In any event, the Vietnam War was only partly a counter-insurgency campaign, as it also involved conventional combat between US/ARVN forces, Vietcong Main Force Battalions, and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Substantive security, political and economic measures are critical but to be effective they must rest upon, and integrate with a broader information strategy. ...The result is that we are today confronted by a sort of human dust on which we have no influence and in which movements take place which are unknown to us." U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers on patrol during counter-insurgency operations in Marjah, Afghanistan, February 2010. Our success in Iraq depends on our ability to treat the civilian population with humanity and dignity, even as we remain ready to immediately defend ourselves or Iraqi civilians when a threat is detected. Ethics is a common public diplomacy aspect that is emphasized in COIN warfare. For these operations, Portugal developed its own counterinsurgency doctrine. Developing information and communication strategies involve providing a legitimate alternate ideology, improving security and economic opportunity, and strengthening family ties outside of the insurgency. This manual is designed to reverse that trend. Specifically, the impossible trilemma suggests that it is impossible to simultaneously achieve: 1) force protection, 2) distinction between enemy combatants and noncombatants, and 3) the physical elimination of insurgents. Thompson outlines five basic principles for a successful counter-insurgency: In "The Three Pillars of Counterinsurgency", Dr. David Kilcullen, the Chief Strategist of the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism of the U.S. State Department in 2006, described a framework for interagency cooperation in counterinsurgency operations. This manual continues the efforts of FM 3-24, Counterinsurgency, Such was also the case with the French Resistance during World War II and the National Liberation Front during the Vietnam War. This may be attributed to a number of causes. In a swift, meticulously planned and executed guerrilla attacks the Mizo rebels overran virtually the entire territory of … If it does work, present your commander to the world, explain what you have done and make certain that everyone understands that you are ready to strike again. A counterinsurgency is a competition of ideas, ideologies, and socio-political movements. Porch, Douglas. Portugal's experience in counterinsurgency resulted from the "pacification" campaigns conducted in the Portuguese African and Asian colonies in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This basic principle is accepted by all disciplined militaries. According to Zambernardi, in pursuing any two of these three goals, a state must forgo some portion of the third objective. The goal of COIN operations is to render the insurgents as ineffective and non-influential, by having strong and secure relations with the population of the host nation. The military has launched a counterinsurgency. With his four principles in mind, Galula goes on to describe a general military and political strategy to put them into operation in an area that is under full insurgent control: 1. Reviewer Title. These measures proved ineffective, as the Viet Cong often relocated activists and sympathizers inside the new communities. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has been a part of missions against insurgency and terrorism in other countries for more than fifteen years. The majority of counter-insurgency efforts by major powers in the last century have been spectacularly unsuccessful. Such a belief reveals lack of comprehension of the relationship that should exist between the people and the troops. INTRODUCTION In the past couple of weeks so much has been said and reported, particularly in the new media about the so called resurgence of Boko Haram Insurgency and the progress or lack of progress in the efforts of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to deal with the crisis. By the end of 1951, some 400,000 ethnic Chinese had moved into the fortifications. "How to Lose a War on Terror: A Comparative Analysis of a Counterinsurgency Success and Failure", in Jan Ångström and Isabelle Duyvesteyn, Eds.. Zambernardi, Lorenzo. If the prerequisites for the first method - excellent intelligence, superbly trained and disciplined soldiers and police, and an iron will to avoid being provoked into lashing out - are lacking, van Creveld posits that counterinsurgents who still want to win must use the second method exemplified by the Hama massacre. 1. In the 1960s and early 1970s, Portugal conducted large scale counterinsurgency operations in Angola, Portuguese Guinea and Mozambique against independentist guerrillas supported by the Eastern Bloc and China, as well by some Western countries. Colonel Jim Johnson is an Infantry officer with 22 years of service. The longer you wait, the more inured the population will be to bloodshed, and the more barbaric your action will have to be to make an impression. He issued an open letter condemning the danger to the army of the loss of its moral values "under the fallacious pretext of immediate expediency", and was imprisoned for sixty days.[39]. Although the United States and its ARVN allies won several major battles with North Vietnamese forces and their allies suffering staggering losses, the cost of victory was so high in the opinion of the US public (58,193 U.S. deaths) that it came to see any further possible gains as not worth the troop losses. Do not command the strike yourself, in case it doesn't work for some reason and you need to disown your commander and try another strategy. 4. This approach assumes the recipe for a successful counterinsurgency is adapting the U.S. military's capabilities so it can win the support of the local population and defeat insurgents. It is a simple strategy of repeated pin-pricks and bleedings that, though small in proportion to the total force strength, sap the will of the occupier to continue the fight. Counter-Insurgency Operations in Mizoram While the Nagas were preparing for their journey to China, insurgency broke out in Mizoram, which took the country by surprise. According to Liddell Hart, there are few effective counter-measures to this strategy. To protract the war is the key to victory. The RR was well supported by Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Force (BSF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and state government police. [9], According to Galula, some of these steps can be skipped in areas that are only partially under insurgent control, and most of them are unnecessary in areas already controlled by the government. tals of military operations in a counterinsurgency environment. Group and educate the leaders in a national political movement. Napoleon's army had no means of effectively combatting the rebels, and in the end their strength and morale were so sapped that when Wellington was finally able to challenge French forces in the field, the French had almost no choice but to abandon the situation. Most assessments of counterinsurgency operations mistakenly focus on how to improve the capabilities of outside forces to directly defeat insurgents. A counter-insurgency strategy may appear counter-intuitive and challenge the dominant traditions of the American way of war, but it appears to be the United States’ best strategy for success [3]. Insurgents win their war by attacking internal will and the international opposition. Replace the softs and the incompetents, give full support to the active leaders. A somewhat similar strategy was used extensively by US forces in South Vietnam until 1969, initially by forcing the rural population into fenced camps, referred to as Strategic Hamlets, and later by declaring the previous areas as free-fire zones to remove the rest from their villages and farms. Counterinsurgency (COIN) is the blend of comprehensive civilian and military efforts designed to simultaneously contain insurgency and address its root causes. Called the Office of Civil Operations and directed by Deputy Ambassador William Porter, it too failed. All rights reserved. The US could get involved in a counterinsurgency (COIN) operation at the request of a partner nation An understanding of the host nation and the environment that the COIN operations will take place in is essential. France has had taken Barnett's Leviathan role[46] in Chad and Ivory Coast, the latter on two occasions, most significantly in 2002-2003. If we throw the whole of our forces into a few battles to try to decide the outcome, we shall certainly be defeated and the enemy will win. One of the largest factors needed for defeating an insurgency involves understanding the populace, how they interact with the insurgents, how they interact with non-government organizations in the area, and how they view the counterinsurgency operations themselves. In each of these cases, enormous amounts of manpower were needed for an extended period to quell resistance over almost every square kilometre of territory. He defines this distinction as 'Maoist' and 'post-Maoist' insurgency. In revolutionary warfare, strength must be assessed by the extent of support from the population as measured in terms of political organization at the grass roots. The Defence Headquaters (DHQ) says the counter-insurgency operations in the north eastern part of the country is rapidly changing in favour of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Philippine–American War, the Shining Path in Peru, and the Malayan Emergency in Malaya have been the sites of failed insurgencies. The joint force commander (JFC) should understand insurgencies increasingly present threats to the joint force that are increasingly transregional, multi-domain, and multifunctional. "Bugeaud, Galliéni, Lyautey: The Development of French colonial warfare", in Paret, Peter; Craig, Gordon Alexande; Gilbert, Felix (eds). Jeffrey Record. "[33] These programs are essential in order to gain the support of the population. Arreguin-Toft, Ivan. By R. Scott Moore. Counterinsurgency information operatives need to also identify key audiences, communicators, and public leaders to know who to influence and reach out to with their information.[34]. The counter-insurgency forces have to realize early on that their operation is a people-centric operation. The Burkinabe armed forces launched Operation Otapuanu in March 2019 to counter the jihadist insurgency in the eastern part of the country and Operation Ndofou in … Operations should be initiated from the HN governments area of strength against areas under insurgents control 4. Operation Moshtarak; A U.S. Marine hands out candy to children while conducting counterinsurgency operations in Marjah, Afghanistan 2010. Unlike conventional warfare, non-military means are often the most effective elements, with military forces playing an enabling role. Enenche explained that […] While every conflict exhibited its own unique causes and conditions requiring tailored solutions, This must be done area by area, using a pacified territory as a basis of operation to conquer a neighbouring area. Cordon and search is a military tactic, one of the basic counter-insurgency operations[25] in which an area is cordoned off and premises are searched for weapons or insurgents. The population must be efficiently protected to allow it to cooperate without fear of retribution by the opposite party. How may it be said that these two cannot exist together? Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2006. In each case, we seek not only to establish control, but also to consolidate that control and then transfer it to permanent, effective and legitimate institutions."[13]. Organize self-defense units. Intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance; Air-to-ground attack against 'soft' targets. In many ways, the conduct of COIN is counterintuitive to the traditional U.S. view of war—although COIN operations have actually formed a substantial part of the U.S. military experience. Before the partition of French Indochina, French Groupement de Commandos Mixtes Aéroportés (GCMA), led by Roger Trinquier,[43] took on this role, drawing on French experience with the Jedburgh teams. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army has launched operation “Tura Takaibango” to checkmate abduction of travellers along Maiduguri-Damaturu highway. With regard to tactics, the terms "drain the water" or "drain the swamp" involves the forced relocation of the population ("water") to expose the rebels or insurgents ("fish"). Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, John Enenche announced this while giving an update on military operations to checkmate criminality across the country in the last one week. The first method relies on superb intelligence, provided by those who know the natural and artificial environment of the conflict as well as the insurgents. Once such superior intelligence is gained, the counterinsurgents must be trained to a point of high professionalism and discipline such that they will exercise discrimination and restraint. French and US Special Forces (Green Berets) saw some success in organizing tribal peoples to fight. When de Gaulle's policies toward Algeria, such as a 1961 referendum on Algerian self-determination, did not meet the expectations of the colonial officers, Salan formed the underground Organisation de l'armée secrète (OAS), a right-wing terrorist group, whose actions included a 1962 assassination attempt against de Gaulle himself. The Basics of Counterinsurgency. This asymmetric threat, There are situations in which cruelty is necessary, and refusing to apply necessary cruelty is a betrayal of the people who put you into power. of counter insurgency, a concept of operations and the coordination of a plan of action by a government at the strategic level. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in increased interest in counterinsurgency within the American military, exemplified by the 2006 publication of a new counterinsurgency field manual, FM 3-24. Massu and General Raoul Salan led a 1958 coup in Algiers, demanding a new Republic under Charles de Gaulle. Each agency ran its own counterinsurgency program until the end of 1966, when a combined civilian effort was attempted. Additionally, counterinsurgency efforts need to understand the culture of which the insurgency resides, in order to strategically launch information and communication operations against the insurgent ideology or religion. Test those authorities by assigning them various concrete tasks. Essentially, then, only one viable option remains. His theory of counterinsurgency is not primarily military, but a combination of military, political and social actions under the strong control of a single authority. With the Muslim Brotherhood scattered, the population was so cowed that it would years before opposition groups would dare disobey the regime again and, van Creveld argues, the massacre most likely saved the regime and prevented a bloody civil war. Book Author. 8. Social, political and economic programs should be coordinated and administered by the host nation’s leaders, as well. The aim of the war is to gain the support of the population rather than control of territory. Counter-insurgency is normally conducted as a combination of conventional military operations and other means, such as demoralization in the form of propaganda, psy-ops, and assassinations. The sophisticated NLF/PAVN insurgent structure was embedded in the population and difficult to root out and combat. ",, "Aligning FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency with Reality",, "Evidentiary Validation of FM 3-24: Counterinsurgency Worldwide, 1978-2008",, "Insurgency: The Transformation of Peasant Rebellion", Small Wars Journal: Insurgency/Counterinsurgency Research page, CNAS, Abu Muquwama 'The Counterinsurgency Reading List', Terrorism prevention in Russia: one year after Beslan, "Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict", "Instruments of Statecraft – U.S. Counter-insurgency efforts may be successful, especially when the insurgents are unpopular. Counterinsurgency Operations: A Perspective from Italian History. [34] This relationship is stringent upon the counterinsurgents keeping their promises, providing security to the locals, and communicating their message directly and quickly in times of need. Boko Haram: State of Counter-Insurgency Operations By Colonel Timothy Antigha. In examining why so many counterinsurgencies by powerful militaries fail against weaker enemies, Van Creveld identifies a key dynamic that he illustrates by the metaphor of killing a child. Van Creveld condenses al-Assad's strategy into five rules, while noting that they could easily have been written by Niccolò Machiavelli:[18]. In these missions, the SOF teams lived and fought with the locals. “I will tell you what that signifies; it means that the game is changing rapidly in favour of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and Nigerians at large,” Enenche said. That replaces the term low-intensity conflict. In an age of ever shrinking and increasingly computerized armed forces, this option too is precluded from a modern commander's options. The former may be likened to water the latter to the fish who inhabit it. There have been many insurgencies in India from its creation in 1947. Counterinsurgency operations generally have been neglected in broader American military doctrine and national security policies since the end of the Vietnam War over 30 years ago. C O I N | Counter Insurgency Operations by whiztler. 6. Set up, by means of elections, new provisional local authorities. Because it may be difficult or impossible to distinguish between an insurgent, a supporter of an insurgency who is a non-combatant, and entirely uninvolved members of the population, counter-insurgency operations have often rested on a confused, relativistic, or otherwise situational distinction between insurgents and non-combatants. Articles lacking reliable references from October 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Groupement de Commandos Mixtes Aéroportés, Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School, American and British English spelling differences#Compounds and hyphens,,, "Book Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice by David Galula",,, "Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 3, Chapter 1, "US Programs in South Vietnam, Nov. 1963-Apr. It is an offensive approach involv- The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai, disclosed this during a press briefing at Army Special Forces Super Camp, Ngamdu. However, the primary purpose of the report is to analyze the U.S. counterinsurgency (COIN) effort in Iraq and to make observations and recommendations for improving the conduct of future COIN operations. In his Reflexiones Militares, published between 1726 and 1730, he discussed how to spot early signs of an incipient insurgency, prevent insurgencies, and counter them, if they could not be warded off. [26][27] Other related operations are "Cordon and knock"[28][29][30] and "Cordon and kick". France had major counterinsurgency wars in its colonies in Indochina and Algeria. Strikingly, Santa Cruz recognized that insurgencies are usually due to real grievances: "A state rarely rises up without the fault of its governors." These programs are designed to make the local population feel secure, safe, and more aligned with the counterinsurgency efforts; this enables the citizens of the host nation to trust the goals and purposes of the counterinsurgency efforts, as opposed to the insurgents’. [44] GCMA, operating in Tonkin and Laos under French intelligence, was complemented by Commandos Nord Viêt-Nam in the North. In 1982 the regime of Syrian president Hafez al-Assad was on the point of being overwhelmed by the countrywide insurgency of the Muslim Brotherhood. In contrast and using very rough figures, of the approximately 3000 British killed during The Troubles, 1700 were civilians and 1000 were British soldiers and members of security forces, translating into a three-to-one kill ratio in favor of the terrorists.[18]. Burgoyne, Michael L. and Albert J. Marckwardt (2009). The Dutch formulated a new strategy of counter-insurgency warfare, during the Aceh War by deploying light-armed Marechaussee units and using scorched earth tactics. The Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. John Enenche, who stated this Thursday at a press briefing in Abuja, said the change of tactics and strategies had made troops record less direct encounters with terrorists operating in the zone. Counterinsurgency (COIN) is the blend of comprehensive civilian and military efforts designed to simultaneously contain insurgency and address its root causes. The French counterinsurgency in colonial Algeria was a savage one. The Army's elite Rashtriya Rifles (RR) played a major role in putting down the insurgency. In 1898 Van Heutsz was proclaimed governor of Aceh, and with his lieutenant, later Dutch Prime Minister Hendrikus Colijn, would finally conquer most of Aceh. AFRICOM in the Sahel is conducting persistent counterterrorism operations that include special operations forces raids, technical assistance, and intelligence collection. It occurred to various commanders that soldiers trained to operate as guerrillas would have a strong sense of how to fight guerrillas. The oil spot approach is a descriptive term for the concentration of counter-insurgent forces into an expanding, secured zone. Another option in combating an insurgency would be to make the presence of troops so pervasive that there is simply no place left for insurgents to hide, as demonstrated in Franco's conquest of Republican Spain during the Spanish Civil War or the Union occupation of Confederate States with Federal troops following the American Civil War. Defence Headquarters says the counter-insurgency operations in the northeastern part of the country were rapidly changing in favour of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Many people think it impossible for guerrillas to exist for long in the enemy's rear. So long as this is the situation, an insurgency essentially cannot be defeated by regular forces. In the counterinsurgency, disciplined application of force is even more critical because our enemies camouflage themselves in the civilian population. The Modern Warfare counterinsurgency strategy described by Trinquier, who had led anti-communist guerrillas in Indochina, was a strong influence on French efforts in Algeria. The people’s perception of legitimacy about the host nation and the foreign country’s counterinsurgency efforts is where success is determined. [ 51 ] views of the population and difficult to root out and combat to regular forces descriptive... The losing side, it reduces the IMPACT of the support, cover, and actions... Relocation deprives the aforementioned of the rebel campaigns proved a decisive Counter to French superiority on the battlefield warfare... Ideologies, and civic actions taken to defeat insurgency of operation to conquer a area... This must be done area by area, using a pacified territory a! Operations can only be achieved by a complete understanding of the support, cover, and the troops of. And difficult to root out and combat administered by the countrywide insurgency of the nation... Cases, the Shining Path in Peru, and assassinations the occupation is doomed to fail more people than lose! A clear understanding of the support of the third objective US special forces ( Berets. Comprehensive civilian and military efforts designed to simultaneously contain insurgency and Jungle warfare School ( CIJWS ) located... Reveals lack of comprehension of the doctrine contained in FM 3-24 has been mixed [! Not purely a military operation complete understanding of the culture it is operating in endowed with sources. His practical experience in counter-insurgency as a basis of operation to conquer a neighbouring area 1965:... Population must be able to perceive the World from the HN governments area of strength against areas under control. Success in organizing tribal peoples to fight guerrillas been mixed. [ ]! February 2010 those authorities by assigning them various concrete tasks the active leaders characteristics of the country were changing! Missions and considerations and US special forces ( Green Berets ) saw some success in organizing tribal peoples to guerrillas... 14 ] defines this distinction as 'Maoist ' and 'post-Maoist ' insurgency French Resistance World! Ideologies, and civic actions taken to defeat insurgency action among others as combination of factors helping military... Application of force is even more critical because our enemies camouflage themselves in Enemy! Cut off its links with the Tactical Aviation Detachment watches out of a CH-146 helicopter... Sophisticated NLF/PAVN insurgent structure was embedded in the Indian state of counter-insurgency efforts may attributed! By means of elections, new provisional local authorities population rather than control of territory demanding. Rebel campaigns proved a decisive Counter to French superiority on the battlefield the occupied 's! From both military and police authorities and for the people and for the of... Search '' is part of the country were rapidly changing in favour of occupied. Others as combination of conventional military operations and counterterrorism lack of comprehension the... To fail their War by deploying light-armed Marechaussee units and using scorched earth tactics the Aceh War by internal... Of how to fight guerrillas 3-24 has been mixed. [ 14 ] influential theorists was Trinquier... Its links with the population out candy to children while conducting counterinsurgency mistakenly. During the Aceh War by attacking internal will and the foreign country ’ s leaders, as the factor! And US special forces ( Green Berets ) saw some success in organizing tribal peoples to fight.!
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