Its additional effects are Wall Rush and Block. ... No matter where you go, every fucking thread involving the FF VII Remake devolves into Tifa and whether or not she'll have big tits or a great reduction. Aeris Disc 2-3 Guide by niai mitch v.0.75 | 2005 | 23KB Battle Arena FAQ by Crescent Lake v.0.4 | 1999 | 19KB Battle Mechanics FAQ by TFergusson v.1.10 | 2009 | 126KB Next go back into 7thheaven and try launching the game. Is there a clear list of side-quests/things to notice? They just need to get across that Cloud is a potential threat and not to be totally trusted at this point. Aerith Gainsborough, also known as Aeris Gainsborough, is one of the female protagonists in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.She uses a staff as her weapon and wears a pink ribbon in her hair. FF7 included it in this section, the question is should/will it be included in a remake. FF7 NT is a full-scale balance & content mod for the PC versions of the game (1998, 2012, and Steam) with the following features: -) Complete overhaul and fine-tuning of every enemy; stats, attacks, formations, and AI -) New enemies, bosses, and events to discover Gaming Forum FF7 Remake: Japanese controversy regarding new Aerith design. But yeah, Aeris sounds better to me . New Threat is a expansive gameplay mod for Final Fantasy VII. Even the FF7 Remake is using Aerith as seen in the State of Play teaser. Related: FF7 Remake Explained: Why Cloud Gets Headaches In Final Fantasy 7 The Whispers appear, and Red XIII explains they're drawn to those who attempt to alter destiny, likening it to the Lifestream, or "the flow of the great river that is the planet, from inception to oblivion." Aerith has Block Mid priority while charging, thus only guard-crushing attacks will be able to hit her. FF7 Original - New Threat. Wish List. If you put as much care into FF8's New Threat as what went into FF7's, I know it'll be something special to also look forward to! The whole reason the good guys won is because Aerith controlled the Lifestream from beyond the grave with her Cetra powers. May 3, 2019 1,363. We're introducing a new recurring Thread of the Month contest to ring in the new year! Now Playing. For those who don't know, Final Fantasy VII is a classic Japanese RPG. It's goal is to make a fast-paced, strategic overhaul for the game's battle system and to that effect has fine-tuned every character, enemy, weapon, armour, item, and ability in the game. In FF7 Remake, Tifa tells Aerith about her bar and Aerith immediately cuts her off, already knowing she needs to get Marlene to safety. Having lived in the slums of Midgar for years, she has become street-smart, and has had to evade the Shinra many times. Final Fantasy 7 remake: some Japanese fans complain about Aerith's new design Thread starter 7th_heaven; Start date May 15, 2019; Forums. FF7 Remake: Japanese controversy regarding new Aerith design Thread starter CJY Additionally, during the optional dream scene at Aerith's house after she's been taken by Shinra, she tells Cloud how incredibly grateful she is to have met him, and that she'll always cherish what he's given her, despite only meeting him two days prior at most. Deleted member 56449 User requested account closure. May 16, 2019 #32 Because Aerith is her real name and not Aeris. Aerith is Final Fantasy VII Remake’s wink and nod. Both characters have been featured in Before Crisis and Crisis Core, as well as Final Fantasy spin-off series like Theatrhythm, Dissidia, and Pictlogica. Literally everything else calls her by this, spells it like this and the reasons it was ever Aeris have been spelled out multiple times in this thread already. Discussion. FF7 New Threat Mod - missables? Hey guys, ... Aerith's limit bursts are super geared for healing, they saved me a ton on harder stuff or just gives her a break to do more stuff. playground. Yuna is a Summoner/White Mage, and although FF7 lacks a job system, Aerith is often considered a White Mage, due to her high magic stats, possession of the White Materia, and buffering Limit Breaks that heal the party in FF7. By all accounts, the frist FF7 Remake makes it seems like Aerith might live in subsequent entries, so it stands to reason that one or more other characters might have to take her place at some point. Nominations are open all month. Check out the NeoGAF 2.2 Update Thread for details on our new Giphy integration and other new features. It's amazing, and I love it, but I heard that there was a way to revive Aerith, and several videos of playthroughs after the Jenova-DECAY fight show that Cloud does it after the fight, saying "I, ah, forgot we had these". Her look was pretty different between FF7 and KH onwards, so I have a wall in my head that splits Aeris/Aerith depending on where I see her. Questions. Final Fantasy VII New Threat mod I did a quick search and I didn't find anyone who had mentioned this so I thought I would give it a shout out. I think she looked beautiful in the new trailer. Staves (or Staffs) are the primary weapon of Aeris Gainsborough.Generally speaking, the weapons below are listed in order of least powerful, which you obtain earlier in the game, to most powerful, which you obtain later in the game. Quote from: Drayenn on 2020-03-28 07:23:12. Thread starter CJY; Start date May 15, 2019; 226 Forums. Cheats. FF7 Remake lacked any threat to characters Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4. Related: Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Aerith's Mural Explained Perhaps the most evident correspondence is their role in the party. You can get her back when you get the highwind. Holy's appearance as ball of light with a halo of light surrounding it, is similar to its appearance as it was being held back in the Planet Core in Final Fantasy VII . Related: FF7 Remake Part 2 & Final Fantasy 16: Which Will Release First? Add this game to my: Favorites. Notify me about new: Guides. There's some text files in the New Threat folder you installed it from, not sure if they are 100% up to date though. Clerith is the het ship between Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough from the Final Fantasy fandom. Off the top of my head I can think of some semi missables; Morph and Osmose in Aeris' garden, Counter Attack in Sector 5? The New Threat mod is a gameplay & content mod for Final Fantasy VII PC. FF VII. In addition to being in multiple FF7 entries, both Tifa and Aerith have made appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games and as crossover characters for several mobile titles. If Aerith … This seems to have worked for me going to test on my tab that had same problem. I'm currently playing the Type B on New Threat. Party composition discussion. Hello! Not sure yet. Final Fantasy VII: New Threat Mod If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Apparently someone in their early 20's … Its heroes (which you can get up to nine of them) are very interchangeable. This driving force has more personality here and goes beyond an idealize heroine to protect and uphold. If I wanted to be a complete ass about it I could just insist that they were really going for calling her "Iris" or that her name as it is probably has some basis on that, but that's not a can of worms I want to open further than this. ... Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Then find the FF7 exe you are using eg.. ff7_bc right click and set compatibility to run in 640x480. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. The first change you'll find starting up your mods is you'll be asked to play Original or Arrange mode. Until that point everyone was boned: The Planet was in fight-or-flight, and since the heroes killed Sephiroth, mankind became the new threat. From watching the video it sounded like a few people in Japan didn't like that she looked "older". Play Queue. Banned. Call me weird, but Aerith looking more mature isn't some kind of a turn-off to me. she can’t stop talking … Don't worry the opengl plugin will override this anyway. The choice of who to check on first, Aerith or Tifa, is going to influence the later parts of the game; not in a way that’s too major, but it is still relatively significant. A closer look at the mural on the wall depicts the cyclic Lifestream, among other details. cheers. I'm playing through FF7 with this mod installed and oh my god it is amazing. Also, the word problematic needs to be thrown out. I love it and many others love it too but it's frequently criticized for lacking on the gameplay department. Hello, I'm a complete noob and I've been playing the FF7 New Threat mod. Register yourself as a member of Eyes on Final Fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.0.5 [BETA] « Reply #50 on: 2014-06-16 12:08:21 » The 1.1 Beta is only modded up until Dyne, but the 1.1 release I'm hoping to finish by the 21st will be complete. She’s its heart. and I'm on the part where Sephi will ... nephew and their nanny and my niece’s favorite character in FFVII is Aerith. FF7 Remake Check on Aerith or Tifa in Sewers Check on Tifa or Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII remake is a choice that you’ll have to make in Chapter 10 of the game, in the Sewers. There are some new scenarios interspersed in the adventure and they are certainly a treat. New Threat modifies almost all elements of the game excluding the story and the core plot flow. Reviews. It doesn't do anything except obscure the topic, which is violence towards women. Staves Weapons for Aeris Gainsborough.