Application. I had an awesome experience with Turo. As a result we have collected a number of turbo trainer reviews and arranged them into our Best Turbo Trainer guide to help simplify the process. Our experience with Turo was great! I will definitely plan to use them again in the future when we need to rent a car. The app was a seamless experience and the handoff was well coordinated. Turo is amazing! Find the perfect car for your next adventure, or make extra money by renting out your car through Turo.List your car for free in minutes. On average renting out our cars, we do not have issues overall. Turo refused to give me my money back after knowing the battery died at no fault of mine. The car we rented was in excellent shape and exactly as described on the website. They response quickly and professionally. He responded saying he had made a mistake with the listing. Skip the rental car counter and book the perfect car on Turo, the world's largest car sharing marketplace. People would drive my car 1000 miles in 2 days and think I shouldn't charge them extra. Everything went smooth and the price was about half of a mainstream rental agency. We love that we didn't have to pay extra to add drivers like we would have with a big rental company. 80 miles from my hotel. Then, I did not hear from him for several days. Do you agree with Turo’s 4-star rating? for a total of 90 dollars wasted on Uber rides. Turo never did a proper investigation or spoke with any police to get a report and said because they couldn’t figure out who was at fault I had to pay $3,000 out of my pocket for the scratch on the rear bumper. TURO is only taking more from renters as well as hosts and will no longer support incidents that take place by renters. During this most recent experience Turo customer service went above and beyond to find me a late notice rental after a same day rental was canceled. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Do you agree with Turo’s star rating? Once you submit a review, you can’t edit it. While I was searching vehicl… I will definitely use Turo again. If it wasn't for Turo, I'd never be able to afford to get home to see my family. 2-The app/web interface is easy to use. Check out what 8,377 people have written so far, and share your own experience. !Turo wants me to give them money for using the turo app. Do you agree with Turo’s star rating? The car rental company advertises several safety and security measures, including liability insurance, traveler screenings, and a 24-hour emergency line, but some FJ was clean and ready to go, great vehicle for snowy roads. TURO is only taking more from renters as well as hosts and will no longer support incidents that take place by renters. It was exactly what we needed. Once the turbo trainer was only resorted to in the worst of winter conditions or for pre-race warm-ups. That's like a gas station charging a separate fee just to use the gas pump. I bet some people would pay the gas pump fee. Once a trip has ended, you have 10 days to rate the trip and write a review. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I'm just so thankful my son suggested we look at Turo! Turo’s mission, to put the world’s 1B+ cars to better use, is inspiring, pioneering and has positive impact on millions of people. I then reached out via their chat feature. The Turo car owner even dropped the car for me at the airport saving the hassle of the shuttle and long lines and the upsale of this and that. 167 Turo reviews. Turo UK Director, Xavier Collins, recently hosted a live webinar for our host community where he provided exclusive insights into the summers business performance and introduced the new protection plans for UK hosts. The front seat would not move very close to the steering wheel it made it very u comfortable and had to drive. Not only that, but the customer service said they would only reimburse me a maximum of $50 which was almost half less of the total wasted fare I used for Uber. The car was great--exactly as advertised. It was easy to communicate with the car owner, and he was very responsive. This was a great experience! There needs to be more clear instructions between what information is allowed to show a host and how much of that info. Had it not been for my need for the vehicle I would have never rented from Eric because of the $50+ fee for cleaning. The car was sufficient eventhough over priced. Check out what 7,828 people have written so far, and share your own experience. I saw this app in YouTube and decided to try it.I have always been hesitant of renting a car but with Turo it was smooth and simple.Very straightforward, no hidden surprises. Goodbye Airport Rental Companies. It’s pretty straight forward. But then there’s always the question of what happens when someone crashes your car. Interview. Had to use Google and other community sites to see what information is safe and not safe. Thank you for such a great service. | Read 221-240 Reviews out of 8,746 I'm a host and rent two of my vehicles. 3-We have met many great people along the way. I’ll continue to rent from Turo but I will not rent from Eric again. Great communication with the host, accessible location from my home and a clean car that had a full gas tank :). What! Excellent service, excellent operator. Original review: Aug. 20, 2020. We had some flight delays that caused us to be several hours late and our provider was very considerate and accommodating. Long story short I got the car late 1 hr and 1/2 then I get the car and it’s all dirty and the seats are sticky in some spots. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Brett from the TURO insurance department made up an incident that a renter caused claiming it existed already though it was clearly not there. The customer service agent on the phone told me to re-enter my credit card information on the website. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. All rights reserved. Our trip was great, the car was spotless and Ppe items were provided for free! Rebounding strongly from COVID-19 Check out what 8,089 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Turo: the company that lets you rent your personal car out for money. This is a 3rd party service w a mindless customer service who doesn't own or take any responsibility .$640 for 2.2 days.Do yourself a favor and go w a real car rental company, much cheaper and at least you won't get stranded. I had my car set up with a max of 200 miles a day which was high compared to most cars on there. It was a good experience overall. Turo made it easy for me to rent a vehicle in my neighborhood. Actually better and easier than renting a vehicle from an airport rental car agency. This made renting a car very diffult to go all the way through. And assure me that my identity is safe. 164 Turo reviews. A lot of airports that I land in, a car is then required to drive 1-3 hours to my destinations. Here are some of the key takeaways. Though, each driver had to register their license through Turo, which is a reasonable and wise request. The ride was fun and smooth. I highly recommend Turo and definitively recommend Derrell as a host as he was very accessible, communication was swift, and the car was in superb conditions. Earn extra cash by sharing it on Turo. It was every thing I wanted for my first Turo car share experience! That's 10 years folks. | Read 81-100 Reviews out of 8,377 This review is for the Turo customer service runaround I received. I then ran the same search through Turo and confirmed that prices were anywhere from 25% – 50% cheaper even after taxes.Of course the other advantage is that you can bypass the pickup counter at some airports. Check out what 8,746 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Got a car? Before signing off, I made it clear I wanted to cleaning fee added, and the additional discount applied. It was super easy to communicate with the owner via the app and I felt like all the protections were in … I called back and the new customer service agent was magically able to help, but said the issue would have to escalated to a higher person, and I would receive follow-up via email. I had a blast thanks for the experience, first time but not my last. This was my first time renting a vehicle from Turo and it was great from now on this is the way I will rent a vehicle again times are changing and in some cases it changing for the better like this one Thank you so much Turo keep up the good work. Turo is a car sharing marketplace that allows private car owners the ability to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. From start to finish the process was easy. The process took 2 weeks. Both convenience and communication were spot on! But in its most advanced guise, a turbo trainer is a gateway into a world Best turbo trainer 2020: The best smart and direct drive trainers still in stock | Expert Reviews Skip to main content area Lol!!! 651+ Turo Reviews and Complaints | Is Turo Legit or Sketchy? Now that RelayRides has changed into, they have changed their focus as well. At least the car ran and drive good with no problems. Turo’s team and culture are the best that I have ever had the opportunity to be part of. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 8,021 That did not work. We received a very small discount for this error, which did not make up the difference in price from a traditional car rental company, account for my time, or most importantly make the drive safer. Great host! Thank god I have a vehicle of my own. Check out what 6,010 people have written so far, and share your own experience. I received an email a couple of days later, but the response was of no help at all (just explained how I could see the charges breakdown in my account, which I already knew). Uber would be too expensive and top rental car companies are too expensive. Friendly, easy to use app, and cheaper than Enterprise. They did NOTHING to help resolve the issue and JUST wanted to collect the money. The process was simple. The host we had was great and very communicative. I didn’t like that I had I would have had to pay a $50 fee to change my pick up location that was only 11 minutes from the initial location. 1. The process to get approved was a little complicated, but necessary in order to protect the car owner and the renter. We have had renters face scratch level incidents that got cleared through TURO, however, our latest TURO host experience after providing the evidence was not a pleasure at all. Bad business indeed. Host status is ALL-STAR HOST. I’ve never written a review and this is how you know I was so very disappointed. He let me know via email that day that it would take longer to fix the glitch in their system. I would use Turo again. You put in your requirements and Toro will show you what’s available.I did a quick search online for cars in Scottsdale and Orlando through various car rental agencies. Lol. Would reccomend using Kash's cars through Truro again. Then charging you for the gas that comes out of that pump.Turo: "Hey everyone, come use my business but, pay me first you jack***es." Do you agree with Turo’s 4-star rating? This was my first Turo experience and won’t be my last!!! Turo is really good and convenient. I'm so grateful it exists. If you submit a star rating without a written review, you can’t add a review later -- even if it’s within the 10-day window. Kinetic Rock and Roll – Best Smart Trainer Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Trainer. | Read 61-80 Reviews out of 7,828 After chatting back and forth for over an hour, the agent told me I would hear back over email within the day. Check out what 5,824 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Clear communication with easy pickup for first time Turo user. $15 to $60 dollars a day! Do you agree with Turo’s star rating? I interviewed at Turo (London, England) in May 2018. I was a bit pressured to go with the fee and rental because of my circumstance. I was hesitant at first but after driving a Turo car for 10 days, I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with them. This is the Turo company profile. I applied through other source. I was disappointed by the renters ability to mandate a fee before returning the vehicle. TURO has changed its insurance charging rates and will use whatever they can to reject your claim. Also got the car on a low tank. With its affordable price and great user reviews, the Kinetic rock and roll Smart trainer is our number one choice. If you are considering to host your car, think twice. I’m usually easy going but Turo I can say by far are the worst people to deal with if you ever have an issue. After discovering that I would be expected to take my car through a car wash before returning it to avoid a cleaning fee, I decided to add the post-trip cleaning add on. I would have been ok if I violated some rule but ultimately I think it was a cheap way to get more money for an already overpriced car. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. It took a little time to get an account set up, but that's ok. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Do you agree with Turo’s star rating? Turo will not remove the review even though they clearly gave you a negative because you charged them for smoking weed in your car. When I went to complete the update an error popped up on the website. I can't believe people are doing this. | Read 81-100 Reviews out of 5,824 The car was clean and drove nicely. If you are considering to host your car, think twice. NEVER rent through Turo, they WILL not cover you. Check out what 8,021 people have written so far, and share your own experience. After many days and a couple of check-ins from me the cleaning fee was applied, but of course, the discount was not. I was charged a deliver and trip fee totaling $166 after seeing my agreement. Would do it again for sue, This is the most racist site ever cater to whites terrible experience I saved the lies and the proof of how bad turo is my lawyer is working on it. They also have really nice cars and very affordable and the hosts are so nice as well. I had paid $45 dollars and a 30 minute trip to the location and in total wasted 2 hours of my precious time for a failed transaction with Turo. I have not paid the excessive fee and would love to have it removed. Well, once we were in icy driving conditions in Colorado, we discovered the car was actually a front-wheel drive car by asking the host for any tricks to get the 4-wheel drive to work. If you don’t rate and review in that time, you won’t be able to do so. This is my review of the Turo peer-to-peer car rental platform, from the owner’s perspective.. Over the last 4 months, my husband and I have managed to leverage underutilized cars in our driveway and the Turo platform to get a free Tesla Model S for our day-to-day driving. Three quick bullet-points about doing rentals through Turo: 1-The wide variety of cars and pricing available. Lol... That's like grocery stores charging an entry fee. 165 Turo reviews. | Read 101-120 Reviews out of 8,089 I was desperate though. However, the ENTIRE reason we went with Turo instead of a less expensive, traditional rental car company is that we could be guaranteed a 4-wheel drive car, since it's listed in the car features. I responded but did not receive a reply. Also the worst part was that I trusted that the guy would show up on time and I had a meeting at 8am but ran late and it was a business meeting. A f***ing day!!! All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Turo. Which looked ready bad on me. All rights reserved. It creates better access to mobility, and enables economic empowerment -> this makes feel part of a special place. | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 6,010 Turo was a fantastic alternative to paying those ridiculous airport fees that rental car companies have to charge. On sale in the UK: Now: Engine: 2894cc twin-turbo V6 petrol, 434bhp @ 5700rpm, 406lb ft @ 1800rpm: ... Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack (2017) review… I’m appreciative for the work of the representative that helped me. was originally RelayRides, a ride sharing company whose goal was simply to give car owners interested in making extra money a to rent their car locally to others who didn’t have cars or who were interested in renting cars for various tasks. It’s easy to use and provides a way better option than using the traditional rental companies. Do you agree with Turo’s 4-star rating? The person helping me had stopped responding to my emails so I called customer service who told me my issue could only be addressed by agents via the chat.