Speaking from personal experience, and personal experience only. Additionally, Luigi's projectile, Fireballs are poor; they have low hitstun, travel slowly, and have high ending lag, making them some of the more situational projectiles in the game. Marth edgeguards vs. luigi are braindead if luigi loses his jump but if you have jump you can get back to the stage/ledge 9/10 times. 50/50. All that matters is that she's gonna spam bair, your Bair beats every aerial of hers. Tiers > SSBM > Luigi Luigi's Super Smash Bros. Melee tier match ups. As a puff, I find it incredibly easy to cover and stuff pretty much all of Luigi's approaches and options with my aerials, and I play even with local Luigi's ranked way above me. https://discord.gg/rf3KjCe Thanks For Watching Subscribe if you haven't already! (XX:X2XX). !, and shows who has an advantage and disadvantage over who. Also, cool stuff that i found: If you're 0% and the tries to dthrow uair you, you can trade with strong nair and turn it into your combo! Depending on which edgeguarding option the opponent uses, there are many different options for aiming the fireball. The Eternal Understudy returns to the fray with a familiar bevy of moves, and a few new tricks. These are my own opinions, and are not to be taken as 100% correct. Press J to jump to the feed. Good for damage racking, edgeguarding, and zoning (especially on floaty opponents such as. His back aerial has good range and works well for setting up edgeguards, while his up aerial is useful for hitting opponents above him and has low knockback which allows it to combo effectively into more aerials (such as a down or neutral aerial) on floaty opponents, and also works as a somewhat situational edgeguarding tool. His fair is REALLY annoying to deal with. Her uair is not good enough to represent any threat, but it reaches really far so you won't be able to do much about it. Most Luigis seem to really struggle with it, but Blea Gelo (who's from Florida, so of course he does) tends to win that MU pretty handily. His Uair trades with your Dair, so if you time it right, you'll stop his juggle (it's not as easy as it sounds, so please keep yourself grounded). Remember how fast Luigi is on the ground? Luigi also has a wide array of efficient combo and KO moves both in the air and on the ground. Find counterpicks, good matchups, and bad matchups. Its upward trajectory makes this move well-suited for, Crouches, turns around, and kicks his heel out behind him. The player must then defeat Luigi within one minute. 60/40 Falco. In the final battle, don't use Call For Backup until after Fawful uses Lightning so that the backup won't be shrunken as well. Usmash when you wavedash in is also a great option to catch jigg-whiffs. Really hard: Falco, Sheik. Dtilt is incredible for Marth, but Luigi can mix up timings pretty well. Marth sucks. Luigi greatly benefits from Melee's new mechanics most notably wavedashing. Jab grabs. This problem is compounded with his difficulty in forcing opponents to approach (mainly as a result of his very poor projectile). Falco impairs Luigi's movement (he kind of does this to everyone, which is why many people agree that Falco is the best character in the game, but it SPECIALLY hurts Luigi). Does a quick downwards spin kick. He’s made of such pure jank that his mere presence in a match increases the chances of encountering the invisible ceiling glitch by a factor of n^fuck. My sword denies everything you want to try. LEARN HOW TO SWEETSPOT AND LEDGEPLANK CORRECTLY, otherwise people will just eat your DJ with stupid stuff. Luigi's jumps are also much higher than Mario's. She gimps you hard though, and a good peach will kill you any time you're off stage. His down smash is highly versatile, acting as combo starter due to its completely vertical knockback, as a juggling move, or as a KO move at high percentages. Learn wd oos, it's Luigi's OP option against characters that abuse space. We don't have any impossible matchups, as Luigi has tools to deal with every character. At least, not in this drastic of a way. One thing that I think really kills Luigi's is how bad his recovery is, but on stage, as long as he stays safe and plays neutral well, it can be really hard for most characters to even get a hit in. However, Luigi's pros are on par with his cons, and he is considered a decent character in competitive play, with a solid matchup spread with above average results. Luigi Matchups. Looks like a lot of people already chimed in but I'll add my two cents: Sheik is rough - possibly Luigi's worst MU. Jump ... with a poor chaingrabbing ability. Likelihood: 5/10. If you'd like to get help with any MU the Luigi Skype Group is your friend (the link is on smashboards). Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers, saying "Let's-a go"! This matchup is very weird and style dependant, because many Luigis consider it not that hard. It also requires intense button mashing to rise; many Luigi players must hold the controller in a different way to normal (such as balancing it on their leg) to be able to press the B button fast enough to utilize the Cyclone as an effective recovery move. Wow thanks for this. Luigi currently ranks 13th on the tier list, in the D tier, placing him two places above his older brother Mario as well as being in the middle of the entire tier list. Up air and bair really do wonders in this matchup. Alternately, playing 800 versus matches will also give the opportunity to unlock Luigi. Her up-b OOS is good in any matchup, but Luigi auto-spaces, so, unless you don't land over her with weak nair everytime, you shouldn't get hit by that too much. He then fell to the top of low tier for many years to come. Luigi is markedly similar to Mario, though his moveset and attributes (such as traction and aerial mobility) are different in many ways, making him a semi-clone. Abate has actually taken games off of Mango's Falco, but never his Fox. If this rising cyclone is executed from the ground then it must be charged before executing another aerial cyclone unless the one from ground lands on a platform. She lives longer but is easy to edgeguard with bairs and then a fair. Luigi has great punishes on spacies, too, but their projectiles and shine are really what make the MUs so bad for Luigi. The slow and linear nature of these moves make is recovery easy to edgeguard on reaction, undermining his otherwise relatively long recovery. The combination of the attack's upward trajectory and its, Does a quick karate chop forward. This makes it hard to talk about his match-up spread because it's so dependent on how any given Luigi plays. Both his down throw and up throw function as combo starters, leading into juggles with moves like up tilt, neutral air, and down smash; fast fallers such as Fox and Falco are generally more susceptible to up throw, while down throw is more suitable for floaty characters like Marth. He's not as scary as ganondorf, but knees may catch your wavedash out of nowhere. However, his poor mobility outside of wavedashing and subpar range puts him in disadvantage against projectile users like Samus or disjointed characters like Marth, while Marth himself, Sheik and Jigglypuff can edgeguard him easily due to his linear recovery. While his new side special Green Missile grants him an extra recovery option, it is very slow and predictable and it can easily be challenged most of the time. Although his grab range is merely average, it is still much longer than Mario's and his aforementioned long wavedash allows Luigi to extend its reach. For Reimu, the only other matchups I can think of for her are Madoka Kaname and Mario, and I don't even need to explain why those suck. Like Falcon, DON'T BE ABOVE HIM, but worse, because your Dair doesn't trade with his Uair (it's goddamn disjointed WTF HAL?). A wide variety of his moves have also seen improvements to their speed and some moves such as down smash and neutral aerial have gained combo potential. Up throw up air/bair/fair is a great combo starter that works until really high percents and once you get him off stage its easy money with ledgehop bairs. His neutral aerial is extremely quick, coming out on frame 3, and has high, completely vertical knockback, making it excellent for both starting, breaking and continuing combos. The player must then defeat Luigi within one minute. Time your wavedashes/wavedash oos right, otherwise you'll just keep getting baired. After Adventure Mode is completed, the player will face off against Luigi. Rubs the back of his head sheepishly. votes — Total number of votes this match-up has received. Despite gaining new combo options, he has also lost one of his most valuable combo options in the form of his up aerial which now has increased startup lag, a worse auto-cancel window and it no longer sends opponents vertically significantly hindering its combo and juggling potential (no longer leading into Super Jump Punch) although it now has less ending lag and higher edgeguarding potential. Pikachu and Samus I have no experience with except for scrubs I curbstomped so idk how it plays out. His lasers, as crippling as their are, are dealable (although really hard), because Falco completely commits to them when casting. Why I prefer this over other matchups: For Yusuke, Danny Phantom had his best matchup imo, Ichigo is decent, I suppose, Luigi has better, so does Ryuko, and Gon has Deku. Her edgeguard/gimping game is probably the best in the game, and that's where she'll screw you up, specially if you're new to the character. This is determined by a combination of stage choice, character choice of your opponent, and having lower port priority than your opponent. Furthermore, it, along with his low falling speed, leaves him highly vulnerable to juggles, as he cannot reach the ground effectively to escape them (this is one of the major factors in his poor matchup with Marth, who is capable of both starting and maintaining juggles on Luigi very effectively). Luigi's attributes can also wildly vary from Mario's; Luigi's air speed, dashing speed, and traction are among the lowest in the game, whereas Mario's are about average. A thing i've seen a lot of luigis do is spam spaced Dair. Like ftilt, nobody expects the range, and fsmash will kill puff extremely early. Luigi (ルイージ, Luigi) is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You punish him hard and can get gimps with ledgehop bairs or reverse fairs. The rest is fine, though. Luigi's wavedash is the longest in the game, taking him nearly half the distance of Final Destination at a high speed (only slightly slower than Captain Falcon's dash). I've never got more successful grabs with Luigi before Ultimate. Even though they've appeared in every game to date, they each play slightly differently in each title. Luigi falls to the bottom of "middle tier" because he's only good against Jigglypuff. For ICs and Falcon I wasn't sure, but they seem pretty decent for Luigi on a theoretical level. Upthrow > upair is not a true combo on you (YIS). This usually just comes down to spacing a lot of bairs and nairs while using wavedash to retreat, but you have decent combos on her off of hard Bair/nair and down smash. When he shines you, DI down and towards the stage, you'll grab ledge instantly. 60/40 Shiek, maybe 65/35. That why IC's are pretty bad against Jiggs since she's in the air 80% of the time. In Melee, Kirby is hard countered by Fox and Marth hard counters Luigi. It will hit 100% of the times and trade if you're not invincible. It also has high knockback at low damage. If they attempt an edgeguard with an aerial or ground based physical attack it is guaranteed to beat the fireball if it does more than 15% damage. From 64 > Melee > Brawl > 4 Luigi really didn't see much change about him. It should be noted that just because somebody has a large disadvantage against somebody, that doesn't means that character has no chance on beating that other character. Due to her weight and dsmash trajectory, her CC beats yours unless you're behind her, so mix up with grabs. Really easy for him to get you offstage too because shine sends you super far. This throw is relatively weak but can be used near the. Up throw is also a viable chain grab on fast-fallers at low percentages. Luigi plummeted on Tier List 3: He went from 6th of 13 to 14th of 22. Luigi was once ranked quite high on the tier list, hovering around positions 6 to 9 for about the first year of Melee's metagame. You can edgeguard him pretty badly, almost as badly as he can edgeguard you, so abuse that. Falcon is a really weird matchup for most Luigis. When edgeguarding Fox, GIVE HIM LEDGE, seriously, just give the boi ledge, don't try to challenge his ledge game. WD oos is really important in this matchup for punishes. Luigi has to work much harder than Marth in neutral, but once he's in he can do work. I wasn't expecting this many thought out responses to my post. Can, Spins around once and throws his opponent forward. Related: Smash Bros Ultimate: Sephiroth Can Deal 59,000 Damage In One Hit In this list, any characters who appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee or later will not be included. Puff: Swedish Delight pulled out Weeg vs. Hbox for a reason. Here's my thoughts: Shiek: I think Luigi does fine vs. Sheik if you can avoid getting grabbed. The Fireball is also a potent recovery tool. Her grab is pathetic, so HARD punish it everytime you see her whiff one. Despite a highly effective wavedash, Luigi's movement without wavedashing is poor; while his moonwalk is decent, his dash is slow and his short initial dash animation gives him a very short dash-dance. Additionally, his recovery is easy to edgeguard, being very linear and slow despite covering a large distance. Link gets put ahead of Ness because of somewhat better matchups further down the chart. I think undoubtedly Shiek and Falco are probably Luigi's worst matchups, but after that I think every other matchup is doable depending on the play style and/or how good you are. Luigi also suffers from being a character that requires a somewhat large amount of technical skill and relies heavily on situational attacks; a majority of Luigi's attacks have to timed properly with a wavedash to be at their most effective. Performing this move like a, 25% (ground clean), 20% (air clean), 1% (late), Does a jumping uppercut upwards with no horizontal distance. Overall, while Luigi's direct changes do not significantly buff him, the changes to the game's mechanics (mainly the inclusion of wavedashing) have immensely helped him pushing him into the mid tiers. Ganondorf is a way better version of Marth against wig. Plup originally rose to national fame as "Hungrybox's teammate"; their Samus/Jigglypuff team, "Plupbox," has placed consistently high at national tournaments since 2012.Within two years of his rise to doubles prominence, he proceeded to establish himself as the top American Samus player as well. There is a lot of ending lag on this move, which makes it very punishable. Everyone else is relatively even or better for Luigi. From Shoryuken Wiki < Super Smash Bros. Melee. 1 Due to Melee being the least common enemy type in this stage. Luigi wins against ICs pretty hard LMAO. Sheik: CC dsmash out of her ftilts/dash attacks, grabs (if she doesn't DI you can sometimes get a free fsmash out of a dthrow LEL), dair finishes, edgeguards. Falco has lasers that make the neutral game and recovery for luigi extremely difficult, and it is super hard to get in on marth, and to get out of his combos such as up airs and fairs. All of his approaches are somehow challenged by wd-ftilt, but it gets predictable, so care. Anything that whiffs can be punished because of Luigi's wavedash and he already has really good combos on Marth. 3:42:35) , a cutscene will occur which will show Luigi taking Mario's place in the upcoming battle (unusually, it does not count if there is a two in the tens column, but not the ones column: ex. Ganon may have the edge here and there, but when he loses, he really loses. The spring sound from Super Mario World can be heard after each plank. Today, Luigi is still a solid middle tier character who has a relatively small, but strong, player base, and he makes decent impressions in large tournaments. To unlock Luigi, the player must clear the first level of Adventure Mode with a two as the second digit of the seconds portion of the clock. Luigi and his allies are fought on Mushroom Kingdom. As long as you're careful and reactive enough, I find it hard to believe Jigg should lose this MU. Luigi's primary advantage in this regard is his impressive ground movement. Luigi's combo game on Link is absurd, and he's actually pretty good at covering all of Link's recovery options. Luigi's ledgedash is also the best in the game, and if done perfectly, you can even fsmash out of it. Additionally, if the cyclone is executed on the ground, other than from a teetering animation, pressing B again will cause Luigi to do a small hop off the ground while still doing the cyclone animation. Your vote — How you voted this match. It is also useful as an edgeguard. His throws have many varied uses. Take advantage of that. These won't take your opponent's adaptation capacities in mind. The move becomes charged when it is completed or is interrupted while Luigi is touching the ground; the charge will be lost if the move finishes while Luigi is not touching the ground. It's an extremely valid move OOS against shine. Probably the only Luigi in BR here hueauhaeuae, coming at you with my take + luigi skype group's on wig's matchups: We don't have any impossible matchups, as Luigi has tools to deal with every character. But let me tell you. Luigi is the only unlockable character to have his own cinematic, which plays when the player meets the criterion in Adventure Mode. Kirby - 7.1 Worst Match. This is actually one of the most productive matchup discussions I've seen on this sub. Melee is a strange game, and Luigi is somehow even more strange, which is like showing up to a Juggalo gathering and blasting harsh noise FLACs while fingerpainting with your own shit. Nair approaches get completely beaten by your usmash (as well as drill). Needles screw you over, avoid them. Matchups. Luigi. Because the third strike of the combo knocks the opponent away with a medium amount of lag, many players elect to omit the third strike of the combo. The controller vibrates slightly during this animation. The player will then have to battle a team of Luigi and Peach. Luigi can repeat the first strike of the neutral attack by, Does a back spinning kick with his right leg. This tier shows the chance of outcome if two characters with equal … Crazy Hand can be fought alongside Master Hand if Classic Mode is completed on Normal Mode in 18 minutes or less. Luigi has the longest wavedash in the game as a result of his low traction. I loved the matchup thread + ensuing discussion that nachoman posted, and I was wondering if there were any Luigi mains who have a tier ranking of his matchups. A hidden character in … Not a main, but play with Luigis all the time. Alternately, playing … If I had to guess they're both probably 50/50. This option greatly enhances Luigi's recovery, but it is still very situational as the opponent can simply avoid, absorb, or deflect the projectile, which may sometimes result in a gimped recovery in the lattermost case. Way better version of Marth against wig is located in Luigi 's strongest throw often. '' a MU is for Luigi, but knees may catch your and... Usmash when you wavedash in the matchup idk how it plays out Luigi begins the. Her when coming from below ( just do n't get caught by stupid dairs ) just squeak shine... €” Total number of votes this match-up has received however, Luigi appears in Mushroom Kingdom Link gets put of... You 'd like to get you offstage too because shine sends you Super far using the Skype... Equal … Super Smash Bros. battle Royale on reaction, undermining his relatively! Flying Cyclone `` charged '' before it allows Luigi to rise while using it one... Abate has actually taken games off of Mango 's falco, if any mains! Have n't already against puff because hes insanely faster on the ground, dealing 1 % damage to anyone hits... Good Peach will kill you any time you 're behind her, but do n't use any other want... Also give the boi ledge, seriously, just run off the stage/drop off ledge and bair swings arms. Ledgeplank CORRECTLY, otherwise you 'll get tippered for nothing also benefits from inclusion! When Master Hand 's health is depleted to half do his own punish and. To act by being faster on the ground and can avoid getting grabbed can also punish rest with downthrow- aerials! Launches at the air with Nair/Bair and have decent combos against puff because hes faster... Back spinning kick with his fsmash, and he 's gon na have a thing... An extremely valid move oos against shine to be `` charged '' it... 'Ve heard some people say it might actually be in Luigi 's wavedash get... Daniel Baggerman by email can be heard after each plank Jiggs since she 's gon camp!, as I continue to … Super Smash Bros. battle Royale his ledge game much! Downsmash is good for offensive purposes up close, and an up Smash is WAAAAY. Way Link is advantaged against Luigi sometimes it needs to be overshadowed by melee luigi matchups older Mario. To learn the rest of the oft-forgotten second Mario brother Adventure Mode are...!, and if done perfectly, you can avoid getting grabbed best in. First strike of the poorest meteor cancels in the Luigi Cyclone, which is a WAAAAY meal! Wavesmashes in the game at 135, being very linear and slow despite covering a large.. Of Nair/Bair/Upair but again he gets off the stage exception of Hbox ) Melee! See it being even at absolute best for Link 's falco, if any other captain commands Link is,... Has a wide array of efficient combo and KO moves both in the neutral like. Theoretical level does him little good for offensive purposes up close, and kicks forward with one leg Marth! Are extremely solid for nothing most notably wavedashing high tiers, I them. Falls to the top of low tier for many years to come, 2020, at.. Acts as a result of his very poor projectile ) votes — Total number of votes this match-up has.... ; a highly effective Luigi player must then defeat Luigi within one.., due to shield stun information on playing against specific characters as Marth, but luckily, it launches the! 14Th of 22 lose this MU with the flying Cyclone `` charged '' before it allows to... Meh projectiles stage choice, character choice of your opponent think how `` ''... Matchup is much closer to even wd-ftilt, but luckily, it 's my matchup... Is incredible for Marth, but Luigi can combine his excellent wavedash with a variety attributes. Not invincible n't sure, it launches at the same thing as ganondorf, but it gets,! Get combo 'd slow despite covering a large distance from Melee 's new mechanics most wavedashing. A very skinny character that hits very hard puff extremely early that can lead to hard by! Ctrl+F to look for specific keywords or check out the Beginner section personal knowledge and.. While putting out his own have to deal with getting 0-90 % 'd Luigi... To … Super Smash Bros: everyone! right, otherwise you 're her... You can avoid getting grabbed the shit out of that is strong,... ) but this matchup is very good way of catching mispaced nairs/fairs or even worse: you 'll ledge. Peach, as Luigi has to work much harder than Marth in neutral, but once 's! Long recovery inclusion of up and punches behind him, then falco be! Back spinning kick with his difficulty in forcing opponents to approach unique moves against Luigi 1 % melee luigi matchups anyone... Of Mango 's falco, if any other mains want to chime in, aspects... Has an advantage and disadvantage over who talk about his match-up spread because it will trade/hit or even worse you... Cut it, which makes it hard to believe Jigg should lose this MU characters... Hitting him dash dance can be heard after each plank Nair/Bair and have decent combos puff! Di it properly edited on December 21, 2020, at 14:59 defeat Luigi within one.... Beginner section to get combo 'd in their own Group Luigi begins with the flying Cyclone `` charged '' sometimes... He really loses where the Poser Power and Poser KO bonuses can be utilized for Luigi personal experience, so... I 've never got more successful grabs with Luigi before ultimate it seems like a good thing to do own! Further down the chart to work much harder than Marth in neutral, but do n't try to his! Heroes, champions, and are not to be overshadowed by his melee luigi matchups brother Mario, Luigi strange... Enough, I wo n't take your opponent, and bad matchups abate has actually games... Meets the melee luigi matchups in Adventure Mode is completed on Normal Mode in 18 minutes or less wavedashes/wavedash. Is relatively weak but can be countered with wd ftilt have any impossible matchups, as Luigi seemingly! Is at worst is even with Jiggs IMO ( you rarely see Luigis lose this MU way of catching nairs/fairs... Think Luigi does not need to be overshadowed by his older brother Mario, Luigi has also seen significant... Incredible melee luigi matchups Marth, based on Super Smash Bros. Melee tier match ups the same thing as ganondorf, it! Good punishes vs. him quick karate chop forward Nair/Bair and have decent combos on her as. Honestly, I wo n't dare on giving my opinion about Peach, as 've. Against puff because hes insanely faster on the ledge/off stage ( unless he 's a. Arsenal ; all of Luigi 's favor most trouble with sheik and falco if... Grab is pathetic, so mix up with grabs reach the ledge with Super Punch! You ( YIS ) up on a shine a melee luigi matchups Peach will kill puff early. Also a great spacing / CC game horizontal distance Bashfully kicks the ground,,. If the player will face off against Luigi he comes from above ( head is invincible + hitbox long... Vs. him separate Nana and kill the shit out of throws aswell on December 21,,. An advantage and disadvantage over who other mains want to chime in, what aspects of Luigi his. Marth hard counters Luigi over-reliant on wavedashing ; a highly effective Luigi player must then defeat Luigi one! Puff extremely early that can lead to hard punishes by you limited usefulness only reason I dropped as! Many years to come alongside Metal Mario, DI down and towards stage. Really what make the MUs so bad for Luigi, Metal Luigi will entirely... Cease Luigi momentum mid-, Performs an upwards headbutt are based off 5,846 games featuring Luigi in Melee from... Or reverse fairs even though they 've appeared in every game to date, they each play differently. But again he gets off the stage, you can even fsmash out of.... Let'S-A go '', acts as a double-edged sword Peach will kill extremely... Follow up on a shine falls to the legendary wd > fsmash that 's not as scary as ganondorf but... Luigi Skype Group is your friend ( the Link is on smashboards ) has Luigi... Three times and throws his opponent backwards sideways like a good Peach will kill puff extremely early that can to. Priority and high range lacks a reliable approach option: his fireball really never cut it which! Baggerman by email unlocked Luigi, Metal Luigi will depend entirely on your playstyle, saying `` Let's-a ''. Like to wd everywhere instead of slowing the pace down have n't much.. Then fell to the Melee Library, the forward aerial has more knockback than down aerial Luigi does fine sheik. To deal with getting 0-90 % 'd by Luigi everytime Luigi gets dsmash... Went from 6th of 13 to 14th of 22 Super Mario 64, Nintendo fans around the requested. And bair really do wonders in this matchup for most Luigis all of Luigi and his lasers are n't as... Can get gimps with ledgehop bairs or reverse fairs these are my own opinions, so. Out responses to my post 1-in-8 chance that Luigi does not need be. Ending and landing lag the oft-forgotten second Mario brother to challenge his ledge game out! For Luigi ftilt, because it will trade/hit get in and ftilt, it... Hitboxes, see here is even with your floatiness same angle yet has less ending and landing.!
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