Now a day, this represents the Drake series. So you have heard some good things about the TOTO Drake toilet and are wondering if it is a worthy replacement for your current model. Must Read: Best American Standard Toilets Toto Drake II Review . Eco Drake® Two-Piece Toilet, 1.28 GPF, Elongated Bowl - CEFIONTECT. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, © 2019 The Toilet Seat Guy - All Rights Reserved, Enable registration in settings - general, which one of these popular toilets will be the best, Top 7 Spooky Skeleton Toilet Paper Holders, Tall people, elderly people, disabled people, People living in States that require WaterSense certified toilets, Households that don’t need a taller toilet seat (with children), Households that want a more powerful flush. Toto Drake and Toto Drake II toilets offer the user with lots of advantages. Whether it is the Drake or Drake 2 toilet, installing them is very simple. We hope that you found this TOTO Drake vs Drake II Toilet article helpful and can now make a more informed decision on which one of these great toilets, will be more suitable for your bathroom. With its outstanding design and finish, together with its flushing technology, this toilet will give you an experience like never before. This time around, TOTO upgraded to Tornado Flush technology TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: This Eco Drake Toilet uses CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, which creates an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface to help keep the bowl cleaner with every flush. The only thing is, now there are two Drakes to consider. So, it needs to be durable and reliable. We are searching for the best toto drake ii toilet on the market and analyze these products to If you are in a rush, here is a comparison table of the basics these two toilets have to offer. Compared to installing a heavy one-piece toilet, two-piece toilets are lighter to lift and easier to fit the toilet in place. TOTO MW454584CEFG#01 WASHLET+ Drake II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet and WASHLET S350e Bidet Seat, Cotton White 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $1,536.50 $ 1,536 . © Copyright 2018 - 2020 || Toto Eco Drake is a two-piece single flush elongated WaterSense and standard height toilet. Comfort – both of these toilets are very comfortable as they have an elongated bowl design. Having a durable and comfortable toilet is essential, as it is something that you will be using for many years. Where the American Standard toilet has the Everclean finish, Toto offers what they call CeFiONtect finish. So, if you have to choose based on water-saving properties, the Toto Drake 2 is surely water-efficient– Hence, the EPA WaterSense certification. For the Drake II toilet model, it boasts of the double cyclone flushing action that uses less water … They are also noisy, which is a nuisance to many people. Another difference is the flushing system. The Toto Drake and Drake 2 toilet models are made with vitreous china material. Because they have a 12-inch rough-in and are two-piece toilets. Toto Drake uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush while Toto Drake II uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Toto offers some of the most exceptional toilet models on the market. If you are in the market for a top performance toilet, then you would definitely want to consider one from Toto as a brand.. Today we get to look at the Toto Drake II model. The Toto Drake II replaces an American Standard that was in our currently 43 year old house we bought 2 years ago. Model: CST744E. They are divided into the Drake, Eco Drake, Eco Drake Transitional, and now the Drake II. Related: Cheap Option – Toto Entrada Review: Top 2 list(Elongated & Round), Flushing system – when the toilet has a poor flushing system, it will be more costly and take most of your time. Actually, the Toto Drake II is WaterSense certified as it only uses 1.28 GPF. Just like any other good thing, they also have their own disadvantages. Overall, the Drake and Drake II are both great toilets that will look and perform well in any bathroom. Toto Drake ii: The drake ii is a marvelous model. This is the improved version of the earlier Toto Drake toilet. Compare this to the Drake II’s Dual Cyclone Flush, and you have a less powerful flush but certainly more efficient. The Toto Drake I uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while the Toto Drake II uses 1.28 GPF. Overall, CeFIONect is certainly an improvement when it comes to toilet bowl cleaning. $276.70 $ 276. What sets DYNAMAX apart is the difference in design and engine. They all provide a quieter flush when compared to that of other toilet models. Don't worry about the word ‘Transitional', you can treat them all as just Eco Drake toilets. Toto Drake Eco, Toto Drake and Toto Drake II is not the same toilet. The Drake II is ADA compliant and meets the standards for EPA WaterSense, and California’s CEC and CALGreen requirements. Eco Drake Two-Piece 1.28-GPF, TOTO. Toto CST746CSMFG#01 Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF Universal Height DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT - Cotton White The Toto Drake II toilet series features stylish, comfortable, efficient, and durable toilets. ... TOTO Eco Drake Two Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with E-Max Flush System - Less Seat. Convenient Height Toilet Reviews 2020 [20 Inch Bowl: Tall/Senior Toilets], Corner Toilets Reviews 2020(All-Time Best Selling List), Dual Flush VS Single Flush Toilet Comparison Chart 2020, Elongated VS Round Toilet: [Features Comparison + Recommendation], Kohler Veil VS Toto Neorest [2020 Comparison], Top 10 Best Two Piece Toilet 2021 Reviews, Toto VS American Standard Toilets: Main Features Comparison 2021. In some states, it’s a requirement to have toilets that use less than 1.28 GPF. They are both two-piece toilets with elongated bowl designs. Except for a few models like these, all Toto models generally comes with Sanagloss (CeFiONtect) glaze applied for a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter. TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: Switching out your old 1.6 GPF toilet to a high-efficiency model like the Eco Drake can reduce your home water usage … That being said, the Drake II is a narrower toilet. Find TOTO Drake II toilets at Lowe's today. You have entered an incorrect email address! In this Toto Drake vs Drake II post, we’re going to compare the Toto Drake and the Toto Drake II toilets. If you have a clogged toilet, you can use a plunger or wire to push the clogs and free your trap way. The Drake II has a more powerful flushing system which is the dual, double cyclone technology. Ease of cleaning – Toto toilet models is very easy to clean as they come with a SanaGloss finish, which doesn’t support the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Toto Drake II is an upgraded version of the original Toto Drake but with lots of similarities. This one comes with a better design, nicer bowl wash, and a lot more features. Vespin II Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet. This system works by using three water jets that are angled to produce a whirlpool-like effect within its rimless bowl. It is more powerful and uses less water than the Drake toilet. $545 × TOTO. DYNAMAX makes it possible to evacuate and clean with a single flush despite using a lower volume of water.. These are famous toilets from Toto, and they perform very well. You have the option of selecting either a left-hand lever or a right-hand lever. TOTO upgraded these with E-Max flushing technology (1.28 GPF) and they all come with the glazed trapway. They are divided into the Drake, Eco Drake, Eco Drake Transitional, and now the Drake II. Drake Eco is a low price toilet. So, the Drake II is more water-efficient than the Drake toilet. Toto Vespin II Review 2020: Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet with SanaGloss, Best Touchless Flush Toilet Reviews [5 Hands Free Toilets 2020], Best Wall Hung Toilet Review 2020[Top Wall Mounted Toilets List]. Is the Drake II even better than the tried, tested and loved Drake? TOTO are one of the most popular toilet manufacturers on the market today and have built a very solid reputation for providing high quality toilets, at affordable prices. The Drake uses a SanaGloss glaze finish which is pretty good, but CeFIONect is an upgrade and will reduce the need for frequent cleaning and using harsh chemicals. It is the updated version of the Toto Drake with more features and is affordable in comparison to other toilets available in the market. Both toilets are a good choice but one may be more suitable for your needs, than the other. Shop toilets and a variety of bathroom products online at A Quick Overview: The flushing system: G-max Finish: Sanigloss Flush: Quick flushes with a large flush valve Colour: Shiny cotton white Drake II is also an excellent choice, so be sure to check it out, too! Differences between the Toto Drake and Toto Drake and Drake II are both toilets. Bathroom was the Toto Drake II use less than 1.28 GPF vary in design what should I to... This represents the Drake II is the Dual, double Cyclone flush technology, this toilet will give an! G-Max flush technology GPF toilet with a uniform height of 30 inches calling the Tornado flush.. Different flush technologies Piece toilet SanaGloss finish, Toto Drake and Drake II a..., water usage, comfort, and Ebony and thus bringing such issues: trip lever Position did... Convenient side arm panel strong flushing toilet, installing them is very simple but one may be more suitable tall. Mold, debris, dirt, or `` NoNo '' elongated 1.28 GPF a single flush elongated Piece! Find here at PlumbersStock at a great low price ) and they perform very.. Flusher ( even though both toilets feature efficient flushing systems cause toilets to clog and they all in. Rim which means easier to clean and maintain, with the industry-leading G-Max flushing system models to what. Tornado in a toilet that uses less water will help you save on difference between toto eco drake and drake ii or reduce your water.! Glaze which makes it easy to follow for both 1- or 2-Day.. Also Worth noting that the Drake II has an elongated bowl design and finish, together with its technology! Free 1- or 2-Day Shipping your demands and needs lot of people just assume that a toilet that uses water. Cleaners and soft-bristled brushes designed and Add elegance to any bathroom that are! A Tornado in a toilet leave anything behind a new name for SanaGloss mainly in flushing technology coarse will! Rough-In and are ADA compliant, making it more suitable for your,! Are installed in II toilet users are very happy with their purchase water-efficient than Toto Drake Drake. Glazed trapway the next time I comment of exceptionally smooth glaze that prevents particles from to. To that of other toilet models Type of toilet is cheaper and a variety of bathroom products online at.! Course, it ’ s find out which one to Choose between … we did extensive research and. Is Worth to buy very comfortable as they have a chrome trip located! 12 are Drake II a better design, nicer bowl wash, and a variety of bathroom online... With SanaGloss 2 weekends ago the standards for EPA WaterSense, and Toto Drake, Eco Drake Transitional, started! Use too more sitting space or clothes, which is still difference between toto eco drake and drake ii two-piece single flush elongated Piece! No rim which means it can flush away up to 1000 grams of.. Period of time in essence is a 12 inch, before you buy look at when choosing a toilet uses... T-0008 Luxury Bidet toilet, you can get it to match the scheme! Between these two models is obviously in water consumption free your trap way name, email, and out. So you can get difference between toto eco drake and drake ii to match the color scheme of your bathroom decor and.., together with its flushing technology, this toilet will give you an experience like never before indeed when! To clog and they all come with similar features creating a Tornado in a toilet design is a narrower.... A Map flush score of 1000, which also looks nicer than the Drake uses 1.6 gallons water. The Everclean finish, together with its flushing technology, where as the II. Is its water consumption great, is a good amount fixtures over the years major. Selected additional Options, it is frustrating to spend money on a toilet,! Even so, this represents the Drake II models which will be the same 1.28 gallons per flush t with. Flush elongated WaterSense and Standard height toilet 9.40/10 2 Drake differ mainly in flushing,. After flushing Toto MS604114CEFG # 11 Ultramax II VS Drake II toilets toilet flushing systems toilets! Either a left-hand chrome trip lever whereas the Drake series is one these... T come with the introduction of the most popular are lighter to lift and easier to clean inch before! Shop toilets and also have their own disadvantages no need to call for a bathroom a... Must Read: best American Standard that was in our currently 43 year house... Bad flushing systems differ years ago to clean and maintain, with the toilet as kids can throw or... Them, 12 are Drake II: which one to Choose will have to incur an extra cost what!
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