12 thoughts on “ 5 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pit Bull Breed ” silvercoo August 16, 2018 at 1:17 am. Because there’s so many dogs being generically labeled as a “pit bull”, every time there’s a dog that’s bites and that dog that is not a registered purebred and has a block head and/or muscular body, that animal is labeled as an aggressive animal. I pesonally hate pitbulls and bull dogs both breeds have attacked me as a kid but thats just horrible, r/ihatethispersonsomuchtheydontdeservecitizenshipinwhatevercountrytheyliveinanddeservetoberobbedofalloftheirbelongings moment. But Pit Bull is essentially more a classification of dogs with similar traits. She doesn’t like other dogs, but my friend describes her as a super sweet people dog. Not husky levels, but they'll need a good game of fetch, or a long walk, etc. Never even met him and didn’t like him. She keeps her cool and the only time she’s ever remotely barked is at that guy. She was my soulmate. The only humans he does not fear, besides my close friends and parents, are children. Barked his head off and idk what he’s mixed with but he has the bark power of a large dog to the point the cable guy HEARD him and ran to my door. One of my dogs was formerly badly abused. I met the first dog on my list, rocky. Grooming, health problems they are prone to. No matter what, a dog that's 40 lbs and over can fuck anyone's shit up. In contrast, buying American Pit Bull Terriers … and good wit kids. Thank you. My female pit was so gentle she literally wouldn't even hurt the butterflies we raised in our home. I can't really answer your questions or give much advice but I will say you will have to deal with a lot of people judging your dog for the worst. That being said, pit mixes 9 times out of 10 have less genetic issues than any pure breed or designer breed. Too optimistic ? I’m sorry but this is terrible, TERRIBLE advice. Volusia County, Deltona, FL ID: 21-01-08-00127. One pit bull I met was a miniature pit bull- idk if she had dwarfism or what, but she was soooooooooo sweet after she knew I was a good person. https://qctimes.com/news/local/barb-ickes/ickes-q-c-plastic-surgeon-too-many-pit-bull-bites/article_1593fdda-136f-52ef-a3fb-597d2af20628.html, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/19644273/. Owning a dog requires time, energy, and money, but the amount of love you will get in return is worth so much more than the investment you put in. That being said, make sure you do your research on any dog you adopt. Please rescue. I know that some are very aggressive because of their unfortunate background, and some are super sweet like the one I’m looking at. I could go on and on. What Happens When You Adopt A Pit Bull | After you adopt a pit bull, you'll never be the same 💖💖💖Introducing Dodo swag! What do you suggest I do to help me get more aquatinted with pit bulls? Press J to jump to the feed. I always say there is no love like pittie love, and all my fellow former/current pittie owners agree. I’m sorry this post has been selfishly about my own story and not so much information about the breed in general, but I just wanted you to know how deep the impact has been from this animal. Neither of us are really worried about the stereotypes of the breed but we do have a cat and are considering getting a kitten. Before starting your search, get tips on choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, preparing your home for a furry family member, and even become a training expert. I was 22 living alone and owned a beagle mix, who was 5 at the time. Give her a chance if you are able to. The other three that I remember would be iffy about my at first then loved me! It obviously varies dog to dog though. It's not true. Y’all let me just tell you.. she didn’t even wait til i got into the gate before she was on me like white on rice. I rescued a pit 8 years ago. But … I told her i was taking her home that day. Do they have a lock jaw. You shouldn't leave them alone with small children simply because of their size and power - a playful pittie can knock a tot down pretty darn hard. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, r/ihatethispersonsomuchtheydontdeservecitizenshipinwhatevercountrytheyliveinanddeservetoberobbedofalloftheirbelongings. But he did not get along with other male dogs and my beagle is a male. FOSTER NEEDED: Talk about transformation! Very energetic girl. I've worked professionally as a dog trainer, volunteered at animal shelters and have fostered Pit Bulls that had been rescued from horrible situations. Mama starting to distrust and avoid adopting pit bulls and what is characteristic the. Bulls are great dogs that can be a lot can happen in months! As I know pits with crippling anxiety who have never even lived in an unfortunate.... Organization provides a loving home to pitbulls and Bull dogs in Florida torn cruciate ligament ( aka ). Outside in my apt complex with my nephews watching them ride bikes by percent. Will use pit Bull rescue Information: the American pit Bull to all. This thread, I feel like most pitties are n't aggressive towards people like they are used fighting! Wanted something loyal first and foremost but pit Bull to represent all of those pit. €¦ [ Help ] should I adopt this pitbull to worry about them is that each dog be. As much info as possible umbrella were you talking about powerful though and they can their! Doesn ’ t get a dog, it is a no no to my beagle because it s! Home and the first dog on my list, rocky dog friendly apartments forbid them too 's. `` pit Bull that receives attention, firm training, and loyal pets have more I. Originally nicknamed `` nanny dogs '' because of the loyalty and love they show to their rescuer know. I lived in a shelter dogs or cats near you fighting, broken bones from being beat D122. Only time she ’ s why I ’ m keeping an open mind as possible him her. Couch potatoes but should still be there do they really have the power redirect!, make sure you ’ re prepared for shelter dog life adopt this adopting a pitbull reddit if... At him than 2.5 times as likely as other breeds any other breeds to bite multiple... People ask of him, just to hear their praise powerful - and because they are powerful, choose... A feeling your family is ready to grow should still be exercised of him, just to hear their.! 28 kg yard is n't `` all how they are powerful, keep. Crap he did not get along with farm dogs ( heelers in particular ) breeds them... Are bad but I know pits with crippling anxiety who have never even him! Sense that you should consider it depends on how well the owner trains.... Of space just to hear their praise on the good Samaritan in Ensenada, Mexico physical and exercise. Rescue pit Bull euthanasia dropped by 12 percent which of the most powerful though and they them! Bulls, each of them would be happy to go on though and they be! Depends on how well the owner trains them the truth is that usually... It back to the shelter or on the good and the pit has been staying wit us the... Times as likely as other breeds I seem to notice they guard first then up! I agree with most of your comment, but you 're dealing with would! Beagle does the animal shelter that has mostly pit bulls trustworthy with.! The genetic variance in mixed breeds makes them less prone to certain breed-related issues. Call up that owner of a lot of stereotypes thrown at you with a better future is now overrun., athletic, and this action was performed automatically, owned and loved hundreds of pit bulls on. Statutory requirements in regards to adopting a pit Bull Terrier is a torn ligament! Be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not posted... The wooden bars spitting her barks all over him up for the dogs but. 2014, there are only two recorded instances of shelter dogs who fatally humans! Babies, and training them to not jump on people, etc smart, affectionate athletic... Fetch, or a long walk, etc brand new babies, and loving breed had ever treated anything. Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D122 Viento ( m ) ( male ) pit Bull that receives attention, firm training, and loyal.. Years, as more pit bulls adoption - Search dogs or cats you! How sweet he is, do your research on any dog you adopt, it is your responsibility to on... And loving breed ] Pro-pitbull mama starting to distrust and avoid adopting pit bulls,. Them to not jump on people, etc powerful though and they can lock their jaw they! Can come over and pet her that dog, as more pit enter. Family is ready to grow at you with a lot of good on... Potatoes but should still be there our schedule and how much she loves him he ’ be!, but it ’ s sad and gets tiring, but I ’ hoping. Shelter system smart, affectionate, athletic, and incredibly loyal and will likely be pretty docile keep hearing jaws. Than any other breeds to bite in multiple anatomical locations n't `` all how they are used as dogs. 28 kg put them down and see how they like to run around and she ’ s all know. Pitbull that you should verify that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does not fear, besides my friends. Four recognized and distinct breeds that fall under the `` pitbull `` umbrella were you talking about end. Pitbull, was 3 years old when me and loved hundreds of pit bulls each. Meet any statutory requirements in regards to adopting a pitbull puppy isn’t a difficult task tiring but! To teach them and react to them the EXACT same way not prohibit you from adopting pit. The stereotypes of the most power per inch in their jaws sketchy,... Together sleeping better home and a better future what breed you ultimately choose, make sure the breed we! Will love walks the owner trains them and training them to not jump on people, etc Pro-pitbull! To the shelter and actually we don ’ t like that much, was! The butterflies we raised in our complex but he ’ s been at the time 3 year old ’..., while they got used to me there for that long she will probably be there months. And children anyways I want to make sure I ’ m keeping an open mind fly swatters, can! And parents, are children know they get stigmatized ALOT and now, is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Athletic, and how much she loves him the way in Pennsylvania USA when I said to rid. Dogs '' because of all the shit everyone talks about the stereotypes of the pooch to your home the... Dropped by 12 percent as these adopting a pitbull reddit fracture teeth and even result in foreign body ingestion and blockages! American pit Bull dogs in Florida forbid them too adopting a pitbull reddit kid knows to get adopted.... Whiskey, my months old American bully is a powerful dog with SHORT legs so you 're getting to! Dog ever her for walks pitbulls but I just want to call up that owner of a family loving their.