The 747 family was further enhanced with the launch of the 747-300 which featured a stretched upper deck which included two additional emergency exit doors. For my flight, I had pre-arranged to get on the plane a few minutes prior to other passengers to get photos, and it was amusing that the gate crew and the flight crew both offered for me to sit in business versus economy. super excited but reading your post it seems it will still be economy ( for a second there I thought I may have been upgraded )…still going upstairs on a 747 jumbo is enough!! I had seen interiors that were decades newer, but looked in worse shape; it was almost like traveling in time. No way. Qantas offered one of the best – an upper deck luxurious space, in bright colors, and with a great nautical theme. Seat maps of the Boeing B747-8 to download. BONUS: Flight Review: Eva Air Royal Laurel Business Class on a Boeing 777-300ER. BONUS: Flying Business Class on a Hello Kitty EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER. For most airlines, it's just regular business class seating. 2: The proto-747 lost out to the Lockheed C-5, which has a full-length upper deck used for personnel transportation. Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 747-400 Upper Deck Virgin Atlantic LHR. I am not going to say that the food was amazing, but it wasn’t horrid and it was free for economy passengers. While the passenger 747-8 can fly more than 9,000 miles without stopping, the freighter version is designed to fly a maximum of 5,000 — any more would require shedding valuable cargo. Malcolm in Vancouver. Service started shortly after take off, since the flight departed so late. From its plush upper deck to its 5-star menus, the 747 — now in range for its final approach — defined luxury travel Nov. 1, 2020 at 7:00 am Updated Nov. 2, 2020 at 9:40 am By On the 747, it was nice always never to see any children upstairs. The business class cabin in the nose of the 747. It felt weird to continue to decline having a business class seat, but I had a mission! A Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental of Lufthansa, showing the lengthened upper deck and new GEnx engines with exhaust chevrons. The first 747-100s were built with six upper-deck windows (three per side) to accommodate upstairs lounge areas. Luckily, have a window seat up there for my next outbound flight in the fall however. The prices for the tickets will be TWD7,470 ($266), TWD9,747 ($347) and ($382), respectively. This means that most don’t have the ability to experience the upper deck. rev 2021.1.8.38287, Sorry, we no longer support Internet Explorer, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Aviation Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Why would someone get a credit card with an annual fee? Qantas: the Boeing 747 Captain Cook Lounge. This is really how the upper deck feels. Children under 12 should be seating behind row 30 on smaller aircraft and row 50 on Jumbos. Unless you have the means, a job willing to pay, the miles to upgrade, or some extra luck, you’re relegated to the main deck. The 747 is divided into two decks. Fast Track Arrival Service at Barbados Airport. Trust me even if its tag economy, it surely beat economy plus and the service and seats are those of business class. Adults only Club d’ Affaire! Dreamliner has nicer window and better air but the seats are terrible. Are Random Forests good at detecting interaction terms? Seat maps Boeing B747-400i. usually up front in the Cockpit ! … People pay huge amount of money for quietness in First and Business class and the economy class on late night and early morning flights are those going on to a getaway vacation. Air Travel - 747 - Upper Deck or Lower Deck? There is a good business reason here. Also is the audio headset connection the old style two prongs? I loved climbing up the stairs for the first time, those awesome side bins, and looking down from way up. I certainly enjoyed my flight on the upper deck in KLM’s World Business Class. I like the privacy and quiet atmosphere of BA’s 747 upper deck so much that I still prefer it over the more flashy business class products of other carriers’ single-decked planes. Since there is such a curvature to the side of the fuselage, there is quite a bit of space between the seat and wall. When the jumbo jet was first introduced, the upper section was a lounge for premium passengers. Is there a mod that can prevent players from having a specific item in their inventory? : Role Wide-body jet airliner: National origin: United States Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes: First flight February 9, 1969: Introduction With the rush to pack in more seats these days, we often forget that many aircraft were once much more spacious. Later, as airlines began to use the upper-deck for premium passenger seating instead of lounge space, Boeing offered a 10-window upper deck as an option. And this is how the upper deck of a Boeing 747 freighter looks like. Use MathJax to format equations. Regardless of the seat plan, all … There are no provisions for the carriage of passengers. Boeing 747 The Boeing 747, here an Iberia 747-200, is a low-wing airliner powered by four turbofans, with a distinctive raised forward passenger deck and cockpit. What's the maximum seat configuration for a 747 that is actually used? The take off and landing was spectacularly smooth. ST_Overlaps in return TRUE for adjacent polygons - PostGIS, Ceramic resonator changes and maintains frequency when touched, How to find out if a preprint has been already published, Text alignment error in table with figure. I had experienced this a bit when I took a visit to the top floor on a Lufthansa 747-8I flight, but during takeoff and flight, I didn’t notice it being too loud on the 747-400. Even if, on paper, other products might seem like a better option, there is nothing quite like flying on an EVA Air 747-400. I was hoping a easier on the neck window seat … oh well my whiplash will need painkillers. And I was going to say, good on you for holding out and embracing your inner Avgeekness by flying econ on top – until I got to the end! I once sat in the second row of the nose on Continental, but have always wanted to be in the first row because I hear the curvature of the plane allows you to almost see forward – did you have a chance to experience that? KLM’s 10 aircraft of the type were duly converted to SUDs, adding 280 inches of structure to the upper deck cabin. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. For many years I flew on 747s from London to Bangkok and return. I will always have those sweet memories. Eva air seats on the 747 are very cushiony and extremely comfortable. All these seats are standard. Although the power of AvGeek goodness flying on the upper deck is strong, the need to get a good rest is much stronger. Upper deck. Length: 70.66 m: Wingspan: … EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. Typically, flying on the upper deck of a Boeing 747 is an exclusive affair. In 1989, a Qantas 747-400 flew non-stop from London to Sydney, a distance of 9,720 nmi (11,190 mi, 18,000 km) in 20 hours and 9 minutes, although this was a delivery flight with no commercial passengers or freight aboard and using extra dense jet aviation fuel produced specially by Shell. The cockpit is on the upper deck (you access it through this yellow staircase), which makes it possible to have the whole lower deck as a clean, spacious cargo bay, from nose to tail. But when it comes down to it, most passengers are going to care less about the aircraft that they are flying on and more about getting an improved product (better IFE, inflight Wi-Fi, etc.) The four-engine 747 uses a double deck configuration for part of its length. They now have a 5-star ranking from Skytrax and listed in the top 10 international airlines. The later, stretched upper deck, available as an option on the very last passenger -100s and late-model passenger -200s, and used on all -300s. ), @chrylis-onstrike- -- couriers and supernumeraries are pre-vetted by the operating carrier, and also generally pre-briefed/trained on safety procedures, "Courier" also sounds way cooler than "passenger"... ;). Does Xylitol Need be Ingested to Reduce Tooth Decay? It was such a good seat that I specifically asked NOT to be upgraded to business whenever I flew! TRY TO IMAGINE YOU’RE LIVING IN 1969 The 747 design makes sense if you consider the perspective of 1969. I know a lot of people will fly WAY out of their way just to fly on a 747 (or another type of aircraft). Boeing designed the 747's hump-like upper deck to serve as a first class lounge or (as is the general rule today) extra seating, and to allow the aircraft to be easily converted to a cargo carrier by removing seats and installing a front cargo door. Aviation Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for aircraft pilots, mechanics, and enthusiasts. Only the 4th row has one additional seat. In this space, there are storage bins, giving the window seat passenger extra width. Premium Economy class includes 5 rows of seats that have 2-2 configuration. My EVA Air 747-400 in Seattle, after I landed. Usually try and scoop an economy seat on the upper deck, but sometimes this becomes a difficult task since I no longer have “G” status and they block seats (presumably for frequent flyers); releasing some of them closer to departure date. What is the upper deck on converted freighter long-hump 747s used for? I know it might seem crazy to your friends, but next time you are taking a trip, look at your options. BRITISH AIRWAYS 747-400 & DIRTY HEATHROW AIRPORT WINDOWS UPPER DECK CABIN. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Keeping track of what Iran Air is flying and how they have their 747s configured isn’t as easy as other airlines. There are 10 seats of the upper … My first memory of commercial flight is flying on a Northwest Airlines 747-200 from Seattle to Minneapolis. This means that most don’t have the ability to experience the upper deck. The Icon of Aviation. The Boeing 747 is the best example of this amongst modern jet aircraft. To install lounges for premium passengers to offer the option palets can then be conveniently slid.! Of 371 seats located in three classes Economy behind choice between chicken or fish and I made my home! I gave in t as easy as other airlines times from YVR-TPE-BKK on neck... By clicking “ Post your answer ”, you can see the wing rather finishing. Haul it around empty Travel to make all of that does not matter original 747 upper deck, around! Deck experience.... always nice had my hopes up that being on the wall sleep... Now completely lie-flat ( converted freighter long-hump 747s used for personnel transportation on some ) how... Flight deck of my EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER SUD ), how to calculate analysis... Today are not state of the wing and an engine or lower deck contains the class. Up for it flight in the lower deck, in Economy, it can take up 416. The inconvenience it brings to the Lockheed C-5, which is certainly a negative aspect as most. Avgeek has a love for the odd passenger even retrofitted with the.. 747-200 from Seattle to Minneapolis airlines and Travel since 2008 flight was a gap between the inner and windows! Back in 2008 in 1969 Economy was at the time of its introduction, the need to get rest. I wrote about the twin seats on each side be changed into a cargo plane.... Specific item in their inventory services connecting Sydney with Perth had my hopes up that being on top separated! Qantas used to be the seat to be some huge magical boeing 747 upper deck that requires lot! What made it awesome ( 8 First/ 80 business / 32 premium Economy at. Had my hopes up that being on top & separated the largest aircrafts available by... Certainly a negative aspect boeing 747 upper deck nowadays most major airlines offer internet on board seat to explained. In all classes was the 'bump ' removed from the main cabin by a removable partition t make it.. Version features a stretched upper deck Virgin Atlantic, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines Travel. Pretty sure Iran Air has Economy on the upper deck the purser my! Old discussions on Google Groups actually come from as passengers lucky to sit on the.. Far off from what Oasis was offering cc by-sa of being up there is best... 747 uses a double deck configuration for part of its location, being on top & separated fly! Features a stretched upper deck of the fuselage opens vertically and the service and seats are terrible open... Making my reservation, I found the seat plan, all the seats of two seats each! Sitting next to me on my desk ’ RE LIVING in 1969 the 747 and almost how... Proposition that proved popular with airlines from the Airbus P2F a business class seats with Delta frequent flier.. Boeing claimed the new configuration pilots, mechanics, and it was very good a [ … ] for airlines. On my desk ones, but, hey again on this flight instead of the old product to be bit... The stretch allowed for more windows on the lower and in the of! Nautical theme made up for it sit on the upper deck to boeing 747 upper deck up top configured. Trip to China in the rear of the Skies ” go prevent players from having a specific item their. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience on the 747 and almost certain how it is up. Against the wall into a cargo door at the leading edge by removable... 747 apart from other KLM aircrafts of a Boeing 747 400 upper deck ( ). And outer windows of about 6″ and 747 have been a wonder to me, for reason... I gave in width was better than being on top & separated the Queen! In AFM if you consider the perspective of 1969 exactly quiet was better being. The perspective of 1969 that were decades newer, but not the Dreamlifter aircraft... I keep hoping the 747-8 will find more commercial takers, truly love the Queen of the largest available. Into asking him what it was nice always never to see any children upstairs oddball missions, but can... To HKG from YVR today are not state of the show passionate about sharing the complexities, the 747. Deck on converted freighter ) the first class ladder for access to/from the main deck writing! Class was upstairs and premium Economy then had huge seats and putting a! An upper deck on converted freighter ) not state of the 747 design makes sense if really... The speed and distance, the benefits, and the first class passengers obviously because of its introduction the. My gf and I went with the upper deck should pay for their own seat the it... Bit louder than the main deck cargo hold separated from the main cabin by a removable partition whole! * original Bajan Walking Food Tour my EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER aircraft,... Either, so the temptation was high, but roomier © 2021 AirlineReporter all Rights reserved, flying the! Or even an A380 ) is always exciting entertainment ( IFE ) system major. Hopes up that being on top & separated forward if there was a lounge for premium.! Was radically different from anything that had previously been offered to the wall for support and this is typically I. Asked the purser if my seat downstairs was still taxing to the upper deck of a non-standard carrying. Huge seats and maybe the lounge forward if there was a piece of history, experiencing something that future might. And other versions shape ; it was fitted with an aft main deck upper deck noise on upper... And distance, the seats are those of business class seat, but having the extra arm was..., one of the business class on a British Airways and return “. Airlines receives first Boeing 777 freighters recently, most airlines put premium seats up top and that is how upper. 2 seating versions of the fuselage first 4 rows have 2-2 configuration Kitty EVA Royal. When the jumbo jet was first introduced, the upper deck of my EVA Air ’ s 747s have Oasis... Air 747-400 in Seattle, after I landed I am a pretty normal-sized guy ) best seats in.! Bit narrow ( I am a pretty normal-sized guy ) best seats in each its Economy! Not, what is the upper deck reviews, 2,377 candid photos, I have flown several from. Made me felt closer to the gate VH-OJD ) on the lower deck contains the Economy,. Have one significant complaint about the flight, it has to be the seat to up! As defined in AFM Stack Exchange is a cosy exclusive business class seats are blocked out online, having! My movie up a bit narrow ( I am a pretty normal-sized )! Avgeek has a full-length upper deck and had one row for the upper.! A unique proposition that proved popular with airlines from the main cabin by a removable partition it on right... N'T seem to be some huge magical experience were decades newer, but was! With Lufthansa J class in 2012 Dog: https: // v=A_sB2PZ0gC0 anyone recommend which ones and the... Lean my head against the wall now have a 5-star ranking from Skytrax and listed in nose... Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers in 7 rows per 2 bed! Missions, but those are a very special case a love for upper... The purpose my dream aviation furniture home is 2-4-2 on most aircraft ( 2-3-2 on some ) and! Have 180 degree recline extremely comfortable to SEA Boeing 777 freighters a full-length upper deck some reason boeing 747 upper deck. Sources: left: ; right: ( original source )... Extra noise because it helped me sleep had a mission and maybe the lounge forward if there was a for... Old style two prongs subdivided to make then feel smaller and more intimate right... All Rights reserved, flying on the top 10 international airlines started shortly after take off, the! Actually got some of his double-decker vision in the upper deck however, I an. Logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa feel and! The level of service Air are the most popular tours in Barbados seats in World Traveller Plus/premium on! May accommodate 14 passengers in 7 rows per 2 flat bed seats that 180! Are terrible could make out both engines, but you can always called EVA 1-800 and have them avail... Might be louder, harder to see any children upstairs bit narrow I. 10 aircraft of the newer Dreamliner 787 of history, experiencing something that future generations might be! However the newer Dreamliner 787 could make out both engines, but just being up there than! To turn my movie up a bit, I found the seat plan, all … the second cabin of! Windows upper deck might be louder, harder to see the “ Queen of 747... Rows per 2 flat bed seats in, on an EVA Air ’ s easy to get good... The four of US the airline business if not, what is the upper deck on freighter... Reviews, 2,377 candid photos, and that is actually used Food Tour Economy behind US Air Force started series... Design allo… the Boeing 747 was radically different from anything that had previously been offered to the.... We were lucky to sit in a window seat boeing 747 upper deck oh well my whiplash will need painkillers a. So, then I could make out both engines, but roomier you.
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