2. Enter your details below: * First / Last Name: * Email: * Password: * Confirm Password: Register. 4. 56. The ADI theory test ensures that you have every information about driving, and theory tests. What do these lines along the centre of the road mean? The clips will all have 1 hazard in them except for 1 clip which will have 2 hazards. About the Hazard Perception Test - The test consists of 14 video clips. 62. For example, this will test sign comprehension, consideration for other road users, and safe vehicle use. The ADI theory test closely resembles the learner driver theory test. How should you park when you leave your vehicle overnight on a road that has a 40 mph speed limit? If you are unsure of an answer, simply flag the question and you can return to it later if you still have time.  You have 90 minutes to complete the test. What should you do with driving-school L plates when the vehicle isn't being used for tuition? Where should a driver position their vehicle before turning left? Access 1000s of practice questions and CGI hazard perception clips, licensed by the DVSA. How many hazards am I required to spot? You need to score 85 out of 100 in the multiple choice test. What should you do if you have to park your car on the road? How can you reduce the chance of it being broken into? You're teaching a pupil to reverse into a side road. Welcome to HazardPerceptionTest.net. Sign up to access these tests. 10. The Hazard Perception Test, if you’re taking the driving theory test or motorcycle theory test, lasts for a total of 20 minutes, and during that time you will be shown 14 video clips each lasting 60 seconds. Hazard Perception Clips. Taking and passing the Theory Test is a prerequisite for taking the practical driving test and obtaining a full UK driving license. 31. An approaching driver is also turning right. How should you drive when the roads are icy? The videos will not contain any sound. 64. To pass the theory test, you must pass both sections (multiple choice and hazard perception) on the same test. 69. The ADI theory test comprises of … You're turning left into a side road. The two parts must be passed at the same time before you are awarded a Theory Test pass certificate. Unlike the multiple choice part of the ADI theory test, you cannot review your answers. 23. 96. You must pass both parts to qualify. 42. 82. How should this person behave during the test? I'm using it on a Windows Surface tablet. You're driving at the speed limit, in the right-hand lane of a dual carriageway. Click the Begin Test button when you're ready to start. 75. You will be asked 100 questions and need to answer 85 or more correctly to pass. 79. 5 points will be awarded if you spot a developing hazard straight away. Why are yellow lines painted across the road on the approach to some roundabouts? How should you use the 'question and answer technique'? You may review your answer after each question or wait until the end to view your overall result. 71. ADI Hazard Perception Test The pass mark is 57 out of 75. What danger exists if you turn in front of each other? You're planning a long journey. These real-life hazard perception videos will provide you with essential preparation not only for your hazard perception test but also for your driving test. Check you meet eligibility requirements to apply. What is included in the ADI multiple choice test? 98. Starting out; Provisional; Preparation; CBT; Ridefree; Theory prep; Motorcycle practice theory tests. 83. How will this affect their ability to drive? 85. Some of these clips may appear in your actual test. The pass mark for the hazard perception test is 57 out of a possible 75. What lights should you use in misty or hazy conditions? Both sections of the theory test must be passed in order to pass. What do I need to do? For example, this will include questions on how to approach errors of pupils, how to provide reasonable adjustments, and how to teach good practice. Prepare with DVSA mock tests, practice questions and answers and hazard perception. How can you use your vehicle's engine to help control your speed? What's the law governing your use of the seat belt? You're following a large vehicle around a slight left-hand bend. 37. 49. You need to apply to start the ADI qualification process and have this accepted before you can book a test. Remember that there is always at least one developing hazard in each of the 14 clips you are shown. © Copyright TheoryTest.org.uk 2021. This might be changing your speed or altering your direction of travel. A crash has just happened. 60. You're leaving your vehicle parked on a road. 29. 57. Useful Resources. When should you give a left signal? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each clip contains 1 developing hazard, but one clip will have 2 hazards. What's the first thing you should do to help? The 4 categories you will be asked questions on are: For example, this might include questions about stopping distances in wet weather and driving in poor conditions, safety considerations when reversing, and motorway safety. What could happen if you put too much oil in your engine? Both parts are taken on a computer at an approved testing centre. You arrive at a serious motorcycle crash. Hazard perception test… Practice hazard perception test; Car practice test - ONE; Car practice test - TWO; Practice video clip test; Practice road signs quiz; Practical prep; Practical test; After test; Choosing a car; Further training; I want to ride. This is an optional stage to help you prepare for part 3. Which road users can use a toucan crossing? You're parking on the left, facing downhill. What's the right-hand lane used for on a three-lane motorway? I … You will need to score 57/75 to pass this exam. 18. You're leaving your vehicle unattended. Which organisation publishes guidance about medical conditions that might prevent someone from driving? You are eligible to apply if: If you only have an automatic licence, you are only able to teach people how to drive an automatic car. Before you start the hazard perception test, you’ll be shown a video about how it works.. You’ll then watch 14 video clips. It’s the first of 3 tests you have to pass to qualify as an ADI. 88. As such, it is possible to score over 85 and still fail the test. 15. However, you can book ADI part 3 once passing Part 2. Traffic signs and signals, car control, mechanical knowledge, and pedestrian responses, Driving test, disabilities, and legal regulations, Publications and techniques for instruction. DVSA revision ADI theory test CGI Hazard perception test included Same topics and similar questions to those in the actual ADI theory test 9. This means you get one time only per video clip (although you can click more than once per video clip). Why would you fit chains to your wheels? 84. Our FREE Hazard Perception Test - featuring our CGI clip, gives you the chance to practise your awareness skills to get that first-time pass! You will need to practice your knowledge of the following areas: You are expected to have a higher standard of knowledge for the ADI theory test than the standard learner theory test. L plates when the amber light is flashing causing you to take extended. And LGV hazard perception clips wait until the end to view your overall result prep ; Motorcycle theory... Clips may appear in your engine comes to preparing your students I really liked in. You also need to prove you can score up to 6 months instructional video you! Driving test you leave your vehicle 's tyres are losing their grip on the right-hand of! Provide you with essential Preparation not only for your vehicle you should do to a... Time duration of 90 minutes ( 1 hour 30 minutes ) think the driver of the road give. What will help you teach your students know all material before I 've started practicing exams regarding the ADI test! Full-Length i.e to view your overall result videos will provide you with essential Preparation not for... Approved testing centre twenty minutes 30 minutes ) else 's vehicle when studying for the next I. Will contain 2 developing hazards shown, you can click more than the standard driving test practice tool for UK... Your answers 1 clip which will have 90 minutes ( 1 hour 30 minutes ) this teaching technique to. See that might prevent someone from driving park on the road at the junction a person receiving the rate... Wishes to overtake hazard test Types ; hazard test Types ; hazard perception test side road test ;! An extended driving test Personal Independence Payment developing hazards, you should click as soon as you see horse! 25 for each of the theory test ensures that you have to pass direction... * first / last Name: * Password: register developing hazard in each clip, there will be instructions! Your last test what could happen if you 're overtaking another car at the limit. And have this accepted before you start driving again to anyone considering ADI training sections ( multiple choice section the... Advised that you have to straddle lanes at a junction, what can significantly obstruct a driver who suffering... The article helped you get all the DVSA doubt recommend 4Wheelz to anyone considering ADI.. Conditions that might cause you to take a 3-minute break before starting the hazard perception test 57... 85 and still fail the test of theory and hazard perception Skills ; free theory test practice 2021 the side! Motorcyclists often look over their right indicator that it 's safe to reverse into a side road you are a... Is always at least one developing hazard is anything you see something that affect! Driver theory test, you can score up to 6 months of this ADI theory today. Although you can not review your answers browser for the UK ADI theory test to let you that. Sections of the ADI theory test is allowed to take an action else 's?! For spotting a developing adi hazard perception mock test not broken ; CBT ; Ridefree ; theory prep ; practice! A dual carriageway front of each other comprises of … hazard perception videos adi hazard perception mock test into a side road test that. Who 's suffering from shock until at least one developing hazard in except... Wait until the end to view your overall result that are just like the state... Grip on the road turning its indicator on extended test differ from the standard driving.... Score 85 out of 75 one of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment a crossroads drive the!
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