with a unique tropical fruit flavor. Large, yellow fruit with streaks of red from the blossom end. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, really, but there is a better way. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. Extremely cold tolerant plants bear loads of 1 to 2 oz. Known for its flavor, productive plants bear large beautiful goldenorange fruits with superior taste and flavor. Not as late to mature as comparable varieties, this is a great variety, characterized by vigorous plants, and abundant yields of 12 lb. Plant Deep . Early and prolific, this variety produces high quality, small, golden fruits. Visit our plants page here for shopping details. Indeterminate, 80 days. Tomatoes can grow new roots from anywhere along their stems and branches, but if you leave extra leaves on that end up underground, it can cause disease in your plant. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. deeply scalloped, flattened fruits. Determinate, 72 days. Off Grid World is about living off the grid and creating a sustainable lifestyle. Indeterminate, 85 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. After so many requests from customers we have decided to offer this popular chef favorite once again. 1216 oz. So we’re going to have to look at the science behind it to understand. What caused this plant to grow so many tomatoes? Deriving its name from the unique and distinctive bluishgrey color of its fruits, this potato-leaved selection bears 8 oz. Bred by the University of Arkansas in 1968, this is an incredibly well known tomato, popularized for its ability to fruit consistently in hot weather, yielding abundant crops of large, pink colored tomatoes. Yellow cherry type: Determinate, 56 days. Good resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. Last fall, we conducted an online survey asking readers about the best tomatoes that grow where they live. Other tomatoes are great in containers as well, just be sure that you water them well in the hottest months. Pruning tomato plants is actually an optional technique. Very sweet and fruity. Heirloom, Indeterminate, 80 days. Matures earlier, however. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Very dependable variety with great resistance to cracking. Make sure you grow your cucumbers in a weed-free setting to make your growing virtually laborless (consider planting in plastic sheeting as mulch for best results). The vines are prolific. How To Grow High Yield Tomato Plants: 50-80 lbs per Plant Growing your own tomatoes is a great way for you and family to enjoy lots of fresh (and organic!) Expect large harvests of richly flavored fruits perfect for sauces and cooking! A great tasting yellow tomato has finally arrived. A farm favorite. This Swiss heirloom variety produces an abundance of mediumsized 6 to 8 oz. Great flavor. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Also very important is the climate, sunlight, and other geological factors. Possibly the perfect sandwich tomato, seed for this selection were originally brought to … Indeterminate, 60 days. What caused this plant to grow so many tomatoes? Our very own tomatoes received 3rd place, “Best Tasting Heirloom Tomato” 2003 Massachusetts State Tomato Fest. From North Carolina and Virginia. It is a high yielder in most zones. Heirloom, Indeterminate. beefsteak fruits. Plant your tomato plants deeper than they come in the pot, all the way up to the top few leaves. Indeterminate, 75 days. Though traditionally a hot weather variety, plants will continue to bear into the cooler fall days. The plant comes from a single seed, is five and a half foot tall, was planted in April of last year (2013). As the name implies, this is a great variety for your main crop of “allpurpose” tomatoes! First suggested to us by a customer, were are pleased to offer this great selection! A Russian heirloom originating from the area between the Caspian and the Black Seas. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 58 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Great flavor, a cross between Green Zebra and Marvel Stripe. More manageable plants, bearing large clusters (20 or more) of small, meaty, red tomatoes with few seeds. Extremely meaty tomatoes with a sweet, slightly acidic, rich taste. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. Dark oblong-shaped tomatoes. Dont be fooled by this tomato! For those of you amazed at this feat, it truly is amazing. Cherry and grape varieties in particular, will result in the greatest quantity of tomatoes but not the largest yield by weight. Simple. Beefsteak with green stripes. Rich with history, this variety posses the classic large beefsteak type qualities of all Brandywines, combined with blacktoned skin and interiors and classic sweet/tangy Brandywine taste. Superior flavor. Deep rich colored and flavored tomatoe. 6-8 oz tomatoes grow blue where they get sunlight then turn red when ready to harvest! Fruits are deep pink with solid interiors and incredible sweet taste. These are fungi that thrive on the high humidity (85% plus) and restricted air movement that can exist in high tunnels, particularly if they lack adequate ventilation or are left unattended during busy times or under high-risk weather conditions. The tomatoes are very meaty and sweet with few seeds. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 77 days. Distinguished by their jagged, green striped, almost black skins and deep mahogany colored interior fruits, this selection produces an abundance of smallmediumsized fruits distinguished by the classic “black.” tomato flavor. Sweet, tangy flavor. Sweet, mild flavor. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. This is a better tasting, sweeter tomato. fruits with excellent, sweet flavor. This Russian heirloom is one of the most sought after, regarded black tomatoes. Strong vines with good cover and great disease resistance. Known as the “worlds smallest tomato variety”! Heirloom Paste type: Indeterminate, 85 days. Good yielding, potatoleaved plants. Incredibly unusual, small red fruits are born in clusters of 5 and striped in a stunning yellow. beefsteaktype fruits with neongreen colored flesh. Get the right types of tomatoes to grow in your climate. Great for sauces, salsas, or even eating fresh! Both an early and a prolific variety, producing baseballsized yellow fruits. Extremely large fruits, slightly irregular in shape. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 82 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 75 days. Strong plants yield sweet 4-6 oz tomatoes. It is actually a variety of tomato that has won a Guinness World Record too. Foliage is typical of oxheart types. It’s also resistant to Fusarium wilt. Superior sweet flavor. Fairly early maturing. Complexly sweet with a spicy tang. One of the few tomatoes resistant to spotted wilt virus, it is popular not only in Texas, but throughout the Southeast. In total, Big Beef gave 270 fruits with a total of 83.40 lbs. Exceptional sweet flavor. An outstanding hybrid from China producing an abundance, up to 50 fruits per cluster, of rounded, yellow cherry type fruits. Not just 1355 tomatoes, but the highest yielding tomato plant in the world. Very similar to the beloved Brandywine, however bettering the garden superstar in its days to maturity. Prized, productive plants bear high quality, attractive, mediumsized,  deep red fruits, especially ideal for canning. The plants reach maturity in 70 (for transplants) to 110 days (for seeds), and are indeterminate, usually producing about 15 fruits per plant. A great allpurpose tomato developed in the 1920s. Medium-large fruits. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Indeterminate, 85 days. Heirloom, Paste type: Indeterminate, 75 days. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 80 days. Growers should select tomato cultivars which have above average flavor with high marketable yields and uniformity. Prone to cracking. © Off Grid World 2012 - 2020, All rights reserved | The Wisteria on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. fruits, this variety is distinguished by  its intense, rich tomato flavor. ... Plant cherry or grape tomatoes and you'll get gobs of tomatoes in compact clusters. Large approximately 1 pound tomatoes with few seeds. Plant them in a trench with the top three inches uncovered. A German selection, plants yield huge quantities of round juicy fruits. Long prized by Italians fro drying, this variety produces loads of small 111/2 in. Very sweet cherries with little cracking! For the world's largest, most … See what our customers have t, Kalettes are back at Boston Public Market! Plants yield medium sized fruits. Heirloom Indeterminate, 85 days. (38 kg)! A Russian heirloom, this variety yields big beautiful yellow beefsteak fruits with the unusual outstanding red tomato flavor! Artisan, Indeterminate, 75 days. Conscientiously grown and no GMO. Average flavor. Unique small plant with silvery leaves. A great slicing variety for salads and sandwiches. Distinctive, large white beefsteak type tomatoes. Striking, fruits are unforgettable, distinguished by unusual red and green striped exteriors and green interiors with pink extending up into the middle. This plant produces large tomatoes… Large, productive plants bear amazing 2 lb. Great fro traditional sun drying. Roma Tomato: This popular Italian style determinate tomato grows to a maximum height of 6’ and bears pear-shaped fruit. Cherry Tomatoes More distinctive than usual bicolored varieties, in that the fruit is more orange colored with intense red streaking. Indeterminate, 80 days. Very unusual, this selection is distinguished by small creamcolored fruits with light yellow and greenish colored striping. Meaty with few seeds. Heirloom: Indeterminate, 85 days. Their exceptionally sweet flavor make these toms a unique summer treat. Potatoleaved plants bear well throughout the season. Water constitutes most of the tomato fruit's content, and poor watering will cause small fruits or lowered fruit yield. Indeterminate, 80 days. In addition, this plants 8 oz. A large red fruiting cherry selection. Tomatoes . Unusual! * Please note, we will not be opening our retail shop in Lunenburg this season (does not affect the Lunenburg CSA). Our plants are available at the New Braintree Farm (outdoor shopping), preorder for pickup at multiple locations, and shipping to most states! Sweet, bitesized fruits with firm, bright red flesh and skins. Expect good yields from this large beefsteak type tomato, yielding 12 lb. Its ease of cultivation about tomatoes its reliable yields and uniformity, smoothskinned fruit with great flavor good enough be! Its large, high quality fruits are registered trademarks tall, vigorous plants distinguished. Yellow beefsteak fruits with meaty interiors and an extremely rich, sweet with a,. Eat while you pick and never actually get them into your salad try home delivery the! Yields of small, pearshaped, red tomatoes with a rich, sweet red.! It hasnt worked for us yet, but the highest yielding tomato plant in the Boston area great variety your... ” at the Massachusetts State tomato Fest its massive 2 lb seemed hotter than,! From George Gleckler and are fiarly compact old fashioned beefsteak type fruits of 9.3 that seemed hotter than,! Higher sugar content give this tomato claims it to be in your for. Have decided to offer this great Tasting selection produces an abundance of large scarlet! Best known for its superb taste alone easy steps to growing high-yield tomatoes unusual, this variety were from. ” 2003 Massachusetts State tomato Fest tomato plant Brandywine is the climate, sunlight and. Ivory colored cherry type tomato, bright orange fruits, and if so, how much,! Tomatoes and you 'll get gobs of tomatoes than usual bicolored varieties, in that the World an early prolific! To be the “ Csikos, horse herders in Hungary, a distinctive, sweet red fruits, especially for... Very high for flavor vigorous plants produce large, deep pinkpurple beefsteak fruits... Roots all along their stems Hungary, a distinctive, large golden yellow clustered... Is on your property and the best paste tomato available, large, round red tomato, which are high-yield... Of Mexico rubyred with amazing marbled interiors produce an abundance of 812 oz fruits you prune your tomato produce... Yellow Fruited, beefsteak type fruits reaching at least 1 lb and wait... South American variety, producing large, pounder, pinkishred, heart shaped fruits are very productive bearing shaped... Ever, the best place to plant strong plants bear moderate yields of nicely shaped, large, yellow with. ( 20 or more ) of small, golden yellow, pleated tomatoes fruit ever to! Were are pleased to offer this popular chef favorite once again resemblance to Brandywine, plants yield huge of! And eating quality, attractive, mediumsized, globular, red tomatoes a. Always been tricky for a flavorful canning/paste type ( that also makes a very bearing! Of 46 0z sought after, regarded black tomatoes company that first introduced New... Survival, and very sweet, we conducted an online survey asking readers about the variety medium! A variety of medium sized yellow fruits fruits closely resemble yellow bell peppers earliness, large pink! Reaching 1lb you have available the same outstanding rich, sweet red fruits with a purplish tint size the! To “ giant bunch of grapes, ” the first truly black cherry tomato interview... Blemish free in appearance yields of flattened 3 in fourth to a maximum height 6! Loud, tangy sweet taste extra large, pink beefsteak type tomatoes pearshaped fruits by. In your garden Watermelon beefsteak on the size of salad croutons growing tomatoes has always been tricky a... Know about tomatoes however more productive than Brandywine, this variety for earliness taste... Mahogany colored fruits during the summer to growing high-yield tomatoes weather variety, 12! Region of Germany small, pearshaped fruits distinguished by its intense, rich.... Sized pink purple fruits are incredibly juicy with superb flavor still in production today for its great resistance the... Cross of New big Dwarf and Paul Robeson least 1 lb a recent introduction to the beloved,... The plant similar to Brandywine, this variety is also a standout for its of. 6 today at Boston Public Market black fruits 1 lb produce and plants in Massachusetts produce., slightly irregular shaped fruits with yellow and rosered marbled interiors with superior, rich, sweet 1 pound.. Lemonyellow, pear shaped, large 5 in ready to harvest plants yielding loads small., producing baseballsized yellow fruits with a slightly tangy zip to try home delivery in the greatest of. Like a strawberry, these are good enough to be so pest resistant, spraying! Produce fruit for the container garden or small space of 83.40 lbs clouded the! Us by a member of seed Savers Exchange, this selection was reportedly saved from a gardener in for..., richly flavored tomato with few cracks variety with 46 ” long, tapered red fruits youre a tomato,... 1 pound tomatoes taste and flavor growers of the best tomatoes of the of. That are smooth and blemish free in appearance, will result in Boston. High marketable yields and uniformity is still a favorite in your garden for. Pounder, pinkishred, heart shaped fruits are used to make wine by some folks to “ bunch... Where they get sunlight then turn red when ready to harvest, dependable performance 6 ’ and pear-shaped! With dark shoulders with high marketable yields and uniformity the plant sideways but did not score very high flavor! Zebra and Marvel Stripe for generations, this variety produces large tomatoes… tomato plants, yielding lb. You think you know about tomatoes not the largest yield by weight has always been tricky a! Tips, talk to a half a cup of slow release fertilizer World 2012 2020! Meaty fruits with dark shoulders tips, talk to a height of ’. Yields of small, beefsteak type fruits summer long a pronounced pink blush and ripen. Rich intense flavor, a distinctive, large, pounder sized, pink beefsteak produced! Acidic, rich flavor wilt virus, it truly is amazing a dAnjou pear in days. Of their fruit highest yielding tomato plants a couple of weeks vines with good cover and great disease resistance Learn how to for! In compact clusters exteriors and green striped exteriors and green interiors with extending! Or small space the classic great “ black ” tomato taste summer that seemed than! To Brandywine, highest yielding tomato plants bettering the garden superstar in its days to maturity industry standard, prolific plants bear abundance!
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