Originally posted by mtrainer90 View Post. Passenger airplane Airbus A321-200 is the further modification of the aircraft A320. Delta Air Lines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Details and Pictures.. On current fleet, Delta Air Lines operates 67 aircrafts Airbus A321-200, and there’s 74 on orders deliveries through 2021. The last N3xxyy registration was N398DN. LH-B744. The A321 is a three-class aircraft. Row 26: Before and After. Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles - The Official Delta A319/A320/A321 Cabin Mods Thread - Just about. A Delta Airbus A321 was taxiing to the runway at LaGuardia Airport for its flight to Atlanta when a passenger popped open a cabin door, triggering the emergency slide. He then deployed the slide exiting the plane with his service dog and a female companion. Delta Air Lines 767-400ER economy class San Diego to Atlanta 02. 2016-09-12, 23:26. Delta Comfort+.

01. Flying a Delta Airlines Airbus A321 soon? Delta Air Lines MD-88 economy class West Palm Beach to Atlanta 03. Delta Air Lines flight number DL462 was taxing in preparation for departure to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) Monday morning when a passenger got up and opened the cabin door. Delta has two configurations of the A321. Get the best seat possible with our Delta Airlines A321 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. Delta A321 cabin tour 2016-08-31, 14:41. Senior Member. Tags: a321, airbus, cabin, delta, tour. The configurations are nearly identical, with the exception of two additional seats on Version 2. The Delta A321 has an industry-first A321 cabin feature in the sculpted cabin geometry with high-capacity. Join Date: Dec 2008; Posts: 1401; Share Tweet #2. Delta Air Lines A321 economy class Altanta to San Diego Ok, let’s hurry up and get this over with. Delta Air Lines recently completed some adjustments to its Airbus A321 planes — improving seating options while creating more workspace for the cabin crew! As for why they went to N1xxyy instead of N4xxyy, that I don't know. Delta Air Lines placed more orders on Airbus A321-200 to replacing McDonnell Douglas MD-88, MD-90 and older Boeing 757-200.. Similar to the Boeing Sky Interior, the Delta A321 features high-capacity storage bins, LED lighting, in-flight entertainment, 110v plugs, along with Wifi and Delta Studio. First Class DL did reserve N399DU, but didn't use it for whatever reason. One configuration accommodates 189 passengers, and one that accommodates 191 passengers. Delta One seats are all flat-bed and are offered on a variety of aircraft types, including 757s … Take a tour of one of the brand new Delta Airbus A321 cabins . The first 6 rows in the economy cabin on Delta’s A321’s ‘s have 3-4 inches of extra legroom, making up the “Comfort+” section. Delta One is Delta’s highest cabin of service on long-haul or premium flights. But the changes were so low profile even SeatGuru or Delta.com don’t seem to fully know about them yet! The seats are otherwise the same as Main Cabin and the food and beverage service, now limited due to COVID, is also the same.