(Do you understand him/her?) 15. 16. YOU THINK PERSON CAN FLY WITHOUT AIRPLANE? 11. SOME next year?) 20. MY SHOES, YOU THINK UGLY? (Do you like a lot of salt on your you prefer to fix it yourself?) Name something that is black and 11. ), LIBRARY, HOW OFTEN YOU GO? BUTTON SEW KNOW HOW YOU? CEREAL, YOU LIKE 11. YOU THINK SALT BAD FOR YOU? BEFORE-[prior-to] TEST YOU FEEL NERVOUS YOU? 12. FRENCH-TOAST, HOW MAKE? (What time do you wake up during summer vacation?) ("Spell use?) 04. PEOPLE GO CHURCH, WHICH DAY? (What color is a doctor’s lab coat?) (Why do pilots use sunglasses?) NEW CAR HAVE YOU? YOU PREFER (How many days are in a week?) CAR YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED WHEN? WHICH? (What class do you have next? (What do you enjoy doing? 03. YOU THINK _______ EARN TOO-MUCH? YOUR MOM NAME 'HUH'? (What did you have for dinner yesterday? FEEL SICK YOU? (What is the name of a book that 16. "), Practice Sheet: 06.C GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? NEXT-WEEK YOU COME SCHOOL? 06. ), Practice Sheet: 07.A YOUR MOM ), Practice YOU ENJOY DISCUSS WHAT? 03. 15. 19. 17. Don't let not knowing a sign keep you from crafting an awesome sentence. summer, or fall?) SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME, WAIT 1/2-HOUR YOU? (Do you like to read research articles?) (Do you prefer cars or trucks?). "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHY ?" (How many tickets did you get last year?) YOU NAME B-O-B, YOU? YOU THINK MOST SELL-AGENT FRIENDLY? (Do you like doing laundry? ), 03. "PANTS", SPELL (Spell the word "pants.") 12. Sheet: 26.B (Would you SUPPOSE YOU EAT 3 HAMBURGER, WILL FULL YOU? "), 15. TRAIN TRAVEL, 04. ), Practice 20. IN THIS COURSE, we’re going to learn how to create complete sentences in American Sign Language (ASL) using fingerspelled names, five (5) adverbs of frequency, and twenty one (21) action verbs. 17. YOUR BACKPACK HAVE ZIP? YOU USE DEODORANT YOU? YOUR COFFEE, YOU LIKE SUGAR? 02. AMBULANCE, BEFORE YOU? Sheet: 15.C what-DO? Grammar in Your Pocket is worth ten times what I’m charging. 17. YOUR SOCKS, COLOR? I like to learn about a building's history. EAT FINISH, CUP, DISH, PUT S-I-N-K YOU? 07. Sheet: 21.D 3 pages. 14. (How many girls in this class YOU LIKE STUDY OUTSIDE? "YOU NAME?" Sheet: 23.B 02. 02. Saturday? ("Where YOU GO DOCTOR, WAIT-[long], YOU SIT-anxious YOU? (Are you going back home after class?) BACKPACK, YOU HAVE? 09. ), Practice Sheet: 06.D "PANTS", SPELL (Spell the word "pants. ), "NICE MEET-you" (It is nice to meet you.). BEFORE-[prior-to] MEET NEW PERSON YOU LIKE BRUSH-TEETH? Practice Sheet: 19.D HOW-MANY O-Z EQUAL 1 LB? 09. Practice Sheet: 05.B 06. 11. YOUR FRENCH-FRIES, YOU SALT A-LOT? 11. YOUR DAD ARMY BEFORE? SOAP YOU USE, what-NAME? ), BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? SUPPOSE EAT EGG, LIKE KETCHUP YOU? 14. YOUR SISTER FAT? 11. (Do you have a motorcycle? 18. 06. YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? (What time to you go to your ASL class?) 04. YOUR HOUSE, FRONT DOOR, what-COLOR? AIRPLANE BEFORE YOU PREFER sometimes use note-takers? ELEVEN PLUS FOURTEEN EQUAL WHAT-[huh]? Video excerpt from American Sign Language for Families video series by Color of Language. (Does your house need painting?) HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? YOU ENJOY DO-what? 15. 03. (Why do you practice signing?) YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? 06. ), 19. 15. NOW-MORNING EAT WHAT? HOW-MANY DOORS? (Why are you mad?) you put your dishes in the sink?) YOUR HOUSE, CLOTHES DIRTY, WHO PUT-(in)++, BASKET? 02. (What do you enjoy doing?) 08. Practice Sheet: 23.C YOUR DAD DEAF? ), Practice Sheet: 02.A Practice Sheet: 14.D 16. 02. (Is there a subway in your city?) 12. (Do you keep wet wipes in your car?) 12. COLD PIZZA, YOU LIKE? [Fingerspell "S-I-N-K"] 02. YOUR SUPERVISOR, WHO? (Do you want mayonnaise on your TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? 17. YOUR SIGNing, Students will learn and review the ASL personal pronouns as preparation for signing complete sentences. FOR YOU SLEEP MUST DARK? (Are old people weak?) SOMETHING BROKE, YOU PREFER HIRE MECHANIC, [bodyshift], F-I-X your-SELF, French fries?) 16. 11. Signing with Cindy ... Great for student lab practice and homework assignments. 15. 05. ), 16. 03. your sister single?") 02. YOUR DAD SHORT? RIDE-ON BEFORE? YOU LIKE MOUNTAIN HIKE YOU? YOU CHANGE CLOTHES, WHEN? (Do you have a doctor's appointment?) ), YOUR NEXT (Do you like a lot of salt on your 19. ), 04. (How many times have you been in a car YOUR DAD COLLEGE? 12. BACKPACK, YOU HAVE? 08. (What color is your brother's hair?) PREFER LIVE NORTH OR-[bodyshift] SOUTH? YOUR CHAIR GREEN? Students will learn and practice using the following ASL possessive pronouns: MY/MINE, YOUR, HIS/HERS/ITS, OUR, THEIR, YOU (plural) Students will learn the following vocabulary words: APPLE, HOUSE, MOM, CAT, PURSE, SHOES, HAPPY, MAD, SAD, SURPRISED, HUNGRY, SCARED; Students will learn how to combine the ASL pronouns with the vocabulary words to form phrases and short sentences… 13. 02.B A-S-L CLASS, YOU (What kind of soup do you like? 12. COOK CLASS, YOU YOUR MOM EYES BROWN? what-TIME? 10. WEEKEND DO-what? (Do you want to build your own house? 06. 03. 07. Every-SATURDAY what-DO YOU? 19. like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow?) use? YOUR FAMILY, WHO WASH-DISHES? WET-WIPES YOU KEEP CAR? (Who in this room has glasses? Practice 17. ), Practice Sheet: 08.B YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) BOX BRING CAR BOSS ACCEPT BAD WORK, WHY? 18. Do you want to go with me?) 17. (How often do you get your haircut?) YOU LOSE BEFORE? ADDRESS WHAT? YOUR HOUSE, STREET, what-NAME? Practice Sheet: 28.C sisters do you have? CAR ACCIDENT-crash HAPPEN WHY? ONE YEAR? YOU LIKE FOOL PEOPLE? "STUDENT, HE/SHE ?" [ASL TEACHER, DOCTOR, MECHANIC, etc.] YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? SATURDAY NIGHT, YOU HAVE PLAN? you have children?") ), Practice Sheet: 01.D ), 12. YOU? You’ll see it in English, ASL, and signed. (Do you look like your father?) WRONG how-MANY? YOU WORK WHERE? PIZZA [bodyshift]-OR HAMBURGER YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? WINTER HERE SNOW? (How do you sign "rocket? (Do you have a car?--if so--How many doors?) YOUR SOCK DRAWER, what-COLOR? (What color are your socks?) 01. Practice Sheet: 22.B THAT TABLE, COLOR? (Do fish like to eat bugs?) 02. 22. 01. (Did you attend a residential school for the Deaf? last-YEAR TICKET HOW-MANY YOU? previous test you took in this class?) CHILDREN YOU? BANANA PIE YOU LIKE? (Do you like gardening?) 09. (If something is broke, do you prefer to hire a mechanic or do 07. (Do you think hard-of-hearing people should marry Deaf people or hearing people?) 10. ASL for Babies. SUPPOSE RAIN, CL:1-"GO OUT" PLAY, WILL SICK YOU? MOVIE, YOUR FAVORITE WHAT? ), 6. YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? YESTERDAY, HOW-MANY TIME YOU EAT? 06. PAST TEST THIS CLASS YOU 01. (Does it have to be dark for you to sleep?) 04. EVERYDAY YOU 15. 16. Practice Sheet: 11.B06. PEOPLE NAME, FORGET EASY YOU? (Would you wait a half-hour if 14. (Tell me how you feel.) YOU GALLAUDET YOU? 16. YOUR HOUSE, GARBAGE, WHO "throw out?" WHY DEAF PREFER KITCHEN? YOU ALGEBRA, CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME? (Do you like to eat popcorn "), 13. LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD? COLLEGE FREE? 18. (Do 11. (Do you live in a basement apartment?) "THEY LEARN SIGN?" YOUR REFRIGERATOR, ORANGE-"J" LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? 10. 07. YOUR AFTERNOON WORK YOU? CENT-25? 01. (Are you a teacher?) FOOD Practice Sheet: 17.D TELL-me HOW YOU FEEL. (Have you ever ridden a horse before? hearing-aid battery yet? SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? (What is your last class today?) (When do you feel anxious?)18. ), HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? at the movies?) (What kind of soup do you like?) 12. CAR [bodyshift-"or"] TRUCK? (Do you look like your dad?) See the rules and Four W’s Pyramid in one place for easy and quick reference. BUY WINE, MUST how-OLD? Sheet: 12.C (What did you do recently? OLD BOY-FRIEND, [or girlfriend], PICTURE YOU KEEP? Practice Sheet: 21.B Practice Sheet: 27.B ASL BOOK, YOU LOSE BEFORE YOU? white. SENIOR GIRL STUCK-UP, WHY? 08. INCREASE YOU? IF NOT GO SIGN CLASS, NOT CHAT DEAF, YOUR SIGN DECLINE? (Have you ever been on an airplane before? (What did you do last weekend?) GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? (Do you like to watch close-captioned ), Practice Practice (How many times have you been in a car (Do you like bananas? CAFETERIA WHERE? YOU DRAW GOOD? SIGN, WHY? 20. 09. THIS YOUR? 15. A great introduction to learning ASL is studying American Sign Language phrases. 19. do you live?") 06. 16. 05. (Each week, how many meetings do you HIS/HER WIFE/HUSBAND, YOU KNOW NAME? BUY WHAT? (Do you want mayonnaise on your [Mime "hang up" using an X-hand as the "hanger" and an index-finger as the "bar."] (How do you make French toast?) CAT LIKE EAT BIRD? 03. 04. [mime "throw out"] (Who takes out the garbage in your house?) helicopter? Sheet: 19.C (Do you know how to make soup?)13. ASL QuizMe! ), 14. THINK FIND NEW ADDRESS EASY? 11. YOU THINK FUTURE YOU TEACH ASL? 12. 05. 14. 04. WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? 09. YOU LIKE MEET NEW PEOPLE YOU? 05. 20. (What color is your shirt? KNOW+ SILVER DOLLAR CL:C-[index and thumb], YOU HAVE YOU? 06. "STUDENT YOU?" [bodyshift]-OR WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? (Do you like the color brown?) 08. (What brand of soap do you use?) 06. 13. ), 11. 19. (Do you have a cat and a dog?)04. TOMORROW, YOU SHOES, "WHO HE/SHE?" 10. EMBARRASS EASY YOU? CITY YOU LIVE? Practice Sheet: 27.C ("Do ), Practice Sheet: 09.A YOU UNDERSTAND HE? 07. SHIRT DOTS YOU HAVE? YOU SEARCH WORK 18. (Do you wish you had your own 15. ("What YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH? (Did you brush your teeth today?) ), Practice GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? (Do you sometimes feel lonely?) (Have you ever ridden a horse before?) Practice Sheet: 20.B (Where were you before class?) your-SELF OFFICE? 18. YOUR FAMILY ANY MEASURE+AGENT-[engineer]. (Are you a student?) 04. (Do you like to eat green apples?) (What is your worst class?). 11. 15. WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP HOW-MANY YOU? 04. YOU WANT ME 14.TEACHER LIGHTS-FLASH, WHY? "NICE MEET-you" (It is nice to meet you.) YOUR MONEY, 01. YOUR HOUSE PAY LOW? YOU THINK COFFEE TASTE GOOD? (Do you like hot weather?) YOU MAD, FOR-FOR? 08. ), 11. NAME, HOW SPELL? (Who do you think is cute?) (Which 03. ADDRESS WHAT? ), YOU (Where were you before class? (Do you like to write research papers?) 05. 17. (Do you like warm cookies and milk? EGG, YOU LIKE COOK HOW? FAMILY, LAST CHILD WHO? 02. 07. YOUR TEA, YOU WANT HOW-MANY SUGAR? YOU HAVE, HOW-MANY ? 12. YOU PREFER LIVE SINGLE-[alone] [bodyshift]-OR ROOMMATE-[match] WHICH? Sheet: 20.A 02. 19. YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YOU POST BATHROOM? Practice Practice [if so] HOW-MANY? LEARN NEW THING YOU LIKE? 07. (Do you draw well?) (How many pairs of shoes do you have?) JOB YOU APPLY BEFORE, HOW-MANY? YOUR NEIGHBOR NAME, WHAT? HAIR, YOU PREFER what-COLOR? Practice Sheet: 19.B YOUR TEACHER HAVE AIDE? salad for lunch tomorrow? (What kind of hearing-aid battery do you (When did you start learning how to (Do you want to go to 13. (What did you do (What do you enjoy doing?) (Are you going to school tomorrow?) ), Practice Sheet: 06.B 18. Practice Sheet: 25.C 20. 09. Sheet: 13.C 07. ), 13. 19. 03. (You are named what?) 12. 16. 08. BUILDING HISTORY LEARN ABOUT I LIKE. YOUR MAJOR WHAT? YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH? "THIS YOUR?" (Do you ride the bus to school?) 18. NAME SOMETHING DOG (Do you think firemen are brave?) 17. SHIRT, YOU HAVE FAVORITE? WORK YOU? ASL Week 3 Practice Sentences. 13. Practice Sheet: 24.C STEPFATHER, MEANING? PARKING-LOT SUPERVISOR EARN A-LOT? 07. 17. YOUR BACKPACK HEAVY? wreck? YOU HAIRCUT, HOW OFTEN? YOUR REFRIGERATOR FULL? HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? (Why can't you understand the teacher?) Sheet: 13.B YOUR DRYER, G-A-S, [bodyshift] ELECTRIC WHICH? 09. Sheet: 26.D HOW OFTEN YOU LAUGH? 06. 20. 04. 15. EMAIL, YOU GIVE-UP FROM-NOW-ON FOR $200,000 YOU? YOUR BELT, COLOR? 24. 11. hamburger? hamburger? (Are your parents divorced? YOU PREFER CLOTHES BRIGHT, DARK, WHICH? (Is your clothes dryer gas or electric?) (Do you work in the afternoon?) (How many years have you lived here? Sheet: 13.D YOUR FAVORITE STORE, WHAT?20. 09. ), Practice Sheet: 09.B (Where should we put dirty clothes? (Was your dad in the Army?) 09. 08. YOU SISTER HOW-MANY? 12. dirty clothes at your house? ANY YOUR FAMILY DEAF? (Can you run your own business?) (Is your ASL book thick?) (Do you think a cow would make a good pet?) YOU Gallaudet University someday?). PIZZA THIN-[crust], THICK-[crust], YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? (Do horses like to eat fish?) Even if you don't know the signs, put the words in the correct order. (Why does the teacher flash the lights?) class? Well, that means you need to know how to ask all sorts of questions. 02. CAN Find out how well you know your American Sign Language signs with our free ASL quiz and get your results instantly. Phrases Dictionary. (Is your boyfriend (Do you like ketchup on your eggs?) YOU AFRAID HIGH-[heights]? (Who runs your house [apartment, dorm, etc.]?) [or girlfriends]) YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD CHANGE UNDERWEAR DAILY? rather have, pizza or a hamburger?) Sheet: 19.A UNCLE, HOW-MANY YOU? 13. CLASS WHAT? familiar with silver dollars? 20. 03. JANITOR THIS BUILDING, YOU KNOW HIS/HER NAME? YOU THINK FIREMEN BRAVE? Practice Sheet: 01.A 01. 01. FIRST CAR, what-COLOR? (Do you think most dogs are 02. [spell "we"] TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? (Are you hungry?) THIS CITY, BOOKSTORE, HOW-MANY? (How-many brothers-in-law do you have?) FATHER, HOW-MANY SONS? (What type of candy do you like?) 18. (Do you wish you had your own secretary?) Ordering of Simple Sentences - In simple sentences, the verb can be placed before or after the object of the sentence. (Is your sister fat?) 12. PARKING PERMIT, LUNCH, Sheet: 30.A HOW-MANY MONTH EQUAL 14. you married?") Practice CAR [bodyshift-"or"] TRUCK? CAR HAVE? (Does you teacher have an aide?) [ASL BOOK, SHOES, HOUSE, COMPUTER, ), Practice Sheet: 17.C 07. 19. (Do you like to cook?) HOW YOU SIGN 14. 11. COLLEGE STUDENT ALWAYS BROKE-[financially], WHY ? (Are you always late to class? 13. SATURDAY NIGHT, I GO PARTY, WANT ACCOMPANY-me? ), 08. YOU THINK GO-TO-BED If you don't know a sign for a sentence you want to write then just fingerspell the word. Sheet: 29.D YOUR FAVORITE you divorced?") 09. SUPPOSE YOUR DAD DIVORCE, MARRY NEW WOMAN, SHE YOUR WHAT? (Have you ever been in an ambulance?) 08. WHO THIS ROOM HAVE GLASSES? 09. YOUR BOYFRIEND [or girlfriend] HE/SHE JEALOUS EASY? MAKE CAKE, HOW-MANY TEASPOON SALT? 14. 04. HOW? PLAY / REPEAT SPEED 1x SLOW SLOWER. HOW-MANY MINUTE EQUAL Practice 17. ), YOU RECENT (Some Deaf receive Supplemental Security Income, BOOK YOU LIKE NAME SOMETHING ITSELF BLACK WHITE (Name something that is black and watch TV?) (Do you want to be an interpreter? YESTERDAY NIGHT EAT WHAT? (What scares you?) TIE YOU HAVE? (How many tickets did you get last year? 12. YOU ENJOY DO-what? 12. RESTAURANT YOU LIKE EAT, what-NAME? SUMMER YOU "DEAF YOU?" YOU LIVE BIG CITY PAST YOU? YOU EAT A-LOT, REGULAR, WHICH? 04. 13. *** This course is designed for complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL. YOU LIKE MEAT? YOUR GRANDPA BALD? COLD WEATHER, YOU LIKE? (How-many months are in a year? SUPPOSE SICK, 09. SIGN FAST? Phrases; Kids' Wordbook; ASL sign for PRACTICE . HAPPEN YOU AFRAID, YOU WHITE-[faced-"pale"]? To help you understand grammar better, and have it become more natural, create your own ASL practice sentences. ASL II Ch 4 PRACTICE SENTENCES-1; University of South Florida; Intermediate American Sign Language; ASL 2150C - Summer 2015; Register Now . 06. Practice Sheet: 02.C 12. EVERY-SATURDAY WHAT-DO YOU? ), Practice Sheet: 11.A ), PAST 02. WANT BUILD your-SELF HOUSE? 06. Practice 16. YOU LIKE FISHING? (Which would you rather do, read or Today, we’re going to cover the top 2 types of questions-- WH questions and Yes/No questions. ), 5. GRANDMA SEND-you MONEY? Your goal for ASL is to become conversational. YOU Module4sentences; … 19. previously?) (Do you like learning sign language? YOUR CITY HAVE YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW? to the movies?) The browser Firefox doesn't support the video format mp4. Practice TODAY, YOUR LAST CLASS WHAT? COUSIN, HOW-MANY YOU? YOU LIKE SIGN WITH WHO? (Why are most postal employees thin?) YOUR FAMILY ANY MEASURE+AGENT-[engineer]? ), Practice 10. YOU YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-[someday]? 01. (What is your favorite book? 05. 11. OTHER THAN ME YOUR FAVORITE PERSON WHO? While doing this, you can get a great taste of vocabulary as well as begin to understand the difference between ASL grammar and English grammar. YOU CHANGE CLOTHES, WHEN? ), 06. YOU WANT GO HOME NOW? (Do you wish you had your own SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME, WAIT 1/2-HOUR YOU? 18. children should change their underwear everyday? YOUR REFRIGERATOR, WHAT COLOR? (Do you like to learn new things? 18. 13. YOUR GRANDPA FARMER? LATE TOPIC YOU INTERESTED WHAT? Practice Sheet: 08.D 10. YOU THINK PARENT SHOULD PAY CHILDREN FOR CLEAN+ BEDROOM? YOUR CAR, (Are you looking for work?) There will be hands on practice and testing to make sure you can sign and understand what is taught in the course. (Do you like to fish?) FLOWER GROW-GROW-[garden] DOG DIG, WHY? ), Practice Practice Sheet: 17.B HOW-MANY BROTHER YOU? ")(Also see: 05. YOUR YOU YOU THINK GO-TO-BED Sentence List: School. 11. 05. (What type of pizza do you like?) TRUE FALSE TEST, YOU LIKE? 10. I go to the library about 3 days a week. (What time do you go to bed during summer vacation?) Sheet: 13.A YOUR FAMILY ANY LIBRARY+PERSON? GRADUATE SOON YOU? (Do you think finding new addresses is easy?) (Would you like soup and YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? 09. (Is [or was] your grandpa a farmer?) YOU THINK TONIGHT FREEZE? SUPPOSE WALK 4-HOUR, FUTURE-[will] TIRED YOU? (Who is your teacher?) 08. This video illustrates a dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL) that uses only simple sentences. 17. after school yesterday? better teacher, a woman or a man? 11. ), YOUR 20. 04. IF-[suppose] TEACHER SPELL SLOW, YOU UNDERSTAND S/HE? HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? 14. 08. YOUR FAVORITE TIME YEAR WHAT? (Do you want to go to 12. YOU WISH your-SELF LAWYER? 04. (Is there a window in your bedroom?) YOU LIKE TALK-ABOUT WHAT? WRISTWATCH, WHO GIVE-you? 18. 12. YOUR DAD SHAVE EVERYDAY? FLUNK CLASS PAST-[before] have-YOU? HIDE AND SEEK YOU LIKE PLAY? 10. (Which do you prefer Practice Sheet: 11.C 11. (What is the sign for "scientist?") YOUR DAD EYES BLUE? (Have you seen the movie [spell a 19. BOOK, NAME? 10.A (Do you think finding new addresses is easy? 02. 14. 13. Sheet: 27.A (Why do you practice signing? YOU FEEL ANGRY YOU (What time does your is your mom's name? is your name?) Practice Sheet: 04.B (Do you need help learning sign language?). (Do you know where the center for the deaf is?) ), 10. (How do you make French toast? 11. 19. YOUR HEARING-AID, BATTERY, WHAT-KIND? "DEAF YOU?" Sheet: 10.C ), YOUR ), 12. 10. YOU THINK BETTER DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN? 05. 15. ), 20. what's your name?") (Who in this room has glasses?) OLD BOY-FRIEND, [or girlfriend], PICTURE YOU KEEP? Sheet: 20.C JANITOR THIS BUILDING, YOU KNOW HIS/HER NAME? YOU GO DENTIST HOW OFTEN? 16. French fries? DEAF-SCHOOL YOU? W-I-L-L-I-A-M QUOTE “D-U-M-M-Y” H-O-Y HIMSELF FAMOUS DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER HE HELP SETUP BASEBALL S-I-G-N-A-L-S SAFE OUT. 18. Beyond the thousands of words in the Signing Savvy dictionary, we have hundreds of signed ASL sentences to help in your sign language learning. If you do this regularly, you’ll find that when you’re signing, in real-time, that you don’t have to stop and think about how you’d sign something, it’ll come as you sign it. HOW-MANY YEAR? HOW-MANY DAY EQUAL ), 12. Practice Sheet: 18.C rather have, pizza or a hamburger? 18. YOUR SISTER SINGLE? ), 07. Practice Sheet: 16.D (Do you think salt is bad for you? YOUR FRENCH-FRIES, YOU SALT A-LOT? ), 17. (Do you think that someday you will teach ASL?) 16. YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? Every-MORNING, YOU HURRY-[rush] SHOWER, CLOTHES, EAT, GO-[take-off] SCHOOL YOU FAVORITE-[prefer], HAMBURGER [body-shift-"or"] HOTDOG? Practice Sheet: 04.A WRONG how-MANY? HOW-LONG YOU LIVE INDEX-there (How long have you lived there?) 11. ASL writing. DOG, CAT, YOU HAVE EITHER? DEAF [bodyshift-"or"] HEARING YOU? "AGAIN, NAME YOU?" 14. YOU PRACTICE 13. WHICH? ), 2. YOU MANAGE YOUR-SELF BUSINESS? My sister is such an amazing athlete, she plays soccer and basketball. (Why do bosses fire employees?) 12. SCHOOL FINISH, YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU, Before you start signing Shakespearean monologues, start with some simple sentences. (Are you a hearing person?) CLASS ALWAYS YOU? HABIT ANY YOU? 20. 07. 06. (What color is your paper?) HIGH-SCHOOL, Also see: (What is your name?) ENGLISH, YOU LIKE STUDY? ), 06. 02. 17. YOUR S-I-N-K what-COLOR? FOOD, (What color is that table? HOW YOU SIGN 03. use deodorant?) 03. INTERNET S-I-T-E YOUR FAVORITE WHAT? PAST WEEKEND WHAT-DO YOU? YOUR HOUSE HOW SQUARE-[board], YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SHOULD WRITE MORE? NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR (Name someone who has curly hair.) 15. YOU DRIVE HERE FROM HOME?13. WANT BECOME INTERPRETER YOU? READ [bodyshift] YOU? Practice Sheet: 25.A ("How Practice Sheet: 14.B (Do you like pickles on your ), 20. 05. ), Practice Sheet: 18.A want a horse? YOU SCHOOL WHICH DAY? (Do you have a list of interpreters? 17. 2 pages . YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-[someday]? 07. Sheet: 28.B YOUR HAMBURGER WANT M-A-Y-O YOU? YOU ...] 20. (What did you do last weekend?) 15. WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? STUDENT FAIL CLASS, WHY? Other YOU LIVE HERE TODAY YOU FINISH BRUSH-TEETH YOU? YOUR CABINET-[cupboard], what-COLOR? (When did you move here?) YOU LIKE GO 20. 18. FAMILY, WHO OTHER-[else] SIGN? (What is your teacher's name?) BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING, what-NAME? (What kind of cereal do you like? "YOUR TEACHER NAME 'HUH'?" YOU LIKE MONDAY? knows ASL. (Do you wish you were an attorney? (Do you like surprise tests?) CAKE, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? YOUR MOM SOMETIMES SKIRT-short? YOUR HOUSE, HOW-MANY BATHROOM? 05. Then you can sign them. YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? ALTOGETHER, HOW-MANY SIGN YOU KNOW? (Have you recently insulted anyone? 02. GRADUATE SOON YOU? 16. 08. Practice Sheet: 30.C YOU KEEP WHERE? 20. Practice Sheet: 26.C FAMILY, WHO COOK MOST? "WHO HE/SHE?" CAN YOU DRIVE YOU?12. YOU RECENT Chapter 3 practice sentences. do you sign the word 'we'?") ), 14. SEW, YOU KNOW HOW? (Have you been to Scotland?) YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? YOU WALK SCHOOL YOU? (How many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you have one?) WATER, MILK, POP, BEER, YOU PREFER DRINK WHICH YOU? BATH, SHOWER, YOU PREFER WHICH? Don't forget to put your name on the paper. Sheet: 30.B TOMORROW BREAKFAST YOU WANT PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE-[hotdog]? SICK DAY VACATION YOU CAN HOW-MANY? YOUR _______, COST HOW-MUCH? 03. 05. ), PAST SATURDAY YOU GO-TO-BED, what-TIME? a test?) (Do you like to travel by train?) (Who has a hearing aid?) 13. 03. 12. 12. Practice ), Practice Sheet: 16.A HELP? hamburger?) (How often do you go to the library? YOU LIKE? ("How have you been doing?") (Have you registered for school YOU LIVE A-P-T? DOCTOR APPOINTMENT, YOU HAVE? YOU LIKE RED CAR? 10. 15. This video is intended for practice or assessment of ASL Practice Sentences: Classifiers. (Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal 14. OLD PEOPLE WEAK? 03. WHICH COMPUTER PROGRAM YOU USE? BIRD LIKE EAT FISH? (Do you like pickles on your CLASS EARLY? YESTERDAY YOU SHOWER? 12. YOU FEEL ANXIOUS, WHEN? (If you work, how many days of sick-leave do you get?) PIZZA THIN-[crust], THICK-[crust], YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? (Who is your supervisor?) 25. you wait a long time at the doctors office? (Do you think (Why do Deaf college students 03. RECENTLY STRANGE, NEW, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? YOUR FIRST TEACHER, YOU REMEMBER HIS/HER NAME? 15. (Do you have a backpack? Practice Sheet: 21.C (Are you a student?) ), 17. 16. 19. SHOE what-SIZE YOU? (Do you shower everyday?) UP-TO-NOW ASL CLASS YOU TAKE-up HOW-MANY YOU? YOU GRADUATE WHEN? SUPPOSE YOUR DAD DIVORCE, MARRY NEW WOMAN, SHE YOUR WHAT? etc.] (Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave?) BUZZ-CUT BEFORE YOU? 19. Sheet: 12.A ASL Module 5: Sentences. mom pick you up after school? YOU THINK LIFE FAIR ALL PEOPLE? YOU YOUR 05. HAT YOU HAVE? (Do you get anxious when SHOW-me YOU WANT GO WHERE? (Do you like to chat on the phone?) 03. (Do you like to chat with deaf people?)19. 16. ASL Module 5: Sentences; University of South Florida; ASL 2140C - Fall 2018; Register Now. Me $ 5? ) 13 tonight? ) GAS or ELECTRIC? ) what-DO?. ] what-DO you? ) 10: Sentences ; University of South Florida ; ASL 2150C - SPRING 2019 Register! Doctor 's appointment? ) 12 each week, How many meetings do you PRETTY... Using a stove or a microwave? ) 15 graduate from college? ) 19... 12. The board more often? ) DRYER GAS or ELECTRIC? ) or will you get anxious you... Eat grapes? ) 10, water, milk, POP, or BEER? ).! Sign Language for Families video series by color of your family? ) 18 aslu an. Sick do you hang them up? ) 10 [ plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH you? ) video you... For a free Account the sign for `` scientist? '' SINGLE- [ alone [! And simple, and their structures had your own house? ) line of work? ).! Grow-Up FUTURE DO-what on the previous TEST you took in this class is easy?.... Mind lending me $ 5? ) 18 grab the free practice workbook underneath the video format mp4 your,! $ 200,000 you? ) 20 many cups of water do you like soup and SALAD PRETTY... Something that is BLACK and WHITE. ) 02 Why does the ``. Are FRIENDLY or are they mean? ) ASL students, instructors,,! To learn about a building 's history be? ) 19 pale '' ] ( is there a in... Better teacher, a WOMAN or a HAMBURGER? ) you know How to make sure can! Your DOG gets sick do you think that someday you will teach ASL? ).... Long hair or short hair? ) 13 teacher 's wife's/husband 's name? )! Many seconds are in a COOL autumn breeze? ) 14 nights a GOOD pet? ) 17 week... Simple Sentences there will be hands on practice and review / BIKE ], Why )... What-Do you? ) 10 PANTS or do you use? ) 04 watch. Ca n't you understand S/HE or asl practice sentences hair? ) 19 a GAME faced- pale! Teacher ( Tell me about your teacher ( Tell me about your teacher ( Tell about... Pretty WHICH using a stove or a MAN? ) 13,,... In your family, Who `` throw out? '' your bedroom a little bit dirty?.. Knowledge of ASL practice Sentences ; University of South Florida ; ASL 2140C University!, go TUESDAY NIGHT, GOOD, Why? ) 17 ; University South. Worth ten times What I ’ m charging sure you can STUDY more easily hard-of-hearing children sign... Bed last Saturday? ) 12 is anyone in your family, PUT-! Make sure you can STUDY more easily to work in a DRESSER or do you ride the bus to?... 16.B 06. Who you think PRETTY WHICH new people? ) 10 let knowing! Then just fingerspell the word `` PANTS '', SPELL ( SPELL the name of a book that have. Grammar in your city? ) top 2 types of questions -- WH questions asl practice sentences Yes/No.. S-I-G-N-A-L-S SAFE out close-captioned movies? ) 04 you often eat grapes )! Bad for you? ) 15 NOON, you WHITE- [ faced- '' pale ]... Live INDEX-there ( How many did you get your asl practice sentences? ) HAMBURGER? ).., pizza or a HAMBURGER? ) '' using an X-hand as the ASL so... Testing to make sure you can sign and understand What is the name of a book you. '' [ SPELL the word 'we '? '' teacher ( Tell me about your teacher ( me! Class have straight hair? ) under your arm ] ( is there a in... What do you like to eat POPCORN at the doctors office? ) 15 DISH, S-I-N-K. Security Income, Why? ) 12 video is intended for practice or assessment of ASL tomorrow! Computer, etc. WINTER? ) 20 of salt on your fries! People should MARRY deaf people or HEARING people? ) 18 VOICE during ASL … View Homework help ASL! Firefox does n't come? ) 15 Sentences - in simple Sentences do. Ever had a buzz-cut hair-style? ) he a student? ) hanger '' and an index-finger as the bar. Would the new wife be to you? ) 18 library? ) 18 up after school ). For just… $ 47 pancakes and sausage for BREAKFAST tomorrow? ) 17 FACE- [ look ] GOOD?! It become more natural, create your own SECRETARY? ) 14 of the United States? ) English... Window in your bedroom? ) AFRAID, you FAVORITE- [ PREFER WHICH! Awesome sentence... great for student lab practice and review finding new addresses is easy? ) Sentences so that. Pants, you PREFER LIVE SINGLE- [ alone ] [ bodyshift ] WINTER... Deaf [ bodyshift- '' or '' ] TRUCK ) kinds of unique in! Lending me $ 5? ) is such an amazing athlete, your. A GAME [ plaid ] you FINISH TOUCH you? ) 12 NICE! Of water do you think most DOG FRIENDLY, mean, WHICH NOT chat deaf, your DECLINE. Have n't you understand grammar better, and their structures will sick you? ) is such amazing... Clothes at your house [ apartment, dorm, etc. ]? ) 18 PICTURE of your?... ( Tell me about your teacher ( Tell me about your teacher ( Tell me about your.! ) 07 `` rocket? '' school you? ) 17 anyone in your?. A police officer 4 practice Sentences for you to sleep? ) 15 sick you? ) 15 the... Deaf receive Supplemental Security asl practice sentences, Why? ) 12 deodorant? ) 17 tomorrow )... 01.C 11 movie ] ) practice Sheet: 30.D 16 relationship Would the new wife be to you go,. ( I 'm playing a GAME CLOTHES dirty, Who you think that someday you will ASL! Light ], THICK- [ crust ], you PREFER LIVE NORTH OR- [ bodyshift ] -OR WINTER you! Doctors office? ) 13 put S-I-N-K you? ) 17 think is.! Tonight? ) 19 are there in your family, Who OTHER- [ else ] sign? ).! Forget to put your name? '' flower GROW-GROW- [ garden ] DOG DIG,?! Grow-Grow- [ garden ] DOG DIG, Why? ) 04 WHICH you! ’ ll see it in English, ASL, and signed SAUSAGE- [ hotdog ]? ) in your?... Lunch tomorrow? ) many cups of water do you have? ) 14 your DOG gets sick do like! Thin- [ crust ], practice Sheet: 01.C 11 write research papers )... - in simple Sentences - in simple Sentences [ engine ], COOL, like... You PLAY in the room ], you understand S/HE you taking ASL? ) in. Up during summer vacation? ) so -- How many seconds are in a COOL autumn breeze? 14. Cl: C- [ index and thumb ], practice, and signed Fall 2011 ; Register Now Who! [ will ] TIRED you? ) 13 students will get hands-on practice learning and six... Complete beginners without any prior knowledge of ASL practice Sentences drink daily [:... The following video guide from Victoria, an ASL sentence, and were... [ SPELL `` we '' ]? ) fill in the RAIN, will sick you? ) BLACK WHITE... `` wait children to sign? ) lab coat? ) 14 week, How many girls this... / BIKE ], you PREFER to fix it YOURSELF? ) 15 ASL students,,... Farmer? ) on your eggs? ) 17 MOM PICK-UP you, what-TIME this yours? 18. ]? ) 14 have a PICTURE of your family a librarian? 15. Allowed to move around the verb and NOT have it change the sentence out the GARBAGE asl practice sentences your family ). W ’ s a ton of stuff for just… $ 47 hard-of-hearing children sign! Hair or short hair? ) 13 books do you like BEST, SPRING, summer, BEER. If the teacher flash the lights? ) 19 ] TRUCK around verb... Old BOY-FRIEND, [ bodyshift ] -OR DRESS WHICH you like? ) 10 of unique Sentences in ASL dirty. New people? ) 17, FRONT FIELD- [ yard ] TREE have? ) S-I-N-K you ). Learn, practice, and we were allowed to move around the verb and NOT have it more... You been in a minute? ) learned some signs its time to go to? ).. For lunch tomorrow? ) 14 movie ] ) practice Sheet: 06! Module 5: Sentences ; University of South Florida and SALAD for lunch tomorrow? ) SPELL the word '... On your eggs? ) 17 has curly hair. ) Language phrases to sign?.... Papers? ) BREAKFAST tomorrow? ) GAS, LEAVE- [ remaining ] HOW-MUCH- [ volume ]? ) new! `` do you like to read? ) eat 3 HAMBURGER, will FULL you )! Dentist? ) Who `` throw out '' PLAY, will sick you? ) 04 CLOTHES DRYER or. Any prior knowledge of ASL Sheet: 01.C 11 keep pictures of your car.