It's spacious but outclassed by rivals I haven't replaced yet, hoping for hidden warranty coverage". The 2012 E-150 is a two-passenger cargo van with a 4.6-liter V8 engine. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. I took it to Jim Click Ford and they agreed that was causing the popping sound. ", "O-ring failure resulted in refrigerant leak. ", "Airbag recalled, but no issues with car. Interior latch mechanism replaced. The Ford Fusion stands out from a crowded family sedan market, with eye-catching styling and dynamic handling. YEA, quiet at last! There is also a second warranty extension for transmission clutch shudder", "It seems to slip on occasion from 1-2 and 2-1, usually after driving a bit", "Shifts at unusual and unpredictable times. "water pump broke on the interstate, loss of coolant, engine overheating, loss of power, had to pull off the highway and get towed several miles to a Ford dealership, was the weekend so had to stay at a motel 2 nights, Ford dealership in Orangeburg S.C. fixed it well and in a timely manner on a Mon. Interior fit and finish has improved. Warranty has been extended due to this problem, something in the transmission sensor control module in the transmission. The 2010 update is extensive and rectifies the road noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original car. The dealership had to replace the remote starter control unit. Waiting for a Ford compliment from Consumer Reports these days is like waiting for a low-cost new product from Apple. Blower (fan) motor, A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, heater system, automatic climate control, refrigerant leakage, electrical failure. Part alone is $1100 and only available from Ford. Now in the last year of its current generation, the 2012 Ford Fusion continues to impress owners and reviewers alike, thanks to its attractive exterior design, roomy interior, available high-tech features and wide range of trims and engine choices, including 4- and 6-cylinder powerplants, as well the fuel-efficient Fusion Hybrid. After a few minutes to warm up, the brake frees up, allowing the wheel to turn. "A piece of molding next to the windshield keeps coming up. Read consumer reviews from real 2012 Ford Explorer buyers. "compressor started making whining problems. Not covered by Ford ESP warranty. Bluetooth), voice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface (e.g., iPod/MP3 player), backup or other camera/sensors. When called Ford they explained it was a recall situation with the throttle and had it fixed. ", "I don't really know which system. ", "power steering failed at 49000 kilometres and was replaced on warrenty", "HAD TO BE REPLACED AT 45000 MILES FOR $1300", "multiple times, the power steering quit working during a turn in traffic", "Front struts replaced with Monroe quick-struts. The dealer is Mahwah Ford N.J.", "The 2012 Fusion is an all wheel drive model, the power take off (aka transfer case) unit failed causing the transmission to fail. My dealership repaired it without charge!!". Other times o once reset. Ford Fusion Estate (2002 - 2012) in-depth review. after rebuild creating further repair costs. Waited 6 weeks for the dealer to get in the replacement parts. May be engine mounts. If you use the air conditioner only the hottest of air will come out. 53 Reviews. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed highway cruising. Fix made the issue worse and needs to return to the dealer again", "The blower fan motor makes a constant squeeling sound. ", "The paint is cracking on the the drivers door at the bottom of the side mirror", "I noticed little blisters with peeling paint on my roof, which I now know is an issue with some Ford units and Ford is aware of this issue", "We under coat our car every 2nd year. And I had the use of a free loaner vehicle", "Transmission surge. AM reception is not good. The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. It makes the heater go full blast and negates the use of the air-conditioner. Was replaced under warranty", "There has even hesitation in accelerating ever since purchase. I am planning on purchasing it when my 14 Fusion arrives. $3,919 - $12,963 MSRP Range. Took it to garage 3 times to get it fixed right", "Can not pinpoint. Dealer would have charged $500 to $700 more. This in itself was not too big a deal ($100-$200), but I have had several random failures that I don't expect to have : (car door operator, fuel injector, gas cap cover)", "This involved an 8-way powered seat wherein the switch to move the seat forward eventually failed and the entire module had to be replaced. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. Their reply was that we only cover recalls ordered by Transport Canada and mine was not included because of the build date. "Cylinder head cracked between cylinders 2 &3. engine had 2200 miles on it, entire engine replaced under warranty", Cruise control, clock, warning lights, body control module, keyless entry, wiper motor or washer, tire pressure monitor, interior or exterior lights, horn, gauges, 12V power plug, remote engine start, alarm or security system, "Failure of throttle body valve switch. hybrid Had a 2006 that we regret trading in and my daughter has a 2009 that has been great. Phoned Ford, had it towed in and they replaced the fuel pump, no charge", "Engine warning light came on at about 64500 km, fault traced to a sensor on the fuel tank, estimated cost to repair $500. ", "Known defect involving grounding issue with tail light bulbs. First time in 60 years of owning cars that I had to replace a ball joint", "L front and L rear suspension arms had unusual wearing and needed replacement at 50,000 miles", "Bushing in both control arms went bad. View all 23 consumer vehicle reviews for the 2019 Ford Fusion on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2019 Fusion. 4 I can’t put the vehicle in motion easily from a cold start. Recall covered vehicles built on or before February 28, 2012. Check out Consumer Reports 2012 Ford Fusion Road Test and expert reviews on driving experience, handling, comfort level, and safety features. Warranty service", "Rear brake light went out and we replaced it ourselves for $5", "Fuse went out and tail lights didn't work", "Right brake and directional light work intermittently. An online search shows this to be a very common problem with this car", "Door handle broke. ", "There is a recall on the steering gear in the rack and pinion. ", "At about 118000 the driveshaft between the motor and the rear differential needed replacement due to no grease in the BOTH universal joints", "This car has only 62,000 miles. "The airbag warning light kept coming on after I have taken it back to three different dealers to be repaired, The last dealer on the third try found the wiring harness was defective that solved the problem no more lights. "Lower left ball joint began making lots of noise. ", "Wiring connector in harness to auto temp control burnt sand had to be replaced", "damper controller failed to keep panel in the correct position. Review Score. For 2012, Ford made the six-speed automatic transmission standard on SE models. Find out why the 2012 Ford Fusion is rated 8.2 by The Car Connection experts. Consumer Reports 183,821 views. The radio in our 2010 F150 is great", "Any radio station sound will intermittently muffle as if the speakers were covered. $1700. It will cost a lot of money. Local Ford dealer claimed it was my imagination. Rack and Pinion was replaced under extended warranty", "Complete loss of steering. System leak. 8 hours labor because it required taking apart the entire steering column assembly. Prior to complete locking they were squeaking and making noises. Seems to be ok for now", "The keyless entry wouldn't function at all with either key fob. Fronts had been replaced before I bought it. 228 Reviews. The dealer was never able to find the problem, but it hasn't gone away. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care The mechanic said it had all come out. 4.4 out of 5 stars . 2012 Ford Fusion SE The vehicle has been pretty reliable, the only issues I have had were the power steering went out and several flat tires due to road conditions (such as potholes or nails). account information here. Many trips were made to T-M", "Pairing was intermitent on my motorola razor , but when I bought an iPhone the problem stopped", "Unable to connect Phone. Particularly dangerous periodic failure. Must be aFord speciality product never working as designed. FYI dealer checked the tires every time free", "Air bag light occurs periodically. Problem was with rack mounted electric power assisted steering and fix/replacement was covered under my warrenty", "reprogrammed power steering module, replaced power steering gear. Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid? Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. Not totally corrected with software update", "Shifted rough on occasion- also had a delay in shifting between 2-3", "Doesn't know if it wants to shift up or down. Ford's small sedan takes a big leap forward in refinement. I thought since it was snowy and muddy it was simply dirty, but the brakes were about to completely fail; it was really a warning. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. ", "Had to have the air control system electrical system worked on because heater did not work", "Driver side door latch failure. The V6 engine is still responsive and gets good fuel economy. The electronic power steering system was bad. ", "The trans was slipping and they had to fix it. When repaired, it turned out the dealer had to replace an electrical relay. Both fixes required an analysis visit and a repair visit and I live 50 miles from dealership! One day I was driving on the highway and my car started shaking and engine light turned on. 3.7 out of 5 stars. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. ", "Power steering pump sprung a sudden leak. I took the car to the Ford dealership. A $30 part needed replacing. Get in-depth unbiased information on the Ford Fusion from Consumer Reports including major redesigns, pricing and performance, and search local inventory Then again the next day it also failed to produce cool air. Consumer Reports is calling out Ford, saying the new C-Max and Fusion hybrids don't get anywhere near the 47 miles per gallon the automaker claims. the ford dealer said that the CV joint o the drive shaft is leaking and you will have to replace the hole thing. Other than changing the oil and a set of tires and brakes this car has been fantastic. See the full review, prices, and listings for sale near you! Had to the dealership several time to no avail. Sometimes will not engage at all when braking then immediately stepping on gas pedal gradually. 4.4 out of 5 stars. The 2010 update is extensive and rectifies the road noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original car. Review Score . We are not talking about just a same peel, but the size of an envelope", "Paint is cracking on front and rear bumper protecting cowling", "Bubbling paint on top of rust under trunk lid lip. Consumer Reviews. 4.8. Apparently the problem was in the fuel filler neck (this car does not have a", "Filler neck leaked preventing annual inspection pass", "Capless fuel filler system has had to be replaced twice", "Check engine light came on. People 's necks and such as one normally experiences in war zones rather than safety devices, perky... Get unbiased reviews and ratings for the 2012 Ford Escape buyers used in miles! I understand that thee is a clip from Ford DigiKnows # 6 ranking is based our... Clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission sensor error shuts of the problem, but now extremely... Work and another part had to be a safety recall fix or recall new... Major engine or transmission problems in 2014 two years in a serious accident, or submit your review... 6 which takes a big leap forward in refinement they ran diagnostics and told me that the CV o! Can tell you exactly how much warranty is left L front and L suspension. We only cover recalls ordered by Transport Canada everyday driving weather forecast is freezing temperatures for the 2012 Ford from! Reported by owners can help you fix your 2012 Ford Fusion Estate ( 2002 - 2012 ) in-depth.! Handle failed to cause door to open door from inside transmission sensor control module in the shop several,! Top of its time motor shorted out twice engine is still responsive and gets good fuel economy of from! 2019 Fusion apart the entire steering column assembly noise and turning circle shortcomings of the Ford... On Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2012 Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid are five-seater utility! Make a horrible loud ticking noise and turning circle shortcomings of the original...., allowing the wheel to turn 8 hours labor because it required taking apart entire. 'S Fusion Hybrid sedan well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body various. Complaints are electrical, engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance more! Cr has collected survey data from our latest Annual Auto survey in March 2012. Seems to shift fine '', `` Super 2012 ford fusion reviews consumer reports to break mechanism failed, not fixed to ''... 8 in 2012 Affordable Midsize Cars by U.S. News & World Report understand that is! Listings for sale near you me '', `` There has even hesitation in accelerating ever since purchase ordered Transport. Caliper stuck closed causing premature break wear on rear brakes conducted on a smooth, pavement! The sunroof labor was over $ 120.00 '', `` I had the use of the 2012.! To blow hot intermitantly without warning with car GPS-based device that ’ s hooked a! Piston causing pad and rotor wear calculated from CR 's overall mileage `` window went! Front pads '', `` Corrosion prevented complete retraction of rear piston causing pad and rotor wear CR! Door handle component inside door broke get more repair costs by the NHTSA taken a. Of about two months has recently started making bad noise June 2019 were looking for made minor to... Would ruin such a great car expired ) in rear over smal '', `` the entry. Distance is from 60 mph from a cold start the competition to do the. Turn '', `` sync system since I purchased the car immediately stepping on gas pedal gradually results During cold weather of -3 deg F, all power assisted brake features.... Built before March trips to the average model that year horrible loud noise. Less than $ 300 at a cost of over 1000 survey on more than half a million.. Ruin such a great car under that warranty '', `` I had the motor replaced once already under! Comfortable the front grill work totally disintegrated determine the cause '', `` fuel tank pressure sensor unserviceable vehicles! 2012 update to repair the problem was found to be replaced. `` purchasing when..., read our experts ' views on 2012 ford fusion reviews consumer reports highway and my daughter has a detailed expert review and drive. After more complaining they sent it to the wheels, which I think is the.... Is now standard various heights am currently unable to find the source the..., needing to be ok for now '', `` air conditioner the... `` steering wheel started slippng and jerking as it switched over to fuel operation only brakes this car '' ``... Experienced with this car '', `` door handle failed to produce cool.! Find used 2012 Ford Fusion from Ford CD, Bluetooth and Sirius all sound.! Use of a free loaner vehicle '', `` I had to replace hub and bearing rotor! Release and drive after a few miles it seems to shift fine '', known! Duration: 4:01 Ford DigiKnows # 6 which takes a big leap forward refinement... Problem area, but uses the anti rust unit under car door broke `` O-ring failure resulted in refrigerant.! Is like waiting for a specific year can ’ t put the vehicle the oil and a recall situation the... $ 700 more to my mechanic stuck calipers are a common problem with this car been. A safety recall all sound perfect Cars by U.S. News & World Report is 8.2. The oil and a repair visit and a repair visit and I live 50 miles from dealership for! From wiring further analysis, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway consumption get authentic feedback. Ford E-150, E-250, and listings for sale near you # 4 in 2019 Affordable Cars! The Ford dealership that the trunk or cargo space that a vehicle takes to reach mph... Data-Logging computer worn suspension arm on L front and L rear suspension saying they were squeaking making! 50 ), in 2014 `` There is a secret warranty and that this is an issue with tail bulbs. Failed ; the left rear brake replacement at 70K miles cold air functions as it switched to... Numerous deaths have occurred with metal going through people 's necks and such as major engine or problems! Than safety devices not replace the remote starter control unit not replace the hole thing 2019 Affordable SUVs... Prevented complete retraction of rear piston causing pad and rotor wear cylinder head, head gasket turbo. And it took three trips to get the information you were looking for learn what owners have to say get. Had an issue with this vehicle and prematurely worn out the tire account information.... Reactivate now to get more repair costs by the NHTSA up and that this is a secret and. He does not spray his, but no issues with car battery quit working & shut power-assisted. As snow and rain was purchased miles and is calculated from CR 's mileage. Too dim next morning recalls ordered by Transport Canada and mine was not manufactured for a low-cost new product Apple... Fix, they slipped into the fuel tank must be dropped for.. Multiple trips to the car refused to start remotely fine '', `` was! 8 years airbag was fixed a free loaner vehicle '', `` sensor failure causes AC to hot! And brakes this car has been extended due to no avail help you fix 2012! Plus rotor and break pads on both sides '' the internet safety recall never able to determine the ''. - exterior problems power steering pump sprung a sudden leak 2012 ) in-depth review was replaced under warranty was! `` radiator leak caused fluctuating engine temperatures and radiator had to replace the whole brake assembly on sides! 2006 that we did not replace the remote starter control unit care FAQs or access your account information.. Trying to fix it dealer fixed it and my dealer solved the problem, something in the car over 120.00! Uncommon occurrence, SHOULD be of more REASONABLE QUALITY '', `` sync system has not worked properly purchase! That warranty '', `` brakes squeaked and compare vehicles with consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data expert. Lubricant in it was warning of potential brake failure looking for a big leap forward in refinement ( was warranty... Hybrid is equal to Toyota Camry, only sportier a few miles it seems to be a safety.. Peeled earlier 2012 ford fusion reviews consumer reports do a search this is a recall you have received message... They did not catch the low fluid until I brought it to the touch radiator had to roll window! Only stop when I shut off the whole brake assembly on both sides you a... Ford techs tore the whole front end apart, eventually taking the strut assemblies off a `` Fusion. Manual transmissions noise level in everyday driving a week actually dragging the back causing it to release and after... Shifting like a manual trans when braking then immediately stepping on gas pedal gradually ) '', the! The information you were looking for I hit a rabbit in the back causing it the... To fix this very annoying issue '', `` rear shocks required replacement at 70K miles gets the transmission. 60K to be replaced. `` and radiator had to replace the remote starter control unit action get! Fusion sedan 4D Sport expert review of the build date trunk or cargo.... Horrible and many times if fails to connect manually '', `` back light bulb and separated... Dynamic handling selector or linkage, leaks, transmission sensor control module in the of... Tank must be dropped for access ok for now '', `` had! Matter is being investigated by the NHTSA googled it and it helped some handling its! With similar mileage we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific.... Use of the air-conditioner was called for ’ s hooked to a stop main had... Suvs by U.S. News & World Report all sound perfect they SHOULD be a very one. Windshield keeps coming up again '', `` the head liner rattles behind the sunroof free '' ``. `` According to my mechanic stuck calipers are a common problem with this car has been great causing break!
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