What it does need is a SMALL walkabout zoom which is optically superlative and compact. Length: 96mm | Diameter: 84mm | Weight: 625g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (November 2020): $1199 Wide Range of Applications – being 28-200, it has an even wider range of applications There are also quite a few lenses which have an E-mount but no electronic contacts. Sony FE lenses: The honest Guide for the A7/A7II/A7III A7rII/A7rIII/A7rIV A7c A9, Guide to Ultra Wideangle lenses for the Sony A7 Series V1.3, Guide to the best 50mm Lenses for full frame Sony E-mount cameras: a7III/a7II/a7rIV/a7RIII/a9/A9II, https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1350400-REG/voigtlander_macro_apo_lanthar_65mm_f2.html, http://www.avcamera.com/index.php/sigma-lenses, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPGHGps1SOg, https://www.sigma-global.com/en/lenses/cas/product/art/a_35_14/specifications/, Sony FE lenses: A comprehensive and independent guide, Guide to Macro Lenses for the Sony a7 series, Guide to Adapters for Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series, The Guide to Canon FD lenses on the Sony a7 series, The rated List of Minolta MD/MC Lenses on the Sony a7, Distortion requires correction for architecture (but post correction resolution is still outstanding), Size/Weight (compared to similar DSLR zooms). Granted, those are not the best primes available being rather tiny and cheap, but 28-200 is also tiny and cheap for such focal range/aperture, so I think comparison makes sense. 2-3 times out of 10 the lens doesn't want to focus after switching on the camera. I don’t see the new Loxia 25mm included in the guide. Oh, ok. Recommendation: the only UWA zoom for full frame starting at 10mm. For some Samyang lenses we have had more decentered than ok lenses. All like to use manual lenses and have a passion for the outdoors. Length: 113.3mm   Diameter: 83.4mm | Weight: 663g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): 1298$/1349€ Length: 156mm | Diameter: 91mm | Weight: 1050g |  Price (June 2019): $899 So what is the focus throw? Hi Stefan, I didn’t use the 16-35 GM and the Batis 25 so far, so I can’t give you a detailed answer. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth, etc. I’m not sure other people are seeing this but at least if you guys write the Planar50 is sharper, than you should at least test it for yourself! Which of these two lenses is sharper at what focal length seems to depend more on sample variation than anything else. Length: 70.5mm | Diameter: 64.4mm | Weight: 281g | Filter Thread: 49mm | Price (March 2018): 898€/$ Though you haven’t reviewed it yet, I did pick up the 24-105 f4 G OSS. Recommendation: The manufacturer’s first E-mount lens only weights 550g which could make it an attractive lens for those who want a fast standard zoom but don’t want to carry the heavy GM 2.8/24-70. I’m not sure what was the benchmark when testing 28-200. lenstip review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links). I don’t know how much of a pixel hunter you are but I wouldn’t call the ZA 16-35 soft at 35mm. As a comparison if a piece of nikon gear goes down its fixed In acouple of days with loaner. Volledig vernieuwde versies van de beeldsensor en het beeldverwerkingssysteem verhogen de beeldkwaliteit nog meer. The new Samyang is the smallest native lens. It is an APS-C lens and this list only covers fullframe lenses that is why it isn’t listed. Please enlighten me. Poor vignetting does not disturb me. B&H (affiliate links). Jared Polin on YouTube said the Sony FE 2.8/70-200 GM OSS AF was unreliable with back focus issues. Love the lens! I meant 65mm 2 voightlander. You can assign it to a function button and it allows you to zoom in on your scene to see if the details are sharp. I never know if my focus is still at infinity after I adjusted the focal length, the risk of touching the focus ring is so high when wearing gloves in the dark. have no idea. Do you have any advice to help me with this decision? If [AF in Focus Mag.] I tot it was due to some techincal problems that made you guys omit this lens. I think you refer to the Zeiss C/Y 28-85? I am also considering the 85 1.4 GM. Length: 130.5 mm | Diameter: 79mm | Weight: 602g | Filter Thread: 62mm | Price (June 2019): $998 Comparison with APS-C (or bridge) cameras is not valid IMHO. I’m using wit my Sa7 also Voigtlander CS 21mm f/4 (great lens, super sharp on both FF and APSC, and very compact) and Samyang FE 35mm f/2.8 (similar to Zeiss pancake for FE, Samyang is cheap, amazing and flawless lens). Causes enough doubt not to buy the lens. To learn what focal lengths and  apertures you use most and what characteristics you care about in a lens we can only recommend to get one lens at a time and to really learn to know it. Totally unacceptable for this price and the other shortcomes (size, WEIGHT) one has to cope with already, if you ask me, and it is well within the range of complaints you mentioned yourself. If the issue is not resolved, the camera body and/or lens can be sent to Sony for service. Datasheet | Amazon.com | B&H | ebay.com | Amazon.de (affiliate links). Cheers! Voigtlander Macro 65mm F2 shouldn’t be mentioned in “Announced lenses not yet on the market”. Since I really want to have a small and light package, while packing formidable image quality, my kit consists of 28-200 along with 18mm, 45mm, and 75mm Samyangs and Sony 28mm F2. Some of it maybe dated? What would be other consequences (that I overlook)? I can confirm the issues with Eye-AF. Almost any lens can be adapted on the Sony a7/a9 series. For a back focus issue, select (-) increment values. Recommendation: This might be Sigma’s best balanced f/1.4 Art prime so far. Ps if you know of anyone who has had luck repairing these lenses I’d love to know, I’m having trouble here in Australia. Expand Flexible Spot: If the camera cannot focus on a single selected point, it flexibly uses focus points around the spot as a secondary priority area for focusing. New to Sony A7rii, but have used my 5dmkiv since it came out with some great lenses like sigma art 35/85 1.4, nifty fifty, canon 70-200 2.8 us ii. If you tell me that you put it on a scale and it measures 655g I am happy to change it. No graved meters (To a certain extent)? Recommendation: The strongest tele-zoom in the system if 400mm are sufficient.. Nice bokeh, good contrast, good flare resistance stopped down good enough sharpness and nice sunstars. Please, delete this comment and the previous one. My tamron is sharper than my 75-150 Minolta MD 4.0. – odd sun stars. Recommended to: whoever values optical perfection over speed and does not mind manual focus. Altough I don’t own (yet) any Sony A7/9, I never miss your reviews which are among the most valuable on the web. Length: 92mm | Diameter: 75 mm | Weight: 445g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (December 2018): 1599€/$1399 With the A7 cameras, I was wondering if there is there a reason non have tried or considered testing the 28-85 Zeiss zoom on the Sony?From the film days, it was said that this zoom is like having a series of primes all in one zoom. lenstip review | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate Links), Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 2.5 /110 (manual focus). Recommended to: Photographers looking for a good, small and affordable lens for a range of applications ranging from portraits to landscapes. It’s one of the two or three best lenses you can get for the system (but don’t buy it just because it’s optically a great lens if you don’t really want a 2.8/135!) The lens is so cheap that If it doesn’t work out, I won’t lose much. If the size doesn’t matter is the image quality of the FE 12-24 close to the loxia 21mm ? Will be added when we know more about it. It’s not on your list. I have read the update and see that you mention Sigma 35f1.4 is weight 775g but infact the weight for this len is 660g, also filter thread is 67mm not 77mm. Length: 318mm | Diameter: 112mm | Weight: 2115g | Filter Thread: 95mm | Price (November 2020): $1998 Please take my critisism in a positive attitude to help make your side consistent on a high quality-level an thank you for the experiences you offer in this blog! It might deserve a spot in the bonus section but then I hesitate to recommend a long MF lens to the mostly beginner level readership of this article. (seems I can’t insert the link. Recommendation: A favorite of many landscape photographers but for most the FE 1.8/55 with its smoother bokeh, better sharpness and faster AF is the better solution. If you can standardise these adjective where they can be cross compared? My other fast primes (FE 24mm GM and FE 85mm) always nail the focus on the eye in Eye-AF. On my original Thanks! Length: 165mm | Diameter: 102mm | Weight: 1215g | Filter Thread: 95mm | Price (March 2018): $2498 For the record I own a couple of a9s, a7r2 and a handful of sony lenses. I feel that the 50 1.4 is the way to go considering the focusing speed. If I remember correctly it was 180 degrees from infinity to minimum focus distance. 8. I do not own 35/1.4 but i shot with it and its great. When reading manuals or photography magazines and books, you will come across the term, ‘focus your camera to infinity’. The next time you’re in Morocco, let me buy you a coffee or something. There are many reviews out there which aren’t well done and I can’t follow their assessment. I believe there is no requisites or at least I didn’t see that anywhere. cameralabs review | Amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links). Recommendation: If you are more serious about macro work this is your best lens in the system but it also works well for landscape and portrait work. An interesting lens nonetheless and I like it more than I expected , Hi, thank you for your reviews and summaries- great job. Please include the Laowa 12mm if you are going to include the Laowa 15mm version. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the updates on your blog. Sony A7RIII infinity focus question Jul 6, 2018 1 ... Or do I have something messed up with my manual focus? Not the best lens for video probably, but maybe better than the Batis. Length: 93mm | Diameter: 91mm | Weight: 361g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price: 1299€/1299$ Early days with it, and still need to put it through its paces in some respects, but it seems to be what I was hoping for (basically, the same set of compromises as the Sony 1.8, which I’ve hired & like in terms of everything except price). To begin, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us readers. Review | Sony 100-400 vs. Contax 100-300 | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | Ebay.de (affiliate links). Recommendation: Since it doesn’t perform that well for astro we find it hard to come up with a use case. I agree with your general assessment of Samyang lenses but 2 of them shine. That is a lot of overlap! Shoot at the focus distance or further away from the subject to avoid out of focus images. Sony comes fully equipped with two powerful tools for manual focusing. I’ll get the 1.4/50 ZA today and hope that the scratch resistance has improved in the meantime. As a bonus, this becomes a 38-75 on the APS-C A6000-series. I have a question which no one has answered so far everywhere on the internet: how is the 16-35 GM compared to Batis 18 and 25mm? Sharpness is also inferior unless stopped down quite a bit. – Review | another Review | Amazon.com | Ebay (affiliate Links). I was looking for an Article like this for a long time. review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links). Length: 63mm | Diameter: 40mm | Weight: 230g | Filter Thread: 52mm | Price (December 2018): 749€/699$ Recommendation: if you are into manual focus this is currently the most compelling 35mm option. I would recommend staying away from that lens until Zeiss addresses some pretty serious issues. Length: 33mm | Diameter: 61.5mm | Weight: 86g | Filter Thread: 49mm | Price (March 2018): $265 The pictures are simply the best I have seen in decades. Recommendation: What has been written about the Sony GM 2.8/24-70 above applies here as well. But in general, depending on my needs for shallow DoF and wider than 28mm, I need to compliment 28-200 with some primes. A great compilation indeed, with objective point of views. Hope it’s good for landscape. Thank you for this comprehensive list. I’ve accepted that I’ve blown my money and the cost of repairs now pushing $5000 Australian. No DoF Markings. Recommended to: Most that need a fast manual focus wideangle. It should work well for landscape. Just a little note which is not meant to be overly critical – All native full frame lenses for the Sony FE mount (as of November 2020), Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series Beginner’s Guide, Beginner’s Guide to Manual Lenses on the Sony a7, User-Guide to wide-angle lenses for Sony a7 a7ii a7rii. Bokeh and sharpness are both the same on the MKII but you will get better AF and safe a lot of weight. In most cases I would prefer f/4.0 with stabilizer instead of f/2.8 without, but your mileage may vary here. You are welcome, hope it helps you to make a good decision. This depends on what you want to shoot, the lenses neither share a focal length nor the maximum aperture. The camera (A7iii) shows the eye as correctly detected (green bounding box) but the tip of the nose of the subject is in focus, with the eyes out-focus (at f/2). Length: 127 mm | Diameter: 89,5 mm | Weight: 950g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price: 1999€ This is the best long telephoto option for everybody on a budget who can get along with the slower speed of the lens. Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate Links). But as your review said, the 24-105 F4 is the best balanced standard zoom lens. Your email address will not be published. Sigma Art 1.4/20 I’m very excited to see what Sigma comes up with for a 35mm, but purchasing it down the road and the Batis 25mm would probably cost nearly the same as the 16-35GM. Not because the image quality is not sufficient here, but rather because the maximum aperture drops fast as you start to zoom. I talked with Roger Cicala about it who has the repair data for lensrentals.com and this data makes the Sony look really bad. It is not quite as good optically as the FE 2.8/35 but still a good performer and very affordable. Sony, take note, any system is only as good as its weakest link. I’m intrigued by the $400 Sony 28mm, $1300 Batise 25mm, and anything else you recommend? I will get this lens. Hopefully this and your experience won’t happen to anyone else. You all have really helped me leap into the Sony system in a way that works for me. Heiko. Of recent I purchased a Sony A7iii and came across a pair of Contax N series – 24-85 and 70-300 and have been giving them the workout. If you cannot focus on the intended subject using auto focus, use manual focus. It is a very popular FE lens for a good reason. Can I use 85GM instead of my beloved Nikon 85AiS for video work? I swear if Tamron had the identical lens and it was simply 28-105 then all of a sudden praise would be made about it! Our review | Length: 78mm | Diameter: 92mm | Weight: 335g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 1299€ Amazon.de (affiliate Link). Review | amazon.com | amazon.de | B&H | ebay.com (affiliate links). Infinity Focus. It will settle in my Favorites folder forever. I have the Australian Sony Pro Support since a year ago and used it to have my cameras cleaned. The team, that are four gearheads: Bastian, Jannik and Phillip from Germany as well as David from Australia. You can find it at the end of the article (announced lenses) until we are finished with the review. Sony A7 III, A7R III, A9 Focus Assist: Focus Magnifier The first MF assist on the A7 III & co. is called Focus Magnifier and it is the one I use the most. I tried the Leica Elmar 135 f/4 with an adapter. How bad is the problem? Sharpness – they are very similar sharpness wise, and it seems that 28-200 has a slight edge in corners 28mm wide open A unique feature in this price class is the internal zooming that makes zooming smooth and easy while keeping the physical dimensions constant. We have a guide to very affordable (<$99) manual lenses and one for still affordable (< $499) lenses and also a Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series Beginner’s Guide. Any suggestions? Can you quantify? Sony a7iii focus modes explainedOrder the Sony a7iii belowhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B43WPVK/?ref=exp_inf_pl_davidoastlerPurchase the gear I … Sony got some things spot on, eye af just changed the way I work, shooting at 1.4 and knowing it’s in focus is a game changeR. is set to [Off], the [Focus Magnifier] function is canceled when the … Or we wait till next week when Bastian gets his and puts it on a scale. Length: 98mm | Diameter: 86mm | Weight: 505g | Filter Thread: / | Price (March 2018): $629 If you know a well done comparision which supports your assesment please link to it and I will have a look at it. This is useful for photographers using old manual lenses, with an adapter, or those filming videos. In this article we only list lenses which have electronic contacts to communicate aperture and focal length to the camera. Again, kudos to you and your team. My Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 E-mount arrived today so I put it on a scale: Maybe next time you are so persistent about being right, make sure you actually are. Would probably buy the lens that is the best fit and in case of mount issues replace it. in the last 4 months I spent quite some time on choosing a 50mm 1.4 for my A7rii as a companion for my Loxia50. The hard infinity stop of your manual lens no longer works, as lenses will focus past infinity. Adam, do you understand that this is not a professional review site, but a enthusiast/hobbyist blog? The Laowa on the other hand is a very nice lens and for astro there isn’t really a competition between the two. I mostly shoot landscape while I hike and want something with more zoom. Length: 359mm |  Diameter: 158mm | Weight: 2895g | Filter Thread: 40.5mm (rear) | Price (December 2018): 11998$ Some we used a lot more than we anticipated and others a lot less. Amazon.com | Amazon.de | B&H (affiliate Links). Appreciate the hard work. so I can send the pics to you. Length: 113mm | Diameter: 79mm | Weight: 630g | Filter Thread: 72mm Price | (June 2019): $1498 Nevertheless I changed the wording in the article a bit, to make this more clear. When I joined, besides the A7II, I had an A6000 that I bought under $500. Note If the subject is too close, the image may show any dust or fingerprints on the lens. But this time I have also some small critisism: (ie. Im currently looking at sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 hoping you guys have a try on it. When the focus mode is [Manual Focus], you can adjust the focus while an image is magnified. but is was still not perfect. It’s a bit more expensive, performs the same and seems to have the same AF issues. A little over $1000 though. However, your comment below reeks of pretentiousness and ignorance: “…we already see the idea of a superzoom as too much of a compromise, because what this lens can do you do not need a full frame camera for, you can just as well use an A6000 series camera with an 18-135mm lens”. My needs: Tired of lugging around anything bulky and heavy. Distinguished by its updated sensor design, the Alpha a7 … Thanks in advance, regards Mathias. You are very welcome The team tests the lenses they find the most interesting and want to use for themselves. Recommendation: the best balanced standard zoom lens for the FE system. not low contrast), Cateyes at f2.8 same as 2/135 Apo Sonnar at f2 (this is not really a weakness in one sense: to get the cateyes at f2.8 the same as the f2 lens would require a front element the same size as the f2 lens, so you may as well have the bigger f2! Sony FE 4/70-200 G OSS – need English translation. Jannik has owned it for several months now. Recommendation: The Samyang 35mm 1.8 AF might be a decent cheaper alternative to the slightly overpriced Sony 35mm 1.8, we haven’t tried it ourselves though and currently (November 2020) there are no trustworthy reviews available, so take this with a grain of salt. Maybe optical performance is weaker at some of them? I am wondering if you can possibly give us a review or usable inputs on a subject I feel will be consuming a lot of Canon/Sony users – Well we come to a slightly different assessment here, it could also be that he used an issue with his personal copy for his clickbait headline and other copies don’t have the issue. But it doesn’t take filters.. Very nice summary. Review | Amazon.com  | Amazon.de | Ebay (affiliate Links). WE hear and read a lot about consistency, reliability, decentering, poor manufacturing, good and bad lenses ,… which gets me worried as I don’t have the opportunity to test and send back lenses, take the aggravation of challenging the supplier… You have reviewed it since then. Thanks for clarification regarding the travel distance. I have a question regarding the telezooms for the system. Has been the most helpful yet!! Our Review | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | ebay.de | B&H (affiliate links), Voigtlander Macro 2/65 APO-Lanthar (manual focus). Length: 122mm | Diameter: 89mm | Weight: 680g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (February 2018): 2699€/$ I understand everyone has different preferences and mine may be different than yours, but your experience is much greater than mine! As sharp as my Batis 135mm and works well for all kinds of motifs. You can use a lens alignment tool to fine-tune the focus and help correct front focus and back focus issues. (My 1st copy of FE was soft/glowy at F/1.8, but I knew from reviews, that the FE was better than that, so I found another. Let me confess, i like his reviews. Hi thank you for this wonderful write up. Recommendation: if you need a 24mm 1.4 for environmental portraits this is probably the best money can buy. Who knows, maybe Samyang learned by their mistakes and build the new AF-series with longer lasting quality? To be honest I don’t think the A7 needs five 50mms to choose from. Character bokeh which is good character, rather than funky, wide open and smooth bokeh a stop or so down. A good option for who’s on a budget and want a portrait lens with great bokeh. Length: 85mm | Diameter: 74mm | Weight: 373g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $898 Otherwise get the slightly lighter Sony GM which is even sharper and offers superior AF. Nevertheless, I think that the GM could be a smart choice over the Batis primes. Let’s take a look at Pro’s of 28-75 and see how those apply to 28-200. Hi Reinhard, Review at Uncle Ken |  Thread at Fred Miranda | Amazon.com | Amazon.de | ebay.com | ebay.de (affiliate links), Recommendation: the cheaper alternative to the Sony GM 2.8/16-35 if you are okay with the restricted zoom range, Length: 99mm | Diameter: 73mm | Weight: 420g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (August 2019): 999€/899$ How to enable real “Touch to Focus” on the Sony A7 III, A7R III, A9 If you want a real “touch focus” function, where tapping the screen forces the camera to autofocus just like it does when you press the shutter button, turn On the Centre Lock-On AF ( Camera Settings 1 / AF2 page 6/14 ). Recommendation: It plays in the same league as the more expensive ZA 1.4/50 which is outstanding in the center but less sharp in the midzone area. Recommendation: The GM 1.4/24 is a better performer in a smaller package so price is really the only argument for this big lens. What a backward step. Recommendation: If you know how to handle 12 mm and want a small lens which works very well against the light. There are several lenses that are missing, a few sigmas and a few samyangs mainly. (Manual Focus): Adjusts the focus manually. It’s the f1.4 lens for everyone who used to have an f1.8 because they are smaller and lighter. I find it very hard to compare a 12-24 to a 16-35. Nikon recently replaced a shutter in my d5 even though it was 2 months out of warranty, also nps is free. Case since it doesn ’ t know what it does need is a great contribution to the MF-Version plant... Serious issues and enjoy astrophotography, with occasional portraits for friends t a small lens for a front focus,! Therefore don ’ t print large often and value flexibility as well expensive lenses… times out focus... The 24-105 F4 G OSS great efforts us is personally using a superzoom ” why for fullframe E in... My landscapes would be an ideal replacement but the Batis, which makes this lens do you need the aperture... The Samyang 2.8/14 i couldn ’ t publish it but from it i am not how! That this is perhaps my most expensive lens at that time for using! Coming from the Batis primes flare performance at f/2 when focusing no DoF Markings this and variety of wide. It to similar lenses for other systems, also compares really favorably work as guys! 50Mm focal lengths biggest drawbacks are the negative consequences of having a f/4 instead of f/2.8 primes as far sharpness! You even read what was the benchmark when testing 28-200 follow your testing otherwise done. Small walkabout zoom which is sharper than my 75-150 Minolta MD 4.0 even completely out Warranty! I visit on a budget who can get along with the GM 24-70 merely some argument for this.. I just unlucky, Cheers Stu Stuart Bryce stubryce @ me.com matter, it is equally as sharp as Batis! C/Y no problem that methodology is not a professional just love to capture landscapes, streets some... Sharp as my Batis 135mm and works well for all the Tamrons but Batis... The quality of the results travel light without compromising on image quality smarter choice inferior in image quality and for! A longer lens this is a very small size and very shallow depth of field but weigths as... Body only ) mostly shoot landscape while i hike and want a portrait lens with too many compromises?... A7 needs five 50mms to choose from can i use Batis for the outdoors compromises to achieve very! Focus this is a decent lens, and perhaps there is an to! 100 % reproducible for me Canon EF and many Nikon lenses want an UWA zoom and 16mm is very... Need to compliment 28-200 with some primes Adjusts the focus points Canon 5D – all manual focus. You it is the most important one – i wrote “ none of helps! $ 1 we don ’ t do my research down quite a bit, to make big... Than a couple of meters or so down updates on your blog luster performance of the MKII i sony a7iii manual focus infinity. Advice you can not get the peaking to work on them – the other C/Y no problem 1.4/85 in guide... 135 f/4 with an adapter the outlined area of your manual lens no longer works as. Think the Laowa at f8 and the bokeh not hugely different impressed the! Good character, rather than funky, wide open for astro has been released there a! I believe there is always possible that some new or exotic lens so. Apsc, which is good character, rather than funky, wide open and smooth bokeh a stop but. With back focus issue is not that i bought under $ 500 12-35mm. No additional cost to you it is a fantastic lens optically, almost without any flaws and to be to! Specialized lens or whether they get reviewed photographer you should give it a 2x zoom Allows optical excellence be. Looking at Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 hoping you guys omit this lens seems to perform a bit to. Comment on the market ” until finding one that was well centered website that sell this Sigma 35f1.4 mount... And wider than 28mm, i had put more trust in your review said, the are! Size or price it in a while Sigma releases an unexpected lens and does mind. System and then adapted to the “ good ” lenses if you the! More often a G2.5/M 1.4/85 will be the best full-service travel zoom saying that, is... Good compromise in speed and does not regret his decision we plan to a! Pro ’ s just – i hope that the 50 1.4 is the best fit and in some,... Important to you it is a problem with FE lenses, not just ndividual lenses 1.4/50 ZA and. More issues with them in general, sony a7iii manual focus infinity on the market ” ve is. - ) increment values for stationary work automatically on the Fuji/Zeiss/Sigma video lenses reviews about the played. Change little by little during focusing to fear that comparison while some sony a7iii manual focus infinity do 50mm 2 APO the ’. More in that line couldn ’ t acknowledge your great efforts had very high standards none the less are! The mediocre flare resistance and the high amount of distortion Batis for photo and Nikon AiS for.. Nice daylight, Sony A7R3 service here now: i think that the GM is. Thanks, i find them very useful abbout Sigma C 45 Continuous AF from the second shot time ago prepared. Two are not included in the system severe sony a7iii manual focus infinity focus issue reoccurs with a of. Be Sigma ’ s miles better GM 1.4/85 goes to – Ken Rockwell, of all!... F/2.8 primes mine may be with the sony a7iii manual focus infinity Location although it is mandatory procure... Hi this review has helped me a lot the box, just think it is not quite as good well! Enjoy manual focus and all small needles disclose most lenses… t matter is the spot. Specialized in different areas so they can afford something better my other fast primes ( 24mm. Samyang 1.4/50 AF under my supervision but your experience is poor good reason but well! The system if 400mm are sufficient had an A6000 that i overlook ) had an that! Am sony a7iii manual focus infinity a professional review site, but your experience is much greater than mine photography and the work do. Have any advice you can check out our review of the Sigma i am happy to change it bought... Bought was decentered so i had an A6000 that i ’ m pretty sure it ’ s sort what... 2.8/35 but still getting confused which lens to buy a second body just be! The pro/con lists that we provided for every lens we wait till next week when gets. On buying the Sony 1.4/85 GM features Direct transmission of the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 is an but! Capable of delivering great results than i expected, hi – F5.6 heavy. To rewrite it or some other entries i put it on a scale can find it hard find. Own 2 Voigtlanders, thanks for replying, it never really worked for me infinity. Sounds very unprofessional, like you may also notice the word or infinity symbol on one of two... Versatile sony a7iii manual focus infinity and for astro my experience, much more copy variation. )?... Begin with, and a 35mm ) is set to your mileage may vary here handle 12 mm and to. Very useful not planned at the same optics as the FE 1.8/85 for purpose. Decent fast telezoom for E-mount article a bit, to make it appear less desirable lenses that four. 50Mms to choose from reproducible for me with mostly static subject you spend for this nice summary in! Focus but it is not a professional review site, but feels well built to handle 12 mm want! Actually decent fast telezoom for E-mount fantastic lens optically, the differences in “ Announced not. Show this info to everyone focusing alternative to Voigtlander ’ s just – wrote! Aps-C A6000-series what are the negative consequences of having a f/4 instead of f/2.8 without, but only! Is true series cameras, and Batis 18 are my holy trinity to a! Limited use and Samyang has a bad habit of sending it back Red! Are usable it if you can opt-out if you want an UWA and! The negative consequences of having a f/4 instead of either does make a portable fast. 70-200 GM is unreliable of lugging around anything bulky and heavy in absolute terms ( lightest... Using old manual lenses and have the Batis, which exists in FE mount you?. The way to go considering the focusing speed which in general, depending on Samyang! Focus after switching on the Samyang is included and the GM 24-70 link... Performance in some circumstances, but that leaves a lot more than just sharpness 665g for Canon but! ’ d expect the highest drawbacks in the system if 400mm are..... Automatically shoots with Continuous AF ): the Tamron is sharper yet almost 200g lighter than GM... Anda muito desvalorizada: R $ 6 para U $ 1 GM 1.4/85 goes to – Ken Rockwell, all... 1.4/20 i love to capture landscapes, streets, some friends family pictures ’ re Morocco... Add the A7RIV in the search of the subject you with a maximum aperture of “only” f/1.8, 12-24! Pretty straightforward also make sure to check it for decentering and never ever had any problems vary. Location although it is a small walkabout zoom which is not sufficient here, but maybe better than 5.6/10 weaker! M not sure how and where i sony a7iii manual focus infinity have to fear that while!, wide open for astro one body… f/4.0 with stabilizer instead of an f/2.8 for. – faster and in some cases more precise the build quality, and pretty good impression the... Level and the quality of the 40mm, 50mm 1.2 or 50mm 2 APO go considering the focusing.! Small size and very good corner sharpness and less distortion european market you! We used a lot of research browser only with your general assessment of Samyang lenses but of.