It must be greater than your Starting Bid. { Listings that ask users to purchase information on how to receive products. When entering a UPC, be sure to include the smaller numbers on the left and right sides of the bar code. } alert( "Shown on the frontpage for 24 Hours and then as a Featured Auction until it closes\n"); It is certainly the standard by which all other online auctions are measured. They will appear in your "Listings I Ran" section within a couple of minutes. Buyers and sellers must ensure that the sale complies with all applicable laws and delivery regulations in carrying out the transaction. Fake Governmental documentation. if( param == 1 ) For example it is our experience that Google do not like 'Free Shipping' in titles or descriptions. If you should see 'iframe' in your listing description box this is likely to be due to Google seeing the input information as 'Cross Site Scripting (XSS)'. If using the Upload via FTP option please note that the listings will automatically launch unless there are issues that need to be addressed prior to launch. Selling. if( current_feature ) Also, movies that have been transferred from one format to another are not permitted. Files must be saved as TAB delimited .txt format. TV Descramblers. Copyright © 1999-2021 eBid Ltd. What if I can't contact the highest bidder? DO make sure you add BRAND, SIZE and COLOR data when listing your clothing items. Sellers are not allowed to charge buyers an additional fee for using forms of payment. To leave feedback you need to go to your own eBid login area and click on the "myFeedback" section. if( == 'fea_none') Finally, remember demand must exceed supply for the starting bid to go up and even then most users win the items they bid on at the minimum asking price but the only way to be assured of being a winner is to make sure you are not the lowest bidder. From the edit form you can add the listing to your eBid Store by using the eBid Store category dropdown menu in Section One. Also view our "Fees & Charges" FAQ page for more info. Get access to SaleHoo's exclusive ecommerce training videos that teach you how to build a successful online store using Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more. Files should be BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG or JPG and should be below 25MB in size. 8) DO add a signature to your forum posts with a link to your items for sale. You can add a new folder to your "My Gallery" section by using the dropdown menu at "Upload to Folder" and select the Add New Folder option. 2:9a - If you have more than one store make sure you add the store id then a colon followed by the the category id. Nicotine inhalers or nasal sprays (see our prescription drugs policy). 3. eBid – check the relatively low fees of one of the best online selling sites. If a potential bidder elects to use the "BuyNow" price they will have to pay a premium. Again, all winning bidders pay the same price, which is equal to the amount bid for the last item of the collection. You'll be surprised how many buyers are put off by having to make contact with you to find out shipping costs and how long it takes for the item to be sent out. They will need to contact them with their PayPal details after the auction has closed or BuyNow has taken place. only the second, third and fourth bidders would be winning bidders So selling at 5% less would actually make the seller an extra £0.61 and on eBid there are no store fees or relisting fees. A Platinum Listing allows SELLER account holders access to all the features that SELLER+ account holders receive. To accept payment via PayPal you will need to open an account at PayPal. From your Pro Merchant Seller Account page on Amazon, go to "Manage Your Inventory" > "Inventory Reports". Unauthorized television programs and programs never broadcast, unauthorized scripts, unauthorized props, and screeners are prohibited. The marketplace consistently rates among the top 5 online auction sites in the world, but the question remains: is it a reasonable eBay alternative? prev_feature_obj = document.getElementById(current_feature); At the end of the auction the four winning bidders each pay $3.00 To add a brand new listing to your eBid Store, in Section One of the listing form just select the relevant eBid Store category/subcategory from the drop down menu. { { eBid, who needs em. See more ideas about Selling on ebay, Stylus pen, Stylus. The ISBN reference must be 10, 12 or 13 characters. You can add your shipping options from this page. frm.fixedprice.disabled = false; Glue traps for insects are allowed. By this we mean telephone numbers, email addresses or links/details pertaining to a third party ecommerce site. } What is the criteria for appearing on the Hot Sellers list? However, it shouldn't be the basket in which you stack all of your eggs. This includes BuyNow Price (and therefore: Fixed Price and Run Until Sold), Video, Auto Extend, Custom Start Date, Custom End Date, Cross Promotions and Integrated Checkouts. If using c then only an SKU or Title is required (as well as ##end## of course). Attempts to sell off-site will mean the removal of all auctions of the seller in question. It must be greater than Starting Bid if you are using both bidding and BuyNow. frm.duration_hh.disabled = true; check_controls_on_page( elem ); link of the listing you wish to add to your eBid Store. Can I stop unwanted users from bidding on my listings? The resulting file can be opened using an Excel or Open Office spreadsheet. If that weren't impressive enough, eBay users sell approximately $1,640 worth of goods — wait for it — per second! var image_err; */ Seller fees are lower than eBay’s and if you decide to upgrade to Seller+ status you pay a single fee (currently $74.99 in the US) and can take advantage of zero selling fees for life. Books, Manuals, Software, or literature that provide instructions on how to perform or engage in any form of illegal activity. 19 = PagSeguro. if( == 'fea_front' ) Hence, the user is 'blackballed'. e.g. frm.duration_mm.disabled = false; To do this go to your "My Personal Details" section of "My eBid". To add a lot of listings to your eBid Store quickly simply download our spreadsheet from the My Bulk Upload section of My eBid and populate the eBid Store Category column. } Fixed Price listing with Run Until Sold. function alert_frontpage_choose(elem) On average, you can expect a listing on eBid to last much longer before completion than on eBay. Any eBooks or emailable information will be removed. Please note: USPS Standard Post for Calculated Shipping is now only available for zones 5 and above from the originating zip code. prev_feature_obj = document.all[current_feature]; It does not have a fixed ending time. image_err) Avoid excessive use of keywords. Finally, any products you list on eBid are also uploaded to Google Shopping. alert( "eBid Error\n\n>> A photo is required to list a Frontpage Auction. Sep 21, 2020 - Lledo Days Gone diecast model truck "Walkers Crisps" Listing in the Lledo,By Brand,Cars, Trucks & Vans,Diecast Models & Toys,Toys & Hobbies Category on eBid United Kingdom | … function clicked_wrong_feature(param) } If you want to list multiple similar items please make sure the auction titles are not identical. Just checking but can i let people know that i have auctions on ebid? Adding a BuyNow price also allows your item to be uploaded to Google Shopping (subject to minimum price) for more exposure. Once you have SELLER or SELLER+ status then click the link to SELL at the top of the page and choose your category. Comma delimited (.csv) and excel native files (.xls) cannot be uploaded. A Private Listing allows customers to bid without showing their usernames. I sell as many items on eBay as I do with eBid. if( typeof check_controls_on_page == 'function' ) You can also set your editor default in the My Defaults section. You can use the My eBid > My Bulk Edit function to update any current listings you have to accept offers. This includes item pages that are made up almost entirely of advertisements, or pages where advertisements obstruct the view of the product. if(document.all) { // IE Avoid gimmicky repetition. CA:7.5:Y In this example the tax will be applied to sales to California at 7.5% and WILL be applied to shipping costs also. A Multi-item Listing is a listing in which the seller has up to 99 identical items to sell. 3 to 90 days or "run until sold" if you are using BuyNow only (Fixed Price), this will keep your item running until it sells. prev_feature_obj.checked = true; between 2500.00 and 4999.99 => 50.00 current_feature =; If you opt for "On First Bid" or "Run Until Sold" the listing will remain as "Featured" for 60 days before changing to a "Standard Listing" (SELLER), "Gallery Listing" (SELLER+ with photo) or "Free Listing" (SELLER+ no photo). We currently allow one auction, be it a normal or multi-item auction, to be placed in a single category with the same title. Any number between 2 and 99 will start a multi-item listing. It's highly recommended that you start your own online store so that you can better control the traffic you attract, and the fortunes that you accrue. }. Dispatch Time. Sort by. Some guidelines are outlined below: Enter the name of your store without any additional text. You can recall them when listing by clicking the "Populate" tab at the top of the listing form. var old_feature = current_feature; This cell must always be ##end## to mark the end of a row. The Advanced Image Upload Form enables you to select and upload multiple images quickly and easily from your PC. The item must not be available at any retail outlet, and the container must have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the container. The fact is,  it definitely can be. You need to have SELLER+ status OR if you are SELLER status use the Platinum Auction to be able to add a BuyNow price. This thread is archived. { When you add a BuyNow price to your listing just tick the Allow buyers to Make an Offer? Notes may be added to all offers and counter-offers. This includes any representation of human genitalia suggesting sexual activity. You can add YouTube videos to your auctions if you have a Seller+ subscription. eBid help Forums My advice in order is (1) Pay for your Lifetime Membership. Archived. When entering an EAN, don't include dashes between any of the 13 digits in the number. Component parts of firearms. To add your existing listings to your eBid store individually or to change the current eBid Store category of a listing, go to "My eBid" > "Listings I'm Running", then click on the "Edit?" Then choose the import option in Ninja Lister. What happens after the listing closes or a BuyNow is made on my item? Fake professional certification or diplomas. Just select the future home for the listings in the bucket and submit it for processing. This will close any listings with matching titles. If you have a reference with 9 characters please add a 0 at the beginning of the reference. Please be careful to post items that are appropriate for our global community. All auctions in eBid Stores are shown as normal within our search result and category/subcategory browse pages. Learn more about accepted pharmacies. C) Items that could have been purchased in a shop in their lifetime and scanned at a checkout till This includes Airsoft and BB guns, Paintball guns, Tasers, Stun guns, Catapults, Pepper Sprays and Replica/Lookalikes. Available to SELLER+ only. You may not post excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords. var prev_feature_obj; You will be shown two dropdown menus, one of your saved items and one of your recently listed items, choose which you want to recall and it will populate the listing form with the relevant data. WYSIWYG Simple : This will enable you to get your auction up and running with the minimum of fuss. Just take a look at some of it's impressive daily stats over time: So the difference is quite clear. Items you "Save for Later" are saved to the "My eBid" > "My Defaults" section, they can be edited or deleted there. Can I start my listing at a specific time? You can check on your account by logging into the members area and clicking on the My eBid > My Fees link, here you will see your live account details, with your current balance. The bid increment of your listing is the amount the minimum bid price is automatically raised by after each bid is made. By paying the BuyNow premium the buyer is Guaranteed a successful purchase of your item. It took a few months after I paid the $50 seller+ subscription fee, but since then I have made enough back to easily have gone well six times that number back. The reason recopied media and e-books for example are forbidden at eBid, is due to the legal minefield of possible copyright infringement. Ebid is a great alternative versus the other auction sites. We recommend the Plain HTML Box if you already have your description HTML ready. Editing and additional shipping for multi purchases. Yes, SELLER+ eBidders can choose in days, hours and minutes exactly how long to run their auctions for. You can add a reasonable shipping and handling cost that covers your costs for mailing, packaging, and handling the item. This section opens the auction details and will allow you to contact the bidder from the drop down menu. Dec 31, 2016 - Explore dillcourtsimages's board "selling on ebid", followed by 467 people on Pinterest. If you wish to specify additional postage costs for customers making Multi-item purchases (quantity greater than 1), when posting a new auction, once you have added the quantity in Section One you will see a new entry box in Section Two shipping sections - 'Each extra item will add'. 1) MASS REPOST - Locate the closed listing in question on the "Listings I Ran" page, tick the repost checkbox and submit using the button at the bottom. check_controls_on_page( elem ); Image URL or Image filename. If you have upgraded to SELLER+ you can open up to 5 eBid Stores straight away for no extra monthly fees. Listings without at least one of these payment options will not be uploaded to Google Shopping. NB:0.5:N In this example the tax will be applied to sales to New Brunswick at 0.5% and WILL NOT be applied to shipping costs also. As long as you are purchasing from a SELLER+ eBidder you can pay for your items in a normal shopping cart manner by entering your card details after you have won your item, you will see a checkout form and button to click. if( param == 2 ) In Open Office : Save As > CSV > But choose TAB as delimiter when asked. You will be charged a final value fee if you make a sale. Do not include hyphens when entering these numbers. Once items have been uploaded to Google Products we are reliant on Google to place the listings in the Searches. If the original listing had any sales on it then the new listing will have a different listing ID#. These costs should be included in the price of the item and should not be charged separately. We recommend using this if you are building your listing descriptions from scratch. Precious metals: Posting is not permitted for the promotion of rare, scarce, or valuable metals or gemstones. if(document.all) { // IE Unanswered questions will deem the seller and thus the auction to be inactive. If you have listed items as 'Run Until Sold', we would advise you to list on 7-10 days with 10 auto reposts. 2 comments. // elem.disabled = true; Plain HTML Box : If you already have HTML prepared then this can be pasted into Plain HTML Box. Paranormal & Metaphysical items such as magick spells, potions and haunted items. 5 = 4 Days You can find these in the "My eBid Store" section of My eBid. 3) SINGLE REPOST - On the listing review page of the individual closed listing you will see a button entitled "Repost", clicking this will take you to our normal listing form which will be populated with the details from the original listing. If you wish successful buyers of your BuyNow listings (not Auction or Make An Offers sales) to pay immediately, you can select this as a default option via the My eBid > My Defaults section, under the General Defaults header. if( typeof feature_changed_to_free == 'function' ) { feature_changed_to_free(old_feature); } //disable OR What do you guys think of it? If no payment is received your listing will be reset to its standing prior to the purchase being made. This gives you an identity and additional exposure within the "Stores"tab located at the top of all pages. frm.duration_mm.disabled = true; Email and telephone readings such as Tarot, Astrological Charts and Spellcasting. First of all, eBid is extremely easy to use. Enter your details, some things cannot be changed once a bid has been placed. if( image_obj.value.length < 10 ) { image_err = true; } Up to 10 percent of each purchase goes straight into eBay's corporate coffers. Different levels of access give members different facilities. Select the correct cell in column V and paste your html via the text entry bar near the top of the page. Because the rules and regulations stay consistent, there isn't a lot to deal with in maintaining a store on the site. 10 years selling & buying on Ebid. Mod chips, SELLER disks, video game emulators, Sega bootdisks, game enhancers, unauthorized video game compilations, and accessories are also prohibited. For example, sellers of alcoholic beverages must be licensed, and must take steps to ensure that they do not sell their products to minors. if( prev_feature_obj ) Hi has anyone been selling on ebid thinking as trafering to selling on there as its alot cheaper fee but just wondering how well ... Read more on Netmums How do I set up my listing so they require immediate payment? Therefore all listings will require at least one online payment option present. It's simplest, smartest way to dropship. SELLER+ customers have the option to upload listings for zero cost. All capitals are not allowed. National Insurance numbers or an application for a National Insurance number. Sellers that have an online shopping cart can automate their listings on bidorbuy. There may be instances where the particular collectable container is unopened and still contains an alcoholic beverage. Posted by 3 years ago. (4) Set-up eBid … Prepaid credit or money cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. All symbols such as /"! Only $3.99 to list with a 0% final value fee. END WED. JAN 20. Our "Make an Offer" system is very simple. If you set your subsequent stores to "Offline" you will not be rebilled at the end of the current month. This will delete any listings with matching titles. Commercially produced and licensed copies of television programs are permitted. Google list items at their discretion and it is not always obvious why an item has not been included. save hide report. You can set up automatic acceptance and rejections if you want to also. Copyright unlocking devices: Posting is not permitted for the promotion of mod chips or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection. Action. All Q&A responses must be made within a reasonable length of time from the time of the original question. frm.buynowprice.disabled = false; Have you sold any products on eBid? between 100.00 and 249.99 => 2.50 If the BuyNow feature is elected, the item listing will close immediately and will not enter into an auction type bidding war. The file is in our eBid spreadsheet format and can be edited as required and imported via the My eBid > My Bulk Upload section or imported via Ninja Lister. Once a listing runs out of auto-reposts it is transferred into your "Listings I Ran" section in the "My eBid" area. You are not charged a posting fee, a final value fee of 5% will be charged. I think sellers would be hard pressed to find some auction site as entrenched as Ebay or Amazon (set price), and in posting auction goods, would also have to carry a secure payment system, as well as find good browsing traffic in order to get paid higher fees for the goods listed. R rated films may be removed at our discretion. { Fixed Price listing with at least 3 days remaining When you start a new listing eBid gives you many options, one of these is the "Auto-repost" option. Maximum time is 45 days. Unfortunately, as of late eBay is drawing some disgruntled comments from sellers.