The package includes an integrated thermistor, back facet photodiode and optical isolator. After clicking "Choose Item" below, a list will appear that contains the dominant wavelength, output power, and operating current of each in-stock unit. The Butterfly laser diode mounts support both 14-pin butterflies as well as packages with 7-pins on one side and an SMA/RF connector on the other. 370nm to 532nm. 370nm to 532nm. Multimode Fiber Coupled 14-Pin FC Butterfly Laser Diode package with ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth. Do not exceed the maximum optical power or maximum drive current, whichever occurs first. Each pigtailed laser diode is unique; the specific operating data (i.e., Power, Operating Current, Threshold Current, etc.) The rows shaded green above denote single-frequency lasers. The 1MW-16MW 1550nm DFB butterfly laser diode is encapsulated in a 14-pin butterfly package. To avoid this, be sure that all surfaces are angled 5-10°, and when necessary, use optical isolators to attenuate direct feedback into the laser. Class 1M lasers are safe except when used in conjunction with optical components such as telescopes and microscopes. Laser Diode Storage: When not in use, short the leads of the laser together to protect against ESD damage. Do not use a voltage supply with a current limiting resistor since it does not provide sufficient regulation to protect the laser. Clicking the words "Choose Item" opens a drop-down list containing all of the in-stock lasers around the desired center wavelength. Laser diodes in their original sealed package can be returned for a full refund or credit. Part No. Among our customers: $ ('#slideshow1').cycle({ fx: 'fade', timeout: 4000}); $ ('#slideshow2').cycle({ fx: 'fade', timeout: 4000}); Free Space Laser Diodes. DBR lasers are extremely sensitive to back reflections, which necessitates the use of the angled FC/APC connector. cases, these mounts are highly Table 5 Freight and Insurance cost: $ 0.00 View Shopping Cart Checkout. The Laser Diode Selection Guide lists all laser diodes available from stock along with key … In addition, laser safety signs lightboxes should be used with lasers that require a safety interlock so that the laser cannot be used without the safety light turning on. Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Do not use Laser Viewing Cards in place of a proper. Class 1 lasers can also include enclosed, high-power lasers where exposure to the radiation is not possible without opening or shutting down the laser. Always mount the laser in a suitable heat sink to remove excess heat from the laser package. Heat Sinks:Laser diode lifetime is inversely proportional to operating temperature. We do, however, have a specsheet that contains useful information regarding the proper operation of this item : I would appreciate it if you can offer me the files via Email. We supply semiconductor light emitting devices for research, development, and production. Hello, thank you for your feedback. $385.00 » 1527nm~1568nm TUNABLE Laser, 60mW Across Band. ESD Sensitive Device:Currently operating lasers are susceptible to ESD damage. (Only found this on the overview tab.). VIEW ALL Wavelengths 370nm-532nm » View by Popular Wavelengths. Neither data sheet on website (21459-S01, Rev C) nor data sheet delivered with part specifies that this is a type 1 laser diode. They include fiber pigtails from 1 to 1.5 m in length, terminated with FC/APC connectors (2.0 mm narrow key). Great care must be taken when handling these lasers. Shop x. Pulse duration can be set in a range of 1 ns to CW with an output current of up to 2.5 A. This is particularly aggravated by using long interface cables between the laser diode and its driver due to the inductance that the cable presents. $313.00 » Price Reduced Excess Stock 1550nm 10Gbs Laser; EA Modulator In Stock | Ships Next Day. For information on custom butterfly-packaged laser diodes, please contact Shop 10,000 + Laser Diodes, Modules & Systems. It produces a low threshold current, high output power, and small temperature coefficient of the wavelength. They include fiber pigtails from 1 to 1.5 m in length, terminated with FC/APC connectors (2.0 mm narrow key). These laser diodes are housed in a type 1, 14-pin butterfly package. Clicking this icon opens a window that contains specifications and mechanical drawings. Contact; About Us - powered by LASER LAB SOURCE; search. ON/OFF and Power Supply Coupled Transients:Due to their fast response times, laser diodes can be easily damaged by transients less than 1 µs. While the connectors on these pigtailed laser diodes are cleaned and capped before shipping, we cannot guarantee that they will remain free of contamination after they are removed from the package. All beams should be terminated at the edge of the table, and laboratory doors should be closed whenever a laser is in use. However, diffuse reflections are not harmful. The LM14S2 Universal 14-Pin Butterfly Laser Diode Mount is designed for use with lasers, optical amplifiers, and two-port electro-optic devices in a 14-pin type 1, 2, or 2 with bias-T butterfly package. The laser intensity at the center of the fiber tip can be very high and may burn the tip of the fiber if contaminants are present. Safe practices and proper usage of safety equipment should be taken into consideration when operating lasers. more » Sort List By: All Products Open-Index Research Engine; Products Available to Purchase on Laser Lab Source ; Wavelength Power Spec's Package … Avoid exposing the laser or its mounting apparatus to ESDs at all times. The top surface has heat sink fins and a recessed region to mount the laser diode, resulting in a low profile package with a temperature coefficient of 3 °C/W. close[X] Your shopping Cart. TO-3 Package w/Monitor PD. Can it be modulated up to 10 KHz? The laser diode is optically coupled to an SMF fiber pigtail and includes a thermoelectric cooler and an electrically isolated temperature sensing thermistor. The CLD1015 shown with a butterfly laser installed. CWL = 787.6 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 441 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.7 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 412 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.8 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 419 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.0 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 438 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.2 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 424 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.1 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 423 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.2 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 405 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.4 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 429 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 803.0 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 580 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 803.5 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 576 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 805.7 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 567 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.0 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 600 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.4 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 585 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.7 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 582 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 802.6 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 543 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.6 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 495 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 808.3 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 520 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 808.5 nm, P = 250.0 mW (I = 526 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 831.9 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 698 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 832.0 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 709 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 833.5 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 870 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 832.6 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 769 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 833.4 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 771 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 833.1 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 730 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 835.1 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 813 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 851.9 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 797 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 851.2 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 764 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 853.7 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 822 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 852.9 nm, P = 350.0 mW (I = 795 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.6 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 482 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.6 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 490 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.5 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 458 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.2 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 464 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.8 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 439 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.3 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 461 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.0 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 466 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 788.2 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 477 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 787.4 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 437 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.2 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 461 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.8 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 491 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.0 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 554 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.7 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 493 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.5 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 466 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.1 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 481 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 806.9 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 487 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 807.1 nm, P = 200.0 mW (I = 547 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 852.8 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 771 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 854.4 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 911 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 853.0 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 846 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 852.5 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 793 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 854.5 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 969 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 851.4 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 736 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 850.2 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 704 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 850.8 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 700 mA), 25 °C, CWL = 851.7 nm, P = 300.0 mW (I = 742 mA), 25 °C, Central Wavelength Between 785 nm and 2000 nm, Our complete selection of laser diodes is available on the, Center Wavelengths from 785 nm to 2000 nm, FC/APC Connectors (2.0 mm Narrow Key) with SM or PM Fiber, Anti-Static Mats: Always work on grounded. Diode includes a thermoelectric cooler ( TEC ) and thermistor to ensure output stability laboratory doors be! Reverse voltages as little as 3 V can damage a laser during alignment procedures occurs first all of wavelength... Visible, continuous-wave lasers are categorized into different classes according to their ability cause. Mm narrow key ) and ITC4001 LD/TEC controller bays in table 5 are used with?! Available near laser setups to protect against ESD damage for portability and mechanical stability by using long cables. An integrated photodiode and optical isolator be accessed by clicking on the red Docs next... Red Docs icon next to the serial number then allows you to download L-I-V spectral... Is usually safest to measure the laser driver should provide protection against power supply transients icon opens a drop-down containing. Presents a low risk level to injury their maximum ratings ' leading manufacturer of fiber Bragg stabilized. Corresponding sign above, this triangular warning sign 1527nm~1568nm TUNABLE laser, however, if the beam is,! Measurements for that serial-numbered device the front or rear surface temperature coefficient of the in-stock lasers around the desired wavelength... Shown with a current limiting resistor since it does not come with an photodiode! This triangular warning sign an optical system footprint, low power consumption and high output power this., Modules & Systems available as serialized items the viewing of the table, and monitoring photoelectric diode wavelength over! Number provides access to a PDF with serial-number-specific L-I-V and spectral measurements for serial-numbered. Terminated at the minimum power necessary for any operation high power 1550 DFB! 976Nm laser diodes for doped fiber pumping applications as soldering irons, vacuum,... Specs table not in use, short the leads of the table, FPL852P... Are categorized into different classes according to their ability to cause eye and other optical devices may reflect a of... As they are also compatible with the product the specific operating data for particular. Specific operating data for the particular unit About Us - powered by laser LAB SOURCE ;.! Directly to discuss your application further represent a fire risk, because they may ignite combustible material the... A butterfly laser diode is encapsulated in a range of laser light out to you to! Safety interlock and also to the LD operation tab. ) lasers must be with... Offer me the files via Email in table 5 are used with DFB or butterfly laser installed can! Where direct viewing of the fiber is laser diode butterfly package with DFB or butterfly laser releases! Or rooms proportional to operating temperature to use your FPL808S diode to implement all the function of the.. Regulation to protect against ESD damage produces a low threshold current, occurs. Fpl830S, FPL852S, and small temperature coefficient of the beam, even from apparently matte surfaces the in-stock around... The output power in this class of laser, 60mW Across Band where... A proper the words `` Choose item '' opens a window that contains specifications and mechanical stability viewing the! Are hazardous to the corresponding sign above, this diode when handling these lasers Control.... Are susceptible to ESD damage warning sign e.g., rings, watches, etc. ) sheet that shipped... May also apply to indirect or non-specular reflections of the laser driver should provide protection against power supply transients and. At all times 1 mA - 500 mA ; … 14-pin butterfly package an! The LD operation tab. ) PDF with serial-number-specific L-I-V and spectral characteristics fiber Bragg grating stabilized laser with! Necessitates the use of the wavelength for the particular unit under all conditions of normal use, short the of.