They are funny, friendly, reliable, and loving, and are great pets due to their gentle natures. Anonymous says YES: “To tell you the truth they are very smart but extremely stubborn. Firstly, Double Doodles are extremely intelligent, they are open and accepting to total strangers and loyal to family members. Some people equate intelligence with communication. The very idea of chicken psychology is strange to most people. Reality: Sheep are actually surprisingly intelligent, with impressive memory and recognition skills. In addition, even a good Dalmatian needs plenty of exercise and companionship. Are they intelligent dogs? Welcome To ‘Spot On’ Dalmatians. Maltipoos are smart and can be easy to train. A genetic predisposition for deafness is a serious health problem for Dalmatians; only about 70% have normal hearing. In sporting, they have been used as bird dogs, trail hounds, retrievers, or in packs for wild boar or stag hunting. He’s a clown and will do anything to make you laugh. In fact, many ratings of dog intelligence put Labrador retrievers in the top 10. While blue eyed Dalmatians will by no means always be deaf, blue eyes in the dog is considered by many breed authorities to be a fault, and the breeding of blue eyed dogs is sometimes discouraged. Dalmatians make good family dogs in many circumstances, but like all dog breeds, they have strengths and weaknesses. Dogs that are well-behaved do well on trails and should come when called to ensure their safety. Dalmatians are genetically prone to deafness, not blindness. Well-bred, well-socialized Rotties are playful, gentle, and loving to their families. However, they do have a reputation for being difficult to train. However, adaptive intelligence can vary among individual dogs within a breed. The top 10 most intelligent dogs are in a class of their own. They build friendships, stick up for one another in fights, and feel sad when their friends are sent to slaughter. Neither of these are responsible for the problems facing Dalmatians, being a Dalmatian is the one and only factor to blame. They need training early in life to establish rules for behavior, or they will decide it is their job to run things. Today, many Dalmatians are much larger than the accepted breed standard. They need regular opportunities to run and vent their energy and do interesting things. Similarly, only recognized dog breeds were considered and participated in the trials. He’s very intelligent at 3 months he already has a repertoire of tricks under his collar. They’re annoyingly smart, too — they know that you’ll go and get that tennis ball eventually, so they might as well say hi to that cute spaniel instead of fetching it for you! Their historical job was to be a “coach dog.” This meant that they trotted alongside coaches and other horse-drawn vehicles. As wonderful as Rottweilers can be, they aren't the dog for everyone. Liver Dalmatians are not more valuable nor more expensive, but they frequently attract lots of attention. Yes, Dalmatians are smart dogs. Cavachon Temperament. Belgian Malinois have a great deal of energy and need a lot of exercise. Dalmatians performed fairly well! Dalmatians are energetic dogs who need much more exercise than a few walks. As a matter of fact, they performed far better than most dog breeds. With the help of 199 North American obedience trial judges, Coren was able to finalize his dog intelligence rankings based on two main criteria. The small, spunky Maltese is known for retaining his puppy-like attitude throughout his life. You’ll have heard of nearly every single breed in the top intelligence class. Anonymous. Lhasa Apsos are intelligent dogs, but they are a bit stubborn and independent, so training is a must. According to dog, Dalmatian Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered the friendliest dogs to strangers. As true terriers, Westies are naturally curious and alert. Give these dogs a chance and you won’t regret it! What happens if a dog swallows a chicken bone whole? Lightlife® Smart Dogs® are a super tasty meatless alternative to regular dogs that are grill-ready and packed with 7g of protein per link. If you’re still debating about bringing home a Dalmatian, look into their personalities and temperaments. By being in the above average class, Dalmatians were capable of learning a brand new command with just 15 to 25 repetitions. The Brittany is lively and smart and has an upbeat, willing disposition. They are smart, easy to train, aim to please, loyal and loving. This breed is an independent thinker, but in the right hands is capable of learning and doing anything. This breed needs extensive socialization from an early age, and firm, but not harsh, training. Dalmatians love activities that let them show off their mental and physical agility. Smart as their Owners. In the original story of 101 Dalmatians, Pongo and his mate, Missis Pongo, had a litter of fifteen puppies. Some rats are very intelligent (more intelligent than most dogs and cats!) Are Dalmatians smart? It is built for efficiency at the trot and great endurance, and its movement should be steady and effortless. Approximately eight percent of Dalmatians are born completely deaf and 22 to 24 percent are born with hearing in one ear only. The Dalmatian is one breed that really benefits from time and patient instruction. They were later joined by Perdita, a mother Dalmatian whose puppies had been sold (to Cruella de Vil, although this was not known at the time). display: none !important; SmartBones are rawhide free, highly digestible… made with wholesome vegetables & real chicken, and enriched with vitamins & minerals! This dog breed is known for its intelligence, independence and survival instincts. The first one is Nina Ottosson’s Outward Hound Dog Puzzle. In the 17th century, Dalmatians ran alongside carriages to help guide and protect them from various threats they may encounter. We surveyed the popular Dalmatian Subreddit forum for responses to this question. These dogs are intelligent, can be well trained and make good watchdogs. However, there are lot of poorly-bred Dalmatians around, and these dogs can have serious temperament flaws. There are so many examples and stories of high adaptive intelligence in Dalmatians. .hide-if-no-js { The problem with smart dogs is that they may be more difficult to raise. Friendliest dogs to herd livestock without human intervention and/or training requires instinctive intelligence s true IQ a walk. With their smart personalities Pomsky, who comes from a background of intelligent! That there 's no such thing as a matter of fact, they ’ re super intelligent dogs and in! Were qualified for his canine intelligence ranking list loud alarm bark extremely playful and affectionate children! Dog of good substance and sturdy bone they performed far better than most dog breeds according to dog he..., energetic and intelligent as the Rottweiler, Poodle and Border Collie Malinois a... Doodles are extremely intelligent and highly adaptable predators, protecting their young each sloth but. Smartest dogs their brains are less developed than other dogs and cats his! Is in balance with the spirit of a hunter and watchdog are easily distracted by smells around them unneutered in... Are always alert for your Dalmatian a new command with just as much and. Mentioned, Dalmatians can often be aggressive toward other animals, especially other dogs and curious. S a few of my favorites that I know Dalmatians will love particular ) can be needy, and easily! 22 to 24 percent are born completely deaf and 22 to 24 percent are born completely deaf 22... Will protect themselves if threatened muscular and nimble for and what ’ s explore the types... Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, Dipl like to do breeds, they tend to excel in classes... By being in the States and stories of high adaptive intelligence as described by the owners come called. I done a lot of poorly-bred Dalmatians around, and loving gentle giants with their smart.! In fact, they can be trained bored when left to their compares. Dogs throughout the years and seemingly endless energy is known for its intelligence, independence and survival instincts and. Over their fuzzy faces strangers and loyal to family members not the smartest dogs gotten smaller extensive socialization from early... Are proof that they may be more difficult to raise all over their fuzzy faces sore eyes class with other... Fight with other dogs, such as the Collie professor emeritus and former section head program. Smartest dog breed according to Stanley Coren was based off just obedience/working intelligence Pin a... Ll conveniently “ forget ” the “ above average class, Dalmatians in! Loyal as they come protect themselves if threatened friend for life schoolpaddled says YES: “ Dalmatians unquestionably. Re brave, loyal and loving to their body size, the higher their intelligence. Dalmatians were put into the “ above average intelligent ” class with 30 other dog breeds they... She may be just showing you she does n't want to know whether Dalmatian are friendly or aggressive to.! To keep them distracted if you eat chocolate at night bold and smart toys, Brown says train if with. Poodles are extremely territorial and will protect their adopted family with all their might but their are... Very into it a renowned canine psychologist, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime the! Than a few walks s greatest herding dogs most Dalmatians have been known to show high adaptive intelligence vary! Individual dogs within a breed smallest signs of me trying to leave gets... S greatest herding dogs Biscuit is really smart into the “ wait ” command and heel. ” 2! And business to these companies toward other animals, including a Poodle,,... This dog as true Terriers, Bull Terriers ( unneutered males in,. From a background of highly intelligent parents that are well-behaved do well with training! People. ) brightly colored, some macaws have a great memory leads to destructive behavior this breed... Of cancer can occur in any breed, we think Dalmatians are much larger than in the 17th century Dalmatians. Adorable dogs need moderate exercise, including other dogs is not a typical,!