NGR (dye) sprayed on bare wood Transparent- and should give you at least 50% of the color you are aiming for. After 2 coats of conditioner, I plan on 2 coats of stain, and 3 coats of clear coat (sanding in between). You want to do some toning - putting some or most of the coloring in the clear coat, which must be sprayed on. If you want a darker finish on Maple, use a Dye Tip Number 2, Always start staining on the backs, so if you hate the stain experiment, you will not see it every day. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. The extra steps to stain maple take more time- considerable more time. 3. Hello everyone, this is my first post (if it's duplicated just give me the link to it). Following these steps I would use a tinted sealer or topcoat to increase the color as needed. Will prevent blotching from step 3 3. One thing is for sure – good communication with your customer is a must. Looking for help with your next staining project? The last piece I stained out of this wood blotched and I would like to know how to get a nice finish. Most people who drink tea a lot have noticed that tea leaves a brown color on/in the mug. Gel stain is thicker, providing better control of the color. After this dries, the iron nitrate is applied. Start with Wood Stain Sealer and a Test Board Divide a test board into three sections. There's a description of the process I would use below. 2. To make a quart of my favorite stain for maple, I combine equal parts of “Vintage maple” and “Honey amber” to make an ounce of concentrated dye. Attempt to obtain a darker color by allowing any unabsorbed stain to dry on top of the wood. Now if that stain still isnt dark enough, then you might want to move to a darker gel stain. The gel stain will sit on the surface more and will allow you to more effectively change the color without depending on stain absorption. Spraying stain is mostly an alternative to ragging or brushing prior to wipe down. Stains are formulated to dry in the wood, not on the wood. Make sure you get the right color before execute the product. I have a new piece of furniture made out of northern Minnesota hard maple and the customer wants a dark stain. Dyes work better but limit the colors available. Since we wanted to go really dark, we actually had it water popped, then dyed, then stained. I'm sure if you search the forum under toning you'll find all you need to know. Forum Responses From contributor E: When you apply the stain, make sure that you use a brush of very high quality. Tip Number 1, Do not stain! Maple is a difficult wood on which to achieve uniform stain, and the appearance can look as if … The gel coat or gel stain has a heavier level of pigment and that's what you will need to make maple as dark as you are going for. Washcoat 1# cut shellac. (Finishing Forum) Leave one section raw; wipe full-strength sealer on one section, and wipe half-strength sealer on the third section. I might also use a glazing step for color or accent. Tea Stain. Strip a thick layer of urethane with a chemical stripper. The gel coat or gel stain has a heavier level of pigment and that's what you will need to make maple as dark as you are going for. Sanding the wood to 600 grit exacerbated the problem by burnishing the surface of the wood; rendering it even less able to absorb the stain than if you had stopped sanding at 180 or 220 grit. We want our customers to have all the information they need to make big decisions, and knowing the truth behind Hard Maple is a part of this. In practice a solution of tannic acid in water is prepared and applied to the bare stock. Pigment wiping stain. The color will be a dark espresso. Working with Linseed Oil Dip the end of a rag or brush into linseed or tung oil. Do not use liquid oil-based stains on Maple because they will blotch. Minwax is definitely not my favorite so I am not sure about going this way. A reaction between the iron nitrate and tannic acid occurs forming an iron tannate compound which is very dark in color. The bar top will be a like a cognac or mahogany color on maple plywood and the sides will be maple ply and 1x3's with an ebony stain/dye. Try Oil for Popping the Grain and Giving Curly Maple an Aged Amber Color. Rob Johnstone: Staining maple to a dark hue, which is very dense and quite light in color, with an oil based or gel-style product is hard work … and in my opinion, not a good idea. Choose a dark color stain to color the oak. I've been seeing two dark stains (one bigger than the other) in the maple neck of my Fender P-Bass 77, since the day I bought it (seven years ago), but through the years I've noticed those dark stains has been growing, but in the middle of each one the wood is paler, looking dry. Tip Number 1, Do not stain! What product (or steps) and procedures should I follow? Pour the oil into a … Make a sample, make sure you're good with repeating it, then get them to sign off on it before the finishing. This is used in conjunction with ferric or iron nitrate in the staining process. Find the Right Wood Stain for Your Project What Are The Best Stain Colors For My Deck? I know maple isn't the easiest wood to stain dark but it's already bought and cut and this color combination is necessary for matching purposes. NGR (dye) sprayed on bare wood Transparent- and should give you at least 50% of the color you are aiming for. If you want a darker finish on Maple, use a Dye. Also, prep sand Maple with 120 grit, followed by 150 grit or 220 grit. Staining Maple can be done and it can be done very well. From contributor C: Spray on an appropriate brown dye heavily thinned with methanol in order to get dark enough. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. Many interior wood stains and deck stains are formulated with pigment or dye. If you are short on time, look for fast-drying wood stain that is dry to the touch within an hour. How to Stain Maple Dark. July 16, 2012, KnowledgeBase: Finishing: General Wood Finishing. I didn't know that so I am looking for advice on how to achieve the best results. Staining maple is generally not recommended by finish manufacturers since the dense grain does not allow the penetration of most pigments. This week I done some more testing with stains, this time I tested them on Soft Maple wood. Please give some detailed processes. Hi, new member here. The last thing you want is to have brush bristles stuck in the stain. By applying the color in multiple applications, you can build up the depth and shade any amount you want. I hope this helps somebody that's looking to stain Maple. From contributor K: 2. … Flood on the color. Seal coat with acetone reduced sanding sealer. Forum Responses June 17, 2009, KnowledgeBase: Finishing: General Wood Finishing. Will prevent blotching from step 3. 1. The sealcoat will stop most if not all of the blotching, and then to change color you will need to use a gel type stain because the sealcoat won't let the stain soak into the grain. I think this approach results in seeing more grain figure and depth to the finish than if you rely mostly on tinted finish to achieve the dark color on maple. Paint the stain on with a paintbrush or a rag using even … Dark Stain for Maple 1. I just had maple stair treads and newell posts installed in my home and, when the contractor stained them with a medium-dark stain to match my hardwood floors, they came out all streaky and blotchy. If your maple floor is old, it takes the stain better and would be less blotchy than new maple floor would. Apply the stain to the maple cabinets in sections with even strokes. You can spray without wiping dyes or top coats tinted with dye. I would probably recommend a 1/2lb cut to a 1 lb cut. Now, if you still want to get a darker finish on your Maple Cabinet Doors, here are some tips. As the name suggests, stain can leave permanent discolorations on whatever it … (Finishing Forum) Before – curly maple … I have finished my entertainment center and it looks great but I have come to the knowledge that maple is hard to stain and achieve an even color. In your case with maple ply, wiping stain would be a challenge no matter how you first apply it due to the blotchy and uneven way maple talks a stain. You'll find helpful staining tips and stain color suggestions in these articles. Adds color and grain definition. Shake the can of stain very well before opening. When you want a dark color on a light wood like maple, you need to add the lost color back in using another step or two. Adds color and grain definition. I am in the process of staining maple for a Bar. I was advised that amazing stain would do the job but I was told that it is not sold in CA. Tip Number 2, Always start staining on the backs, so if you hate the stain experiment, you will not see it every day. If you decide you want to stain Hard Maple dark, be aware that this will be a difficult piece of furniture to match down the road if you decide to do so. Adding the color back is easiest to do using a spray gun to apply dye to the bare wood before applying the washcoat and/or by applying a colored finish over the stained and sealed wood (called a toner or shading stain). In the future, just use our water-based stains or gel stains on their own. I have been suggested to use Minwax wood conditioner followed by Minwax clear wood stain and then the colored stain. Pigment wiping stain. Sand, stain, and … This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter … A mason jar with a positive-sealing lid will prolong the shelf life of your dye. Zinnser Bullseye 123 Water-Based Primer (Optional)* – Click here for the current price.. Sander or Sandpaper for Light Sanding – See my post on the Best Sanders for Furniture for a great option under $20 or click here if you’re in a hurry: Low-Cost Mouse Sander. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Here's a variety of suggestions for getting Maple to take a dark, even stain. Stain the Maple Cabinets. When staining maple do not try and force dry times. It should be noted that dying/staining a maple floor is a special process that costs more than ordinary refinishing, but achieves a very beautiful result for those that want to have a dark floor, but are living with a maple floor. I would start with Zinsser's Bullseye sealcoat. Then go with one of General Finishes gel coats. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Advice on staining maple a dark color, with the use of a washcoat and toners. Question How to Apply a Faux Stain to Painted Furniture: Barn wood Finish Supplies. Wipe the surface with mineral spirits and allow it to dry before sanding. Washcoat 1# cut shellac. Minwax Pickled Oak. This will later peel off. Apply a clear protective finish before the stain has dried completely. When staining soft maple Kitchen doors and drawers from a millworks shop the painter applied a special walnut stain directly to the raw wood. The client wants to stain them a dark brown. Then I add distilled water. Try the finishing system in some pieces of wood panels. I have been doing some searching online tonight, and it … Wood Stain Colors to Spice up Your Summer. Everyone should be on the same page about the expectations and what to expect. Question From what I have read, Maple requires a pre-stain conditioner, and even then it might be difficult to acheive a darker colour, and a consistent look.
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