Flexible thinking allows for multiple solutions to a problem. Theater Games to You Can Use to Teach Flexible Thinking – Part 2 Check out part one of this post here . This lesson explores the concept of ‘flexible thinking’, recognising the importance of considering multiple points of view and solutions to a problem. Many kids with ASD learning the social skill of flexibility might not have the capacity to learn and use words such as “rigidity,” flexibility,” “cooperate,” “compromise,” etc. 1. If you want to practice understanding common thinking biases, check this list. 1) Think about something in a new way (flexible thinking). Albert Einstein once said that if given an hour to solve a problem, he would spend five minutes on the solution and the rest of that hour defining the problem. Try to use the exact same words or phrases each time with everyone in your family (even your spouse or mother-in-law). Repeated practice of these activities ultimately opens up previously blocked or unused pathways in the brain. I have been relatively successful at… Read More Activities To Help Children With Rigid Thinking Actor #2 really wants to be red in the game. Children who struggle to develop cognitive flexibility may: Each of these exercises helps to promote more flexible thinking, making them great activities for improving the innovation of your work teams. Flexible and Stuck Thinking Family Letter and At Home Activities In our Social Thinking group we are learning about the concept of flexible thinking versus stuck thinking. Many things we do every day require it: interpreting what others are saying and doing, understanding humor, learning in a classroom, working with others, being an effective employee, etc. Coaching is required while playing these games to help your child develop new thinking strategies. Often critical thinking activities can follow on from other learning activities, after students have received feedback from the initial activity. Students complete an art creation where they are given a squiggle and have to design a picture around it. Flexible thinking is essential in the social world. We Thinkers! 10 Terrific Critical Thinking Activities 1. Note: The Incredible Flexible You Volume 1 has been renamed We Thinkers! From this we work together to develop new skills and habits that are better equipped to serve you in the long run. Social thinking provides the framework for my social skills groups. I’ve already discussed teaching children compromise, and this falls in line with that.. As an adult with ADHD you might have struggled with flexible thinking yourself. Learn to read and learn to pick up after themselves. Defining the Problem. Each deck contains 22 real life scenarios for students to read and/or listen to and decide if the thinking is rigid or flexible. Our guest blogger this week is Lauren Kerstein, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults and families. Check out what we have found. Cognitive flexibility, also known as flexible thinking, is the ability to shift one’s attention as the demands of the environment or task change. In this squiggle art lesson plan, students use flexible thinking, and … Within our sessions, we are using youtube videos to support and deepen our understanding of flexible thinking. There is no content change in Volume 1, only a name change. A flexible mindset moves us away from limiting thought patterns to a place of openness and possibility. Lack of flexible thinking also affects social interactions as some students with autism cannot understand things from another viewpoint or understand the feelings of others. Flexible thinking is one of the most important interpersonal skills we can teach our children. Rigid vs flexible thinking task cards are super great for social skills lessons or a quick review. In this post, Lauren discusses the challenges with flexible thinking and suggests ten strategies to try to teach a child to be more flexible in… Rigid behavior and thinking are part of autism’s diagnostic criteria. However, if you're a flexible thinker, you can recognize that is a pretty common type of overconfidence bias. Th And ourselves. In those moments, when you are feeling stuck, worn out by the regular routine or caught in old habits and repetitive patterns, you can adapt your thinking and behavior in a way that will inspire you and boost your resilience and your chance at success. Apr 22, 2020 - Video Clips for the classroom or with Social Thinking® groups. Flexibility is a bit like fluency in that we are working with ideas, but while fluency is about generating as many ideas as possible, flexibility is about generating ideas that are different from each other. Flexible thinking is an important part of creativity. Learn to toilet independently and learn to sleep (for the love, yes, learn to sleep). Three free brain games for your phone can help with memory, attention, and flexible thinking. This bundle contains both my "Rigid vs Flexible Thinking" boom decks. Unfortunately, while flexible thinking skill is a crucial developmental requirement for children with autism, its importance is often being overlooked by professionals and parents. Oct 23, 2017 - Explore Megan S's board "Flexible thinking activities" on Pinterest. Learn to manage time and learn the multiplication tables. Lauren will be speaking at our Calgary Conference on November 16, 2019. Volume 1 Social Explorers due to the mass confusion caused by the use of the term "flexible" in the names of many of our products. Playing flexible thinking games and slowly increasing the level of challenge provides opportunities to stop and talk about alternative strategies that can be used. Of course, travel is one way to challenge your way of thinking, but even just reading about moral dilemmas and thinking about them critically can help you develop in this area.
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