Giving up chips might not be so good for you after all, new research suggests. So you’d think it would be easy enough to just warn everybody to avoid the snack so they don’t get sick. But a few years ago, schools in California, New Mexico, and Illinois decided to ban the snack from on-campus consumption.. Its lack of nutritional value was the main reason the schools labeled Flamin' Hot Cheetos contraband. Multiple school districts throughout the United States have banned Hot Cheetos as an approved snack due to the fact that they provide minimal nutritional value. Why potato chips taste so damn good and other truths about processed foods Michael Moss Salt Sugar Fat Book Steven Puetzer/Photographer's Choice RF/getty images / Today Feb. 27, 2013, 9:28 PM UTC Why someone would try to deny others the opportunity to enjoy a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, I will never understand. To avoid confusion, what we call “potato chips” are called “crisps” in the U.K. Admit it: on a hot summer’s evening at the beach, nothing goes down better than some crispy hot chips. Nutrition You’re not the only one – there’s actually science behind those pesky hot chip cravings.. A new study has revealed that our brains are programmed to love and crave foods that are high in both fats and carbohydrates – like a bowl of hot chips, a doughnut or a late-night kebab.. Constantly craving hot chips?We’ve got good news. Participants' brains were scanned as they chowed d The very best chips combine a crisp crust with a piping-hot, snowy-white interior – a delicious combination that arises when potatoes descend into a nice hot pool of oil. Why hot chips are so delicious We find foods that combine fat and carbs more rewarding than either alone because they hijack the brain, leading it to overestimate the energetic value of the combination, according to international scientists. All of the ingredients mixed into this snack are there for a reason. Well, what makes it worse is that these Hot Cheetos are addictive, literally. The spice in Hot Cheetos and other popular snack items is a common cause of gastrointestinal upset, particularly in children who consume these snacks in excess. Particularly, the coating of Flamin' Hot Cheetos could be the cause, possibly changing the stomach's pH, according to Dr. Robert Glatter, who spoke with ABC News. Apparently what makes Hot Cheetos so addicting is the satisfaction we get from eating the spicy chips, from it’s peppers which cause our brain to release endorphins ( the hormones which are responsible for making us feel good). A study claims that adults should make sure they get a daily dose of the vegetable oil that chips … Moderation will be your best friend when it comes to eating these little pieces of heaven, so maybe stick to one small bag, not a giant one. In other English-speaking parts of the world (like New Zealand and Australia) they distinguish fries and chips by calling them “hot chips” or “cold chips.” Regardless, chips truly have an international language of their own.