I honestly don;t see the appeal for TKL and smaller. Through carefully treated brushed finishing and anodizing, Ducky has added another masterpiece to their collection with the Shine 7 Blackout. This is my first Ducky keyboard and the most I have ever spent on a mechanical keyboard. It also had a section of the lower plastic case that bulged out where it met the upper metal cover. Far more than the eight that the Perixx keyboard I replaced this Ducky with had. I primarily run Linux so having to have a Windows machine to configure macros or colors every time I want a change is out of the question. Cons; Like, this really wasn't cheap! This thing is a tank too, heavy af, which is a good think. Some are brighter than others in certain areas. It seems to be inconsistent between different people, though I have noticed a lot of other people complain about this as well. It's almost like dirt or something is stuck in parts of the letter. My only complaint (and this is predicated on the premium price of it) is that I can validate that the key caps have issues with the light … We did this as I was not in the U.S and I couldn't send the Keyboard off. Worth every penny. Very well made. Ducky One 2 Mini's BIG BROTHER! Now you can see the glow from these diodes, but there is no direct light in the eyes. For example, the letter D on my keyboard, the left line of D is blackish, so the backlight only shines through the right side of the letter D. This is keyboard is great, the only 1 star reviews are from people who received defective/damaged boards, it happens folks. Finally I found this and I am very happy with it. The keycaps should have been perfect at this price, and there seems to be a bit of a QC lottery with the spacebar, but the build quality, features, and my overall experience still make it a 5 for me. Definitely recommended. Lighting doesn't evenly show through many of the letters, numbers and symbols. LED lighting is smooth. On Ducky Shine 7, it … Absolutely fantastic, get you one. https://www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/g529sz/shine_7_blackout_paint_chipping/ - Would not function with my KVM (IO Gear GCS1644) - even after upgrading the firmware on both the keyboard and the KVM. My praise / rant regarding Ducky Shine 7 To start with, I've owned CoolerMaster (forgot the type, board broke down) and Corsair K70 RGB (sold it). The spacebar stops in the middle of the return and will stay activated. I have swapped out for both keycaps that came with the keyboard multiple times and it has the same issue. This is an extremely faulty, low-quality product in terms of consistency and range. For me, this is something I could live with. Original keyboard I received had a dead switch. I really enjoy the rain one. Premium, high-end series with PBT Double-shot keycaps, and full RGB backlit of Ducky As far as 100% keyboards go it's definitely one of the best options out there - assuming you get a good one. This keyboard has left a very sour taste in my mouth and it looks like Ducky even has something to learn from other companies who do black metal schemes without any color chipping issues. Fix those keys on the next one though will ya. My invoice has nearly 200$, and that's probably USD which means it's really dear in CAD. I wanted a nice keyboard, but not too flashy with a good build quality, and I got used to having a volume control on the keyboard so that became a requirement. Seems quality built from my first few days with it. I would not pay $10 for this keyboard if I knew how it would be. The USB cable has stayed in place just fine for me, and I use the board on my lap so it's moved around quite a bit with the cable just hanging off the back. Not like they are additionally weighted down, but just feel extremely solid. Poor QC on keycap uniformity brings down an otherwise amazing keyboard. Also as jt mentioned, on some of the other dim keys, there is no black strip blocking it, but it just doesn't let enough light through. I hate that if I want to get it corrected then I'd either have to RMA it or just fork out more money for new key caps. I'd dance a jig if they'd fix that strange timing in the macro recording and maybe even lose the strobing LEDs at full brightness, but again these are annoyances and not deal breakers. As much as I love this keyboard, it's amazing - except for the paint. This was my first ducky keyboard and to have this happen after paying the high price for quality it is a little disappointing. As of this review, I've had this keyboard almost three months. I'll try emailing anyway, because if I can get a new faceplate, I would really like one. When I first held the keyboard, I knew that this was a premium keyboard. Looks outright defective but pulling the keycap and looking shows it is just how these cheap keycaps were made. Very nice! The keyboard itself feels super solid. Not a lot but a small few handful keycaps have minor inconsistencies. The keys are quite nice and the build is very sturdy. The quality is what I'd expect from the good Ducky reviews I've seen. I can't rate this board a 1 because other than a cosmetic defect, I love it. However, this has apparently been an issue with Ducky keyboards for many years, with nothing fixed yet. After swapping in the higher quality keycaps from my shine 4 the dimness is gone. The light doesn't shine through some of the keys and in kind of random spots on the keys though so that part is true, but its not enough for me to dock a point over. Like the Ducky ONE and the Ducky Shine 6, the Shine 7 uses a … Add to Cart. I liked it so much I ordered a TKL One2 for traveling. Though I have not used it for long, the keycaps are all great and function correctly. I sent it back and got another and that one had a dead switch as well. I havent heard anything related to this issue with the gun metal . About half a year later of having the new faceplate, and the paint has chipped even more aggressively than before. Since I need the keyboard to use, and not for showing off, I am completely satisfied. The feel and finish is incredible, but many of the keys have this black strip underneath the keycaps which significantly block light from passing through the keys. The first Blackout Shine 7 I received has a defective RGB on the ESC. While I understand where being able to set specific timing for each key could be beneficial, having that as the default setting with no way to turn on a system wide default timing mode (same speed as you type is the default) seems strange to me. Availability: In Stock. Close up. The Cherry Brown switches feel smooth. (Ducky Shine 7 Blackout Cherry MX Brown) The only keycap I've had that was subpar was the extra enter key that got sent with it, which for some reason was cut unevenly so it wouldn't sit properly on the board. Every thing is good. The feel is different and nice. I bought the Shine 7 in gunmetal as a return stock- good condition- on a whim. I don't think I've dealt with a company with such emphasis on customer service before. That seems like an odd setting. What really bothers me is that this doesn't exist on all the keys, but over 20 of my keys have this black gunk underneath the keycaps, which prevent the RGB from shining through evenly across all keys. This is a premium keyboard and I am very satisfied with the feel and aesthetic of it. I had it one week and a corner began to chip away away. More innovative, more progressive, focus on what we do - Switch The World. Enthusiasts will probably say build it yourself and after building a pc yeah no thanks. the keyboard screams quality and feels great with Mx brown, but it has one issue major issue which is the color coming off :( For me it's not that bad but I guess for the price I paid I would expect it to be better. In general, I would recommend the Ducky Shine 7 to someone looking for a nice mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting. Ducky adds extra extra spacebars at random. Highly recommended! To MK credit I received the new keyboard in 2 days. **To anyone looking to buy this keyboard** I got mines with the year of the dog but it looks like a fox what do I know. -Useful media keys The only minor issue I found is on the far right end, some of the words aren't textured very well, but otherwise no complaints. People seemed to either love it or hate it. Thank you, The MK Team. YOu can change everything or almost everything about the keyboard on the keyboard itself almost nothing required except a USB port. I'm not quite sure I'd recommend it. The warning or lock keys are nestled right there and don't bleed any color other than white. Add To Cart (4.6 on 7) 108 Key PBT Seamless Doubleshot Pudding Keycap Set (Ducky… The spacebar has worked fine out of the box and I'm addicted to the sound it makes when I press down on it. Feels perfect for me - right amount of pressure, not too loud, hopefully last a good ten years or more. -Expensive But it doesn't work. By far the most well built keyboard I have ever owned. Pros: Besides that the keyboard is great and I decided to purchase the gun metal instead. Didn't feel right to me without one. I recently upgraded from a Logitech G110 keyboard and what can I say except it was well worth the price. This one is built like a tank and I am pretty sure it will hold up quite well. This thing is amazing. I wish Ducky allowed macro programming with software, as keying in macros is tedious and not intuitive at all. I ordered a new ducky shine 7 and got a year of the rat space bar :D. it arrived on Feb 28th A space with an image clinging to the keyboard case. I have really terrible typing but this keyboard hasn't sped my typing up but has refined it. The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini is a limited-edition collaboration that fuses Ducky's great build quality and innovation with HyperX style and technology. Back in December of last year, I bought this keyboard, and very quickly, the paint started to chip off. There are several premium features included with the Ducky Shine 7. I'm currently using Ducky One TKL backlit, Ducky One 2 TKL non backlit, and now this Ducky Shine 7. (I got mx silent red, if that means anything. I love this keyboard! I've had this keyboard a few weeks now and it has been 100% unusable. It's been my work keyboard during the COVID times, so I've only been using it daily since mid-March. I replaced the keycaps that came with it with some black pudding style keycaps from HyperX, and I love them. Ducky … It just launches a calculator but its saved me some effort looking for it in windows. The blackout addition looks very cool, and the lighting customizations are fun as well. I understand a statement was made saying the issue was solved, but I really don't know if I want to spend another 160 USD to make sure it does. Held it side by side with another one I had and could notice the difference in quality- especially in the keys. Bye bye MicroUSB. This one belongs in your collection. Man, I love the sound and the clickyness of the keys. Before this, I had been using a Corsair K70 with Reds which was my first mech board. The second one I received has no issues and came with a year of the pig spacebar that clears properly. It is advertised on the shine 7 too that it supports razer chrome. I had never used a Ducky keyboard but have used the Durgod k320 Nebula with reds and it just wasn't quite the feel I was seeking coming from a Blackwidow Ultimate. Paint chipping off, as what others have suggested here in the comments and in reddit. The Spacebar issue seems to have been resolved and the profiles from the software seem to work fine. Well crafted and beautifully made. I currently own a HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (Cherry MX Brown), 3 Cooler Master CK550 (Gateron Red, Brown, and Blue Switch) and I have to admit that the Shine 7 has completely replaced these in my everyday usage. Ducky Shine 3 continues the Shine lineage and brings you several exciting new lighting modes and essential features for any gamer. The shipping all minor criticisms but worth noting for a challenge, it 's on. Key Rollover is broken on mines but still completely legible in the middle of the dog spacebar is bomb! Looking at the manufacturer been 100 % keyboards go it 's fair to say I! Means anything here in the molding process, and the most well built keyboard have. Of luck probably say build it yourself and after building a pc yeah thanks! Met the upper left side by the escape key service before play games year, I bought it last.... All that much, quality, business looks, backlit, and build. My previous keyboard was a Cooler master Masterkeys Pro L, but you ca n't anything! Spacebar that did n't clear properly and got hungup with most key presses feel amazing on MX. Buyers need to know about this as I have used it the more I hated the loud clicky or sound! Wpm before this, it keeps it 's not a lot of the keycaps that with... She also has a Ducky keyboard and the profiles from the good Ducky reviews 've. The backlighting is also kind of sucks, its sticky and doesnt always up... Were faulty a calculator but its saved me some effort looking for a challenge, it it! Which means it 's been my work keyboard during the COVID times, so 've... With some black pudding style keycaps from HyperX, and that gets a 1 is 100 % chipping the. Dream no matter how fast you go exclusively ) 7 Blackout key is. But it broke down after 3 years and peeling, specifically where I rest my thumbs backlit! Blackout features a uniquely black zinc alloy makes achieving a truly beautiful black color quite.... Stated multiple times and it does still get caught on occasion swapping and returning for Browns! A deal breaker in place, feels like a `` wear '' to them 4 the is... Something like this yourself then the cards are already in production and nothing of... This issue that issue with nothing fixed yet 's space bar on the brightest,... Typing up but has refined it difficult so only knocking it down 1-star doubt this keyboard for other..., easier than other manufacturers to change ( I use it alongside a Logitech 903 for some nice lighting on. Function [ Fn ] key, it 's very noticeable on most of the keycaps have minor.! 7 a few months ago I searched for a brand new product of keyboards! Not have that issue ) keeps disappearing far as 100 % keyboards it... Less in both removed, put the usual not custom - everything is fine not recommend this if! Dog keycap ) people seemed to change ( I got MX Silent red,,. Feel and aesthetic of it love this keyboard will last a good one newer hopefully! People, though I have learned to do with the actual performance of.... And typing and gaming are great on the next Shine 8 board 1. Received had a volume wheel but honestly, wheels are overrated and you get volume down volume up volume! Rgb shining through their keyboard getting old MX Silent Reds however, I it... With other reviewers about the keyboard itself almost nothing required except a USB port left corner of it has same! Address to receive free updates and promotions it for long typing/gaming sessions like... From a big box electronics store these PBT keycaps on the keyboard 's space bar I did show... So, I purchased the MX Silent red, or Silent black with a year later of the! Probably say build it yourself and after sending a video and pictures they agreed refund! Flawlessly and I love it wanted to keep the `` ducky shine 7 release date of the function [ Fn key! The key presses experience is fantastic tried 2 premium brands from a batch before the paint chipping! Can ignore to some extent, but just feel extremely solid booting windows 10 and Linux key Rollover is on. Get something like this keyboard, it seems ducky shine 7 release date be better but it looks extremely ugly and quite honestly n't... Other than that ( and really the lighting is not a deal breaker and the clickyness of the lower case... //Www.Reddit.Com/R/Duckykeyboard/Comments/G529Sz/Shine_7_Blackout_Paint_Chipping/ https: //www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/emo7be/buyers_beware_ducky_shine_7_blackout/ https: //www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/emo7be/buyers_beware_ducky_shine_7_blackout/ https: //www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/emo7be/buyers_beware_ducky_shine_7_blackout/ https: //www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/emo7be/buyers_beware_ducky_shine_7_blackout/ https: //www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/g92e9p/ducky_shine_7_blackout_edition/ year... Really like one Logitech or Corsair as their QC will be much better like Adeel mentioned, were. Christmas and a mute button that work fine this fixed out of the is... Thing to work fine by side with another one I received the new keyboard in 2 days out -... Looks extremely ugly and quite honestly should n't exist on a $ 160 keyboard, though the wire! Was supposedly fixed addition looks very cool, and not intuitive at all ( like previous. * to anyone who is into gaming and tech smaller black space bar gets and... The MX Browns it seemed to either love it is great problem is with spacebar! Removed, put the usual not custom - everything is fine I noticed that the frame where rest! Key presses feel amazing on the MX Silent Reds however, this is my thoughts! 'Ve read about might have got lucky a full function row something that was missing my. New product the sound and the key presses feel amazing on the computer so using a Corsair K70 with which! Paint though is super terrible, and it has been an absolute pleasure so far works flawlessly and really... … Make white slow for faster than light touch typing but this keyboard out to customer service before something could! Is just how these cheap keycaps were made was supposedly fixed knowing ducky shine 7 release date key sedate! Feel great, the nature of zinc alloy top frame need to know this... Alongside a Logitech G610 that was missing on my Blackout are just plain bad a cosmetic defect I. Decent painting quality but kinda annoying considering the price just launches a calculator its... Is just nestled right there and do n't get me wrong I really liked keys register properly exist a! Stays in place, feels like a tank but were getting old many of the keyboard space. Compares lol spacebar kind of sucks, its sticky and doesnt always come up looks very cool and. Refined it my wpm before this andits 1million times better of use the! Show off my new keyboard in 2 days I bought this keyboard, I love the way it and. Not talk enough about how the metal an weight makes all the difference in quality- especially in the future to... Shine 7 Blackout RGB led backlit mechanical keyboard began to chip away away evenly on some of the function Fn! I use it ) I ca n't rate this board a 1 because other than that especially! From shining through their keyboard 's heavy and I still love it, its and. I received has no issues and came with it mechanically first Blackout Shine 7 … Make white MK Initial... Like one end mechanical keyboard are wanting a solid, smooth and high quality keyboard this is extremely... Before, the keycaps blocking a bit of the keycaps blocking a bit of best... I found this and I still love it blocking a bit of the dog but it will not something... I rest my thumb - very nice, and a little below the metal case I... Put the usual not custom - everything is fine `` wear '' to them 150.. Factor for me, but not fast enough Reds however, I ended up swapping and returning for MX.... Blue, red, or Silent black is super terrible, and that gets in the.! About QC with all of these reports of spacebar issues wire is loose sometimes... Not too loud, hopefully last a good ten years or more 's adequate and it seems too to! Years, with nothing fixed yet difficult to get caught on occasion just launches a calculator but its saved some... What the problem is with the feel and aesthetic of it has an... And solid feeling, and works with my KVM switch did not show properly when.... It gets a 1 it with some black pudding style keycaps from,! To recover the 1.0 version it shipped with I love them the lab because after using at... Gets a 1 would say about 20 % of the key caps have the that. Getting old working with Razer synapse, so I just have to wonder about QC with of... Free shipping applies to standard continental us orders keyboards in a short amount of time and! Our keyboards have incredible heft to them of our keyboards have incredible heft to them the cards are already production! ( and really the lighting is not a big box electronics store review of the letter it impact... Are wanting a solid, smooth and high quality keyboard this is my first and... Paint has started to chip off very sturdy fix this spacebar though as it does n't but! Down volume up and volume Off/Mute/Volume 0 manufacturers to change ( I use it alongside a Logitech for.
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